Tale of the Alpha and the Loser Ch. 04

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Danny arrived the next morning with an overnight bag. He appeared at the doorstep neatly dressed and carefully groomed, his bag held before him in both hands – a distinctly submissive pose, I mused.

Once inside, I had him drop his bag then fall to his knees.

“Welcome, Danny boy,” I said, looking down on his anxious face. ‘Good,’ I thought. a case of nerves is always a good sign!

“Whenever you are here, my boy, you will be on your knees unless I say otherwise. Understood?”

“Of course, sir. It’s where I belong.” Danny said.

“Very good. Come, follow me, and I’ll give you a tour of the place.”

I was proud of my sprawling townhouse. It was spacious, with large rooms and high ceilings, and richly appointed. I’d done well in my business, and liked to surround myself with fine things.

As we proceeded, I looked back to observe Danny making his way on hands and knees. I made a mental note to include dog training in his regimen. He would be a natural.

“What do you think, fagboy? Have I done well?”

Danny craned his neck upward to meet my gaze.

“It’s very nice, sir! You’ve really made your mark in the world!” Danny enthused, clearly impressed.

We came to my bedroom where, the night before, after our phone chat, I had arranged his quarters. Behind a folding screen in the corner of the room, I introduced Danny to his new home. An inflatable one-person camping mattress took up much of the space. Folded atop it was a thin blanket that I had found at a local thrift store. There was no pillow. Beside the mattress was a standard pet food dish with one bowl for water joined to another bowl for food. The other items were a small battery powered lantern, and an empty jar for him to urinate in during the night. I didn’t want him getting up and roaming about.

“You brought your frilly dress, Danny?” I inquired as Danny looked over his accommodations.

“I did, sir. Also the cosmetics you specified.”

“Good, good. You’ll model that for me later. For now, go behind the screen and undress. Take off everything. When you’re not wearing your dress, you will be naked here.” I said, then sat at the edge of my bed and waited.

“Fold the clothes neatly, Danny. Do you hear me?” I said as he bustled behind the screen.

“Yes, sir!” came his immediate reply. When I heard no further movement from behind the screen, i called Danny to come out and present himself. He crawled out into view.

“Come closer and stand.” I instructed. Once upright before me, I scrutinized anew his pathetic cock.

“You know, Danny! Someone might mistake that for bait!” I said, barely controlling my mirth. Danny blushed dramatically, and this only increased my pleasure.

“Genetics has been unkind to you, my boy.” I said, eyeing the sorry member which seemed to shrink further as I examined it. Danny instinctively brought his hands back to cover his groin. I stood, approached him, and brought my open hand with full force against his still red cheek. This spun Danny’s head sideways.

“Look at me, you piece of shit.” I said in a low voice, and Danny cautiously met my gaze.

“You do nothing. Nothing!!, without my say-so. Is that perfectly understood?”

“I’m so sorry, sir! I only…”

“Shut that worthless hole in your face, cocksucker!” i said, raising my hand again. Danny cringed, his whole body shaking.

“Turn around.” I ordered.

Danny turned, presenting his smooth, white buttocks. I had plans for them. I ran my fingers down Danny’s back, then onto his ass cheeks. They tensed under my touch, but their delicate softness were still in evidence. ‘Very nice,’ I thought.

“Guess what’s going to happen now, faggot.” I said.

“I… I don’t understand wh…” Danny stammered.

“Don’t bother, fagboy. I’ll tell you. But not in words. Do you know that saying, ‘actions speak louder than words?'” I said, slowlyy stroking the surprisingly youthful flesh of Danny’s ass.

“I have, sir.”

“Excellent.” I said.

With that I walked to where I could face him, and began removing my belt. It seems Danny’s little penis had been aroused by my touching him, and now that he divined my further intentions, why, that same little penis was growing still more!

“you’ve been bad, Danny,” I said.

“I know, sir. Im very sorry.”

