Tales of Velvet City Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older.

The characters in this story are original creations of the erotic artist Shiin and appear here with his approval. In this story, like in Shiin’s comics and drawings, the women are exceptionally curvy, the men are impossibly well-endowed, erections last for hours and verisimilitude is simply not relevant. If any of that is not to your liking, you might want to consider reading something else.

Even though anal is the core theme here, this story also features group sex and double penetration, so be warned in case you are not into that kind of stuff.

As always and more than ever, don’t expect any semblance of realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Sitting alone in Dr Jung’s office, Emma Hugaz couldn’t help but sigh over the telltale moans and the rhythmic meaty impacts of flesh clapping against naked flesh coming from the adjacent exam room.

“I just hope this is worth it…” Emma murmured to herself, her massive breasts wobbling heavily under her nurse scrubs as she exhaled and slouched back in her chair, pondering.

Once again, Emma’s love of shopping had left her bank account dangerously depleted. So, when Dr Jung had suggested that she might take part in a special research project of his to earn some extra cash on the side, she had readily accepted. Of course, knowing the nature of the young doctor’s work, Emma had no doubt that his ‘research’ would somehow involve sex, most likely anal.

Running a hand through her short blonde hair and twirling the one long rebellious lock hanging over her forehead, Emma musingly shrugged as she reminded herself that she had been taking quite a few huge monstercocks up her ass lately, usually on those occasions when she chose to reinvent herself as an improvised ‘escort’ of sorts to raise some extra money. As it turned out, guys couldn’t resist her big jiggly bubble-butt and they simply had to stick their dicks deep inside her tiny asshole at all costs when they had sex with her.

Emma was glad that men lusted after her large shapely ass like crazy and she didn’t fail to profit from it with her ‘clients’, who were always more than willing to give her all kinds of expensive gifts if she just let them ride her rump. Far from displeasing her, all that anal action had led Emma to discover that she was sort of built for buttsex: not only did she have an amazing booty and a predilection for sodomy, but she also never seemed to find a cock that she couldn’t fit in her eager yet always tight hineyhole, much to her own delight.

As the chorus of feminine squeals and virile grunts from the exam room increased in volume and reached its ear-splitting peak, Emma was sharply called back to reality. Soon after, the loud moans of climax filtering through the door faded into low panting and raspy breathing, thus signaling the end of Dr Jung’s sexual therapy session.

It didn’t take more than a minute before the door opened and Dr Jung walked into his office, wearing nothing but an open lab coat and a broad grin. Though soft, the young doctor’s cock was freakishly big and girthy. Hanging heavily between his legs and reaching way past his mid thigh, that fat piece of dickmeat wagged side to side with Dr Jung’s every step, mesmerizing Emma’s gaze as she watched him walking around the desk and plopping down on his swivel chair.

“Emma, always nice to see you!” the handsome doctor said with a genial smile, leaning back and taking a good look at the exposed upper slopes of the part-time nurse’s gigantic melons. “Sorry to keep you waiting, but I had to give Mrs Reid a good assfuc… Uhm, I mean, a serious in-depth treatment with my organic probe.”

“Sure, no problem,” Emma nodded, noticing that the doctor’s footlong cock was starting to harden already as he gazed at her ample cleavage. “So, doc, what’s this research project you want me to help you with? And how much does it pay?”

“Well,” Dr Jung began, stapling his fingers as his impressive dong lurched and throbbed, swelling visibly while he kept feasting his eyes on Emma’s generous breasts, “as you probably know, a lot of men in Velvet City present extremely developed sexual characteristics: huge penis, oversized testicles, heightened libido, overproduction of semen and a peculiar fondness for anal intercourse.”

“Yeah, I already know all about that!” Emma chuckled, crossing her arms under her massive tits and thus making them bulge out even more.

“I know you do, Emma, I know you do…” the young doctor smirked, his gigantic boner having raised to half-mast. “But that is not all: Velvet City also appears to have an incredibly high percentage of voluptuous women as well. Women whose most relevant feature happens to be a big, curvaceous and incredibly shapely bottom. Clearly, and I say this as a compliment, you are one such woman yourself!”

Shrugging and giggling, Emma quipped: “Tell me something I don’t know, doc.”

