Sweet Dreams Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Paris

I fell asleep that night in my own bed, but awoke in the wee hours somewhere else, a world away. A five-star hotel, in some exotic city, perhaps New York, Munich, Hong Kong? No, it was Paris, a city I know well. The French doors were ajar revealing through the gossamer draperies a balcony, and beyond it La Tour Eiffel, lit golden in the night. At bedside I note the telltale signs of luxury — an empty bottle of Veuve Cliquot, a tin of beluga caviar, a basket of fresh strawberries. How have I come here? I had no travel plans, no airline tickets, no reservations?!? Ah of course, that’s it, another of my dreams, as always so vivid it’s transported me, my spirit, even my very senses it seems…

Well at least it’s a nice dream!

I stretch languidly on the bed — astoundingly large for a European hotel, it seems to stretch beyond the walls of my enormous suite. But not so large that she can avoid my touch. I don’t even realize she’s there until my fingertips brush lightly across the back of her neck as I stretch. My God, Nicole’s here with me! Now I know this is going to be more than just a NICE dream. I hardly know her, but so far adore everything I know. At last I’ve found someone who “gets” me, who feels me, and who feels right to me. I cannot wait to see where this will lead us…

I move closer to her, so that I can feel the gentle rhythm of her breathing. She’s sleeping peacefully, on her side with her back facing me. I snuggle closer, “spooning” her gorgeous little figure with my own. My right arm wraps around her, my hand falling naturally on her perfect round breast, as her perfume fills my senses. She is so sweet, in every sense of the word, I cannot help but start to nuzzle the back of her neck. This evokes a stir, as she begins to waken. Her arms grasp mine, and we simply embrace that bahis firmaları way for awhile. She moves closer to me, her hips pressing into my own, further stirring my loins already roused by her presence. She starts to grind against me, as if we were still on the dance floor. Vague recollections of past rhythms we shared evoke the most erotic memories. I do know where this leads — we’ve been here before, but each time is different, each time more urgent than the last. She fits me like nobody else ever has, and I her.

She instantly wheels around and is facing me, pressing me over onto my back, climbing on top of me. How can someone so small be so powerful? I have no defense against her onslaught, and submit willingly. I will pleasure her, my love, in every way I can muster. Our mouths meet and entwine, our tongues grappling for supremacy in a never-ending duel. Neither of us speaks, we only feel each other and from that know all we need to know. She is breathing harder now as her hips start to move over me. I’m so hard I feel like I’ll burst as she starts to slip and slide her warm moistness on top of me. She’s teasing, as she loves to do, because she knows it drives me wild.

But she is not the only one with power in this relationship. She is my equal, my match, my mate, just as I am hers. I remind her by reversing our positions in a flash. Now she lies on her back, submissive with her arms pinned above her head. Now I will do the teasing. My mouth moves down, along her slender neck to her breast. My hands knead her flesh as my tongue tortures her nipples, already engorged, like diamonds hard enough to cut glass. She gives a little squeal of delight as I move back and forth from one breast to the other. My hands meanwhile have their own evil plans for her, and as they grip and knead her buttocks I can feel her heat kaçak iddaa rising. She’s starting to writhe now, and I know I could probably bring her to ecstasy without even touching her sex. But I won’t – this is time for building, not tearing down, and I’ll keep the pressure on until she cannot hold back any longer.

Gently my hand slips around her hips to find her womanhood, pressing soft but firm against her mons. Her hips now gyrate, as she begs silently for release. Only an occasional moan or sigh escapes her lips; otherwise she remains silent not wishing to upset the spell. Finally I grant her wish and touch her warm, moist lips, so gently that I can tell it’s simply excruciating for her. She whimpers, and I grant her a bit more pleasure, a bit more pressure, a bit more probing, still holding back from what she truly desires. “Oh God, David, please, you know what I need…”

Indeed I do. I move myself still lower, so that now her gorgeous thighs are on either side of my face. She promptly obliges, wrapping her beautiful legs around my neck so tight that I won’t hear her screams later. “Yes, God, yes please Baby, kiss me there…” I devour her completely. There is nothing left but her quivering shell after the screams and cries die down. I am within her, all around her, my lips and tongue inflicting pleasure to the brink of pain. She cries alligator tears as her third orgasm wracks her body. “Please Honey, I can’t stand any more, please let me breath…”

Gently I rise to meet her lips and we kiss for the longest time. I know she can taste her own essence in my mouth; she does not seem to mind. Or to care. Or even to notice anything beyond our togetherness. This is the most intimate feeling I’ve ever shared with a woman, and the most exquisite woman with whom to share it. Slowly she comes down from the heights, kaçak bahis and immediately begins working my body. She knows what I need just as surely as I know her. My manhood is huge now, purple, bulging, straining with my need to be inside her. As she strokes it she whispers to me, so quietly I cannot even discern her words, but simply feel their effect. Soothing and exciting at once, she knows just how to stir me.

The teasing is done, now it is our time to be one. She climbs atop me again, but this time there is purpose in her movements. No game here, but serious business. As I enter her I know the most excruciating pleasure ever felt by man. She is perfect for me, so warm, so wet, so tight. As I said, we fit each other perfectly, in every way. We begin to move together, a rhythm as ancient as humanity joining us. Deeper and deeper she takes me until I feel as if my entire body will be consumed by her sex. I don’t care, for where else could I possibly wish to be? “Oh Baby…oh my love…my God you are so perfect for me…” My mind whirls and I struggle vainly to express myself. The room wheels, the earth turns, the stars spin overhead, and time ceases its march as she works me into the depths of her womb. Civilizations rise and fall, continents drift, stars are born and die and I can see it all at once. This cannot possibly be called sex, for it is much, much more. We are expressing all that we are to each other.

At last we cannot hold back the tide any longer. As I explode inside her she screams out her orgasm. We collapse together, unable to speak; not needing to speak. I’m not sure I ever really knew what love was before, but I surely know now. Likewise, I’m not sure she knows yet that she owns me, but she surely does.

As we fall asleep again in each other’s arms, I know I will awake at home in California. I know too that Nicole is far away, and will not be there next to me in the morning. I don’t mind, for I believe she is feeling the same things I am, and know we will be together again soon. In the meantime, I have my dreams…

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