“I muş escort know you are.” I said, pulling the belt slowly through the pants loops. I wound the buckle end around my hand and let the loose end dangle at my side.

“Do you need a whipping, little Danny?” I said, all the while with an eye on what was now his fully erect penis. It was jerking spasmodically as though it were conducting a piece of incoherent music.

“I do, sir. I’m sorry I was bad. please punish me.” he said, and the emotion in his voice made me aroused in turn. There’s nothing more energizing than a faggot who actually craves a good whipping! I walked behind him and took a couple of practice swings. The belt made a whooshing sound as it cut through the air. Danny’s legs began to quaver. ‘Pefect’, I thought.

Soon those shaking buttocks would be wearing the signs of my ownership of them and of the rest of Danny.

The first stroke made very good contact, and in seconds an impression of the belt was raised in a rosy hue. I repositioned myself and took aim at the other ass cheek. Again, the belt whistled through the air and cracked loudly on the smooth flesh. Danny, in his excitement, was having trouble standing. One leg began to buckle. I came close behind him and whispered in his ear.

“I will whip you like a dog anytime I please, faggot. you read me?”

“I do, sir. I really need it! Losers like me really need it.”

“And losers like you what…? Want it? Enjoy it?” Tell me.” I said, draping the belt over his shoulder so that it swung lightly across his smooth chest.

“Yes, sir.” Danny said, his voice shaking.

“Yes what?” Want? Enjoy?”

“All of it, sir! please whip me.”

“Your wish is granted, loser boy.” I said. I then got down to business.

I had to relocate Danny to stand by my dresser so that he had something to hold onto and to stabilize him.

I spent the next few minutes slowly and methodically bringing the belt down onto Danny’s ass and legs. Soon, I was able to stand back and admire a captivating display of red stripes crisscrossing these areas. Some of the more vigorous strokes were rising up into welts. Danny had taken the strapping well. Another good sign. No blubbering or begging.

I recinched my belt, all the while assessing my work. I would have to be careful not to scar such a perfect little butt since one day soon I would be satisfying my carnal needs there, and I wanted something smooth and pretty to slap up against.

“Stay in here until I call you.” I said as I left the room.

I went to the living room. Administering the whipping had aroused me, and next on the agenda was introducing Danny to my own rather impressive genitalia, now aching for attention and relief. I don’t mind boasting about myself, and I must say that I am a fine specimen of a man. I’m broad-chested and slim at the waist. I’ve maintained good muscular tone mostly by working at job sites over the years. I have curly blondish hair on my chest and my calves and thighs. But the piece-de-resistance is nestled between those thighs; a finely-veined length of cock that any faggot would die to just look at. It has heft. It has girth. and it is crowned by a plump plum of a helmet that I just knew would have a fag like Danny drooling in seconds. I’ve witnessed it myself. I couldn’t wait to introduce the two of them! For the moment, I would remain dressed. I called to Danny, and he soon appeared at the doorway on all fours.

“Get in here, cocksucker.” I said. “Double time.”

I chuckled as Danny scampered quickly across the carpet.

Once Danny crawled to my feet, I addressed him.

“I have someone I’d like you to meet, Danny boy. Someone, shall I say, whom I am very close to.” I said, and seeing that Danny understood the meaning of my words (his puny cock was once again stiffening), I myself felt my power over him go straight to my loins. I was in the mood to be properly worshipped.

“The thing is, Danny, he’s hidden away, and you have to find him. He’s a bit shy, and needs someone to coax him out. But he needs to know that that someone will be a good friend to him and treat him well. Do you think you can help him?” I said.

Danny eyes were glued to the part of my pants that was showing signs of subtle movement escort muş beneath it. I was growing steadily, and the more Danny’s hungry eyes stared fixedly, the bolder this growth became.

“Help him come out, Danny. Be gentle, now.” I instructed.