Smiling escort as he leaned forward to rest his elbows on the desk, Dr Jung went on: “Well, Emma, I think there might be some scientific explanation for the abundance of curvy women and well-endowed men in our city. So far, I have just come up with a basic hypothesis and a few ideas based on my work as a sexual therapist. Obviously though, to formulate an actual theory I will need more data. Specifically, more observational evidence. And that’s where you come into the picture, Emma: I want you to conduct your own tests and report your findings to me. If you do that, I will have the hospital pay you as a contracted external researcher.”

Reaching into a drawer, Dr Jung produced a check and a folder, then placed them both in front of Emma. The girl arched an eyebrow as she pointed out: “Uhm, doctor, this check is blank…”

“Indeed, it is,” Dr Jung nodded. “The sum will be determined by the relevance of your, well, observations in the field. Of course, the more subjects you’ll study and the deeper your testing of their endowment, the higher your bonus. All the details are in the folder. And by the way, I was thinking you might want to involve your sister Emily in this research too.”

“Emily?” Emma said dubiously, arching an eyebrow. “I don’t know, doc. She is nice and sweet, I mean, she’s my little sister and all, but… Well, she’s just not the brightest bulb in the box, so to speak.”

“Oh, I’m sure she’ll be fine,” Dr Jung chuckled dismissively. “After all, she’d just have to let some big-dicked guy fu… I mean, with your guidance she’ll certainly be able to give her contribution to science. Of course,” he added suggestively, “if Emily also takes part in the research, we’ll have even more data. That will make both the results more reliable and your check more substantial, Emma.”

After thumbing rapidly through the papers in the folder, most of which were charts and diagrams and lists of various sexual acts apparently deemed worthy of further research, Emma looked up at Dr Jung and bluntly asked: “So basically you want me to have sex for money?”

“Basically, yes,” the doctor smiled, unfazed by Emma’s directness. “And for science too, of course.”

“Of course…” Emma echoed slowly. Then, after taking another look at the blank check and replaying in her mind all the cute outfits and bikinis she wanted to buy, she perked up and shrugged, making her fabulously big melons jiggle all over the place and threaten to spill out of her scrubs. “Oh well,” she finally said, smiling at Dr Jung, “I guess I can do that, sure.”

“Excellent!” the young doctor beamed, standing up and extending his hand across the desk to seal the deal, thus making his massive schlong wag heavily side to side. “Welcome on board then, Emma!”

Smiling somewhat awkwardly, her eyes irresistibly attracted by his huge chubby penis, Emma stood up as well and shook Dr Jung’s hand. Moments later, he took his leave and headed back into the exam room, grinning all the while. As Emma left his office, the unmistakeable sounds of yet another one of the young doctor’s vigorous sexual therapy sessions followed her out the door.


“Wow, this is so cool!” Emily chirped, squirming and wiggling excitedly on Emma’s couch. “It’s all, like, you know… So sciency and stuff!”

“Yeah, you’ve already said that about a hundred times, sis…” Emma mumbled, tightening the belt of her fluffy white bathrobe as she glanced to her side at Emily with a mix of perplexity and big-sisterly worry.

Emily was wearing only a skimpy silk robe that barely hid her breasts and groin, while leaving most of her huge round bubble-butt exposed. Even though Emily had reacted with enthusiasm when she had told her about Dr Jung’s research, Emma doubted that her ditzy little sister fully realized what she was actually signing up for. While Emily kept playing excitedly with her hair, which were blonde like Emma’s own but longer and cut in a cute bob, Emma wondered yet again if she should clarify things one more time for Emily’s benefit.

“Look, sis,” Emma slowly said, staring into Emily’s giddy eyes, “you don’t have to do this, really… I mean, the extra cash is great and I’m glad that you wanna help, but these guys are coming here to have sex, and lots of it. I know them, Ems: they are really into anal, they have massive cocks and they’ll want to fuck us silly in every hole until they can’t cum anymore. Our role in Dr Jung’s research is to ‘observe and report’, and that pretty much means that we’ll just have to let the guys do anything they want to us. And I mean literally anything, sis… So, if you’re having seconds thoughts just tell me now and I’ll handle it all myself. Okay?”

“Uh?” Emily said, blinking in stupor and furrowing her brow for a moment before laughing it all off. “It’s okay, Emma, it’s gonna be fun! I’ve even lubed up my butthole real good like you said! And remember back in high school? My biology teacher always said that I had a grade A ass! So, escort bayan like, I’m the perfect gal for this!”

“Actually, sis, what Mr Gurth said was that the only way for you to pass his class was to have sex with him, and that he’d give you an A if you let him have your ass…” Emma pointed out, casting a resigned sidelong glance at her little sister.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right! And that’s what I did it, remember? He really gave me that A in the end too! Pretty cool, uh?” Emily concluded with a triumphant smile to which Emma could only reply with a forced, helpless grin.

