Spring Break Ch. 05

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It was a long flight from LA to London and Derrick and Linda thought seriously about joining the “Mile High Club” but settled for masturbating each other while over the Atlantic. Multiple times.

Their mother, Kaitlin, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and currently stationed at RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall as an RAF Exchange Officer and Flight Instructor.

They landed early at London Heathrow and caught the Heathrow train to Paddington train station. The train ride from Paddington to Newquay was about 5 hours where they were met by Kaitlin. It was just a few miles to RAF St Mawgan.

“I missed you both at Christmas. I’m glad you’re here for Spring Break even if it is only a few days. My flat only has two bedrooms so you’ll have to share a bed.”

It had been a long day for Linda and Derrick and they crashed as soon as they got to Kaitlin’s flat. It was early morning when they finally woke. They found a note from their mother on the kitchen counter telling them she would be back in the early afternoon.

“Remember the nipple clamps we found in Hawaii?” Linda asked Derrick. “I bet Mom has more toys.”

It only took them a couple minutes before they found the stash of toys.

“Look,” Linda said. She was holding up a latex hood that laced up in the back. It only had mouth and nose openings. “I can’t believe Mom would wear this.”

They found an assortment of toys ranging from handcuffs and dog collars to crotchless panties, vibrators and nippleless bras.

Derrick held up a chastity belt and asked Linda if she had ever worn one.

“No, but I’ll give it a try. Here, you try this on,” Linda said, tossing him a stainless steel cock cage. “Don’t worry, here are the keys,” she said putting the keys on the dresser.

Linda istanbul escort helped Derrick snap the cock ring closed behind his balls but had to masturbate him before she could force his dick into the steel cage and lock it in place.

“There, don’t you look cute. Now help me on with this belt,” Linda said as she wrapped the steel belt around her waist.

Derrick pulled the middle piece up between Linda’s legs and locked it in place.

“Don’t you both look cute?” Kaitlin was standing in the doorway looking at them. “What do you think you’re doing? Haven’t I told you enough times not to mess with my stuff?”

She looked at both of them for a moment then sighed. Unzipping her flight suit she said, “I’m taking a shower. Put that stuff back where you found it.”

When Derrick went to the dresser to get the keys to the cock cage and chastity belt he couldn’t find them. “What happened to the keys?” he asked Linda. They both searched in and around the dresser but couldn’t find the keys.

When Kaitlin came out of the shower Linda and Derrick were sitting on her bed watching her as she dried her naked body. Derrick grabbed the steel cage hanging between his legs and said, “Mom, can I have the key to this thing, please.”

“Sorry Derrick,” Kaitlin said. “You’re going to have to live with that for a few days. Maybe you’ll learn to not go rummaging around in my things.”

“Mom,” Linda pleaded, rapping her knuckles on the stainless steel between her legs. “You have to let us out of these things. We’re going to the pub tonight!”

Kaitlin looked at them. “Then I suggest you wear something baggy. And don’t worry, you get used to the confinement. You won’t even notice after 5 or 6 istanbul escort bayan days.

“Now, let’s get some lunch.” She put on panties and a tee shirt and headed toward the kitchen. “Anyone hungry, what do you want?”

Linda and Derrick went to get dressed while Kaitlin got lunch started.

In the morning Linda came into the kitchen wearing her UCLA sweatshirt, the chastity belt and a pair of slippers. “Hey Mom, Derrick and I are you going to see Tintagel today. Do you want to come with us?”

“Sorry, I need to be at work today. Have fun and don’t forget to stay on the left side of the road.”

When Derrick and Linda got back late that afternoon Linda was excited. “We had so much fun today. Can you believe it? We saw where King Arthur and Merlin used to live!”

“That’s only legend,” Kaitlin replied.

“I know, but it’s fun to imagine. On the way back we stopped by Port Isaac. That’s where Doc Martin is filmed. I kept expecting to see the characters from the show.”

“It’s a beautiful little seaside town, but it gets real touristy during the summer.”

Kaitlin put a stack of pancakes down on the table and asked Linda, “Why are you still wearing the chastity belt? I gave Derrick the keys yesterday.”

“That little shit, I’m going to cut his balls off.” Linda jumped up and stormed out of the room.

“Where are the damn keys you asshole? Get this thing off me before I go crazy. I’m so fucking horny!”

Derrick grinned and tossed Linda the keys.

As soon as she was unlocked Linda pushed Derrick back on the bed and straddled him sinking her pussy down the length of his cock.

“Oh God, that feels good.” She fucked him at a frantic pace.

When she was escort istanbul finished cumming she sat up and scooted forward so Derrick could eat her pussy.

Just as Derrick was licking his own cum from his sister’s pussy she started peeing and didn’t stop until she emptied her entire bladder on his face.

“That’s nasty. Why did you do that?”

“Serves you right for leaving me locked up all day yesterday. Besides, I really needed to pee and your face was convenient.”

On their return trip to California Derrick and Linda were determined to join the “Mile High Club”. They waited until the wee hours of the night when the plane was over the Atlantic.

Linda went to the bathroom first. About 5 minutes later Derrick went forward and quietly knocked. Linda opened the door and Derrick quickly slid in. It was a tight squeeze.

Linda had removed her panties while waiting for Derrick. While he was unzipping and pulling his dick out she hiked her skirt up and leaned over the toilet so he could fuck her pussy from behind.

His stiff cock slid in her wet pussy easily. He slammed his cock into her over and over. Every time he pushed forward Linda bumped her head against the plane’s bulkhead and she had to put her fist in her mouth to stop from crying out in ecstasy.

It felt like Derrick unloaded 5 gallons of cum in Linda’s pussy. After waiting for his cock to deflate a little he slowly pulled it out. It was covered with his cum and her pussy juices.

“That was the best fuck ever!” they both said in unison.

Derrick tucked his wet dick back in his bikini briefs, pulled up his pants and exited the tiny bathroom.

A few minutes later Linda joined him at their seats. “I couldn’t find my panties. Your cum is leaking out of my pussy and running down my legs.”

“You mean these?” Derrick said. He pulled Linda’s panties out of his pocket.

“Yes, those!” Linda took the panties from Derrick. Under the seat blanket she pulled her skirt up a bit and slowly pushed the panties in her pussy. “That should stop your cum from leaking out.”

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