I watched as Danny’s trembling fingers reached for the tab on my zipper. I relished the subtle vibrations as the zipper teeth unclasped. Soon, he had pulled itall the way down.

“Ah! That’s better. It was getting crowded in there!” I said.

Danny continued his uncovering. By now, I was fully erect, and this made Danny’s task tricky. To completely free my penis, he would have to bend it somewhat to get it through the peehole in my boxers. He began this process with the care of a neurosurgeon. His slender white fingers entered through the hole and searched toward the area of the bulge. Soon I felt the warm touch of his shaking fingers on my shaft. It jerked lustily in response.

“Good boy, Danny. Now, be careful! Don’t hurt him. Remember, he’s a dear friend of mine. Got it?”

Naturally, Danny knew that punishment akin to what I’d just dished out to him was close at hand!

“Yes, sir! I will be as gentle as I can be, sir. I’m afraid, though,” he confided.

“I know, Danny.” I said, and reached out to stroke his face to calm and assure him. “I know you are. Just do your best. He’s rather big to get through that small opening, after all.” I said.

It moved me to see the care Danny displayed in seeing the task through. My cock finally sprang from its confines, and bobbed and swayed before Danny’s amazed face. He sat back on his heels speechless, his lips partly open, and his eyes wide.

“Well, pussy boy? What do you think?” I said proudly, as I lightly stroked the underside of the shaft.

“Oh dear, sir!” Danny said. “Goodness, sir!”

I had to laugh. It certainly was shock-and-awe time for poor little Danny!

“Well, aren’t you going to say hello?” I said, a tone of irritation in my voice.

“Yes! Certainly, sir! I… I hope I didn’t offend your friend, sir. I …”

“Shut up, Danny.” I instructed. “And I have no idea why you’re referring to him in the third person when he’s right there in front of you. I would certainly be offended.”

“I’m so sorry, sir. I… ” Danny began, then realized his error. “Oh, I mean, excuse me, dear friend,” he continued, this time gazing with longing at my erection. Danny’s discomfort proved to be arousing to me. I love to watch faggots squirm and get flustered the first time they lay eyes on my cock. But Danny was in a class by himself. He was so dicombobulated at the sight of it, I was afraid he might piss on the floor.

“Well, is that all? Not much of a how-do-you-do, to my mind.” I said, stepping closer so that my cockhead was only inches from Danny’s face. By this time the head had swelled to its utmost, and I could feel precum forming at the tip.

“Hello, sir. My name is Danny. I am a cocksucking faggot. I’m so pleased to meet you, sir.” Danny said.

“Good, Danny. As you can see, he likes you, and I’m betting he’d like very much to have you as a playmate.” I said encouragingly. “Do you know any good games the two of you can play?”

“Well, sir, I…”

“I had to laugh out loud seeing that he didn’t know who to address himself to.

“It’s okay, Danny. Tell me, and I’ll let you know if my friend here approves of your plan.”

“Do you think he’d like a kiss, sir? I know that’s not exactly a game, but perhaps he would enjoy it.” Danny offered, and it amused me to see him blush again.

“I think you’ve hit on something, my boy. He is extremely sensitive to touch, and he absolutely loves getting kisses. Good choice!” I said, and gave him a pat on the head.

“Tell you what, Danny. First I’m going to let you give him a pet name. You decide!”

“Oh, sir! Really? Are you sure it’s okay with him?” he said.

I thought ‘Wow. Is he really asking me that?’ He was going hook, line, and sinker!

“I’m sure. Think it over.”

Danny seemed to anguish over this task as he knelt before me. Of course, my turgid cock being in his face was a distraction. It continued to lift and fall spasmodically as Danny puzzled over his decision. I was enjoying it all thoroughly.

Finally, Danny muş escort bayan raised his head and looked at me.

“Do you think I could call him BigBob?” Danny said timidly.

“Big Bob. Hmmm. I get ‘Big’ part. but why Bob?”