Before the two sisters could say anything more, the doorbell rang.

“That’s it, sis,” Emma said, turning to Emily while standing up and heading to open the door, “last chance to back out…”

“Nope, I’m all in!” Emily beamed, jumping to her feet and undoing her flimsy robe, thus revealing her ripe pointy tits and her shaved little pussy.

Moments later Emma returned, followed by two young men that Emily sort of remembered meeting once before, at the nude beach. One was tall, blond and boyishly cute. The other was dark-haired and had an inquisitive glint in eyes, whose almond shape betrayed his Asian heritage. Dressed in T-shirts and jeans, both teenagers had toned physiques and sported visibly bulging crotches. Emily faintly recalled Emma telling her that they were seniors at the high school where she was a part-time teacher, but, beside that, Emily was totally drawing a blank.

“Guys, you remember my little sister Emily, right?” Emma said as the two boys smiled goofily at the sight of Emily’s semi-naked form, their hungry gazes zeroing in particularly on her voluptuous ass. “Sis, Simon and Makoto here will be our, uhm, partners in the research today. I’ve already explained everything to them and they agreed to keep this just between us.”

“Oh, okay,” Emily nodded as she cheerily waved hello at the newcomers. “Hey guys!”

“Hi, Emily,” said the blond one, Simon, apparently. “Wow, y-you have the same eyes as Emma, one blue and one green! I d-d-didn’t notice that back at the beach…” he stammered while stepping closer to Emily with an expression of mixed coyness and arousal on his face. “You l-l-look awesome!”

“Aw, that’s so sweet! Thanks, Simon!” Emily cooed as the young man stood in front of her, trying to look her in the eye yet unable to remove his gaze from the thick protruding curve of her booty.

Testifying to his arousal, Simon’s bulge just kept getting bigger, letting the contours of his massive cock show as it strained painfully under his pants, rearing to be set free like a caged beast. As if the prospect of fucking Emma and Emily to ‘help’ them with Dr Jung’s research wasn’t exciting enough already, the spectacular roundness of Emily’s bubble-butt was driving Simon completely crazy with anal lust. The fact that Emily’s tits were way smaller than her older sister’s mammoth jugs actually added to Simon’s horniness, because the regular size of Emily’s breasts emphasized to the max the incredible curvaceousness of her big, bouncy booty.

“Dude, back at the beach you didn’t notice Emily’s eyes because you were too busy ogling her ass!” Makoto snickered from the other side of the room, winking at Emma while Simon blushed and Emily tittered.

Noticing a folder on the couch, Makoto plopped down and picked it up, leafing through the papers curiously. As Emma sat down beside him, making her gigantic boobs sway juicily side to side, the spectacle of her bulging cleavage straining against her partially open terry cloth robe captured Makoto’s gaze and made his huge hardness flex and swell, tenting his pants to obscene levels.

“So, Dr Jung’s project seems very interesting!” Makoto smiled allusively, putting down the folder and wrapping an arm around Emma’s curvy frame. Resting his hand on her shoulder, he gently started pulling her fluffy robe down. “Should we, uhm, get to work?”

“Here?” Emma replied dubiously, not particular surprised by Makoto’s directness but still a bit hesitant. “Maybe we should move to the bedroom instead…”

“Oh, I think we’ll be just fine here,” Makoto answered smoothly as he tugged Emma’s robe completely off her upper body until it pooled on the couch, thus revealing her huge round jugs. Smiling widely as he cupped his blonde teacher’s hefty tits in his hands, the teenager nodded toward the other side of the room and chuckled: “They sure seem to be comfortable enough!”

Moaning softly as Makoto kneaded her big boobs while rolling her thick pink nipples between his fingertips and pulling lightly on them with an expertise beyond his years, Emma turned to see her naked sister already on her knees between Simon’s legs, her lips wrapped tightly around the fat purple tip of his monstercock. With his pants bunched at his ankles and his T-shirt crumpled in a heap on the carpet, Simon was smiling goofily as he held Emily’s head in his hands, guiding her to take more of his veiny pole into her mouth. Gagging and spluttering, Emily meekly surrendered bayan escort to the boy’s horniness as he forcefully bucked his hips and pushed more and more of his humongous boner past her spittle-drooling, dick-stretched lips.

“Ohh yeah, t-t-that feels good! Your mouth is so hot and wet…” Simon panted over the squishy gagging sounds emerging from Emily’s cock-clogged oral cavity as he kept pushing his beefy truncheon down her gullet, determinedly cramming her throat until his enormous balls were finally pressed against her saliva-shiny chin.

The sight of her sister taking Simon’s whole horsecock into her mouth made Emma gasp in surprise. Her amazement increased as she watched Emily eagerly starting to suck on the blond boy’s massive length, moaning and slurping with slutty joy while he began vigorously sawing his mammoth dick back and forth into her constricting throat with deep, face-humping thrusts.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it!” Emma mumbled over Emily’s slurping suctions and Simon’s blissful sighs, her eyes fixed on the fleshy rod gliding wetly in and out of her little sister’s overstretched lips. “She’s taking him all the way so easily!”

Mesmerized as she was by the spectacle of Emily getting thoroughly and willingly skull-fucked, Emma barely registered the fact that, right beside her, Makoto had meanwhile undressed, freeing his impressively huge erection. She did take notice though when he leaned over and let his mouth go crazy on her gigantic tits, sucking and nibbling and lapping away at her nipples when he wasn’t peppering the soft slopes of her fabulous melons with needy smooches.

Within moments, the delicious feeling of having her tits worshiped like that made Emma avert her eyes from her sister’s saliva-drooling and cock-stuffed mouth to focus on the toned, amazingly hung young man whose face was currently wedged between her own pillowy boobs and whose lips were busy feasting on her tit-flesh. As he heard Emma’s whimpers of pleasure growing louder and huskier, Makoto eventually looked up from the lush valley of her cleavage and smiled at her as he lustfully spoke.

“I love your big tits, Emma! And I love your big ass even more, I can’t wait to fuck it! Why don’t you suck me off a bit, so I’ll be nice and wet? I always have to struggle a lot to push my cock into a tight asshole, even with lube and stuff…”

“No kidding, that must be the understatement of the year!” Emma quipped, snickering as she recalled the many, many times when her own clingy pink rosebud had been on the receiving end of one of the many butt-splitting monstercocks of Velvet City.

Smiling at Emma’s joke, Makoto slouched back into the couch, his enormous erection sticking up like a veiny, meaty totem pole. With her eyes mesmerized by the obscenely enticing sight of Makoto’s gigantic boner, Emma shrugged off her bunched-up robe completely, remaining gloriously naked. In a heartbeat, she got on all fours on the cushion beside him, her curvaceous bubble-butt tilted up high while her head descended down toward his crotch. As Emma’s soft lips made contact with his stiff schlong and her tongue began languidly lapping away on his massive dickmeat, Makoto’s hands went to work on her cushiony asscheeks, pawing and kneading and grabbing onto the awesome plumpness of her ample, shapely rump.

While she licked Makoto’s mighty shaft from wide base to bulbous tip, Emma sighed softly at the feel of her student’s fingers roaming all over her soft booty and into her plush ass-cleavage, until they reached the little puckered knot of her butthole and started playing with its gummy, rosy rim. Lapping more urgently along his huge slab of dickmeat in an attempt to get him as slathered as possible with her saliva, Emma cooed while Makoto pulled the pliant edges of her rosebud apart, gently gaping her sphincter and poking at its winking center.

Even though she had already lubed up her anus abundantly before the boys arrived, Emma purred appreciatively when Makoto dipped his fingers into the moist, tingling folds of her pussy to get them all slick with her nectar before he pushed one then a second digit knuckle-deep into her tight little hineyhole and started sawing them fluidly in and out. Shivering all over, Emma hummed with pleasure as Makoto complemented his ass-probing manipulations by pressing his thumb onto her clit and starting to rub away. Gladly surprised by the teenager’s clit-frigging skills, Emma concluded her shaft-lapping routine with a long sloppy lick along the length of Makoto’s boner only to open her mouth wide and wrap her lips around his broad purple glans.

Egged on by the feel of his talented fingers whirling on her love button and masturbating her tiny asshole, Emma let her simmering lust take over and began bobbing her head recklessly on the boy’s huge mouth-stretching cock, forcing her face lower and lower on his meaty pole at each pass. As his mighty length pushed deep into her throat, making her gag and forcing thick strands of saliva to drool all over his raging erection, Emma cupped Makoto’s disproportionately large scrotum in her hands, expertly caressing his huge cum-laden balls with her fingers while she choked herself on his gullet-jamming dickmeat.

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