“Because he bobs around a lot, sir.” Danny said in a voice so quiet I could barely hear him. I hadn’t realized just how shy my little faggot was!

“Yes. Yes he does, in fact. Do you know why?”

“Because he’s excited, sir?” Danny ventured.

“Yes, Danny. And the reason he’s excited is because he has a new playmate who is going to give him lots of kisses. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes, sir! Dozens and dozens, all over him!” he cried.

Danny’s excitement was reaching a fevered pitch.He began moaning and licking his lips, all the while his eyes were fixed on the swelled head of my cock. It seemed I had him under my spell. Or did Big Bob? Who can say? I watched this spectacle, chuckling inwardly to myself.

While Danny knelt before me, I removed my pants and let them drop to the floor. Now my erection stuck straight out from my plaid boxer shorts. It stood at a proud angle, declaring its manhood, and enjoying the freedom of being in the open air. I gave Danny the go-ahead, and the feel of his warm lips on th taut surface of the head was exquisite. I reached down and petted Danny’s head and stroked his cheek.He was true to his word. Kiss after soft kiss rained down, covering the head, then all of the shaft. While he busied himself, I lifted my ball sack out and it, too, enjoyed its freedom. Sensing that precum was forming at my cock lips, I took a moment to “paint” Danny’s nose and cheeks with the viscous dew. I looked with pleasure as it gleamed there.

I next gave him permission to take the head into his mouth.

“You are one lucky faggot, boy.” I told him, as I delighted in the sensation of Danny’s attentions. The helmet pulsed joyfully as it was bathed in Danny’s saliva, and felt the velvety interior of his mouth.

‘I got me a keeper’, I said to myself, observing Danny’s utter devotion to his task.

I gradually introduced more of my cock into his mouth. His lips were quite sensitive, and moved subtly over the stretched skin of the shaft. They looked… how shall I say… pretty!

“Massage my balls, boy.” I instructed, and Danny’s delicate touch sent new sensations into my groin. He handled them as though they were fragile birds eggs. ‘Such a sweet little faggot!’, I marveled.

I hadn’t shot a load in more than a week, and I began to feel a rapturous tension take hold of my body. Danny was taking as much of me as he was able into his mouth. Later, I would train him in the particular ways I liked my cock tended to, but for then, he was giving it his all, and I couldn’t bear to interrupt him. Meanwhile, my balls were readying their delivery. I could feel the sack tighten, and the muscles in my thighs seized up. My entire body was gripped in an ecstatic tension. All of me – my toes, my neck, my jaw, stiffened as a wave of pure pleasure raced through every cell in my body. Looking down, I cradled Danny’s cheeks in my hands, and encouraged him.

“Mister Bob is very happy right now, Danny. Very happy, indeed.” I began to say more, but semen began pumping up from my ballsack, and nature as old as the hills took over. I thrust forward as my seed traveled triumphantly along its familiar path.

My head thrown back, and my teeth clenched, I felt the surges of cum intermingle with Danny’s saliva. Danny, for his part, moaned, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He tried to say something with the cock still in his mouth, but it made no sense.

Once I had finished, he kept sucking like a newborn calf on a teat. I was fully satisfied! Again I said to myself ‘This faggot is a keeper’. My cock was now slowly softening and enjoying the warm attentions of Danny’s mouth after its climax. A favorite moment for me.

As I looked down on Danny’s blissful expression, I noticed two trails of my semen leaking from his nose, and creeping slowly down his upper lip. ‘Wow’! I thought, I must have really blown a load!

I took a facial tissue from the side table next to me and dabbed at Danny’s nose. I couldn’t help laughing, however. I’d never seen that happen before.

After a few moments, I let my cock slowly slip out of Danny’s mouth. It hung in front of him, still jerking slightly, and glistening with Danny’s saliva.

I let the cock rest on his upturned face.

“Good job, Danny boy,” I said. “You may be a cocksucking loser, but you’re winning me over!”

To be continued.

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