Teach Me to Love, Big Sister Ch. 10

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Chapter 10 – Nobody Else But You, Sweet Sister

Lilah loved Summer in the evening. The warm air was so relaxing, and people just seemed to be happier. As she and Tash played their soft acoustic rendition of Killing Me Softly, the futanari watched people mingle joyfully with each other, getting tipsy together, sharing jokes and funny stories. It was all so lovely. And the fact that she and Tash were getting paid to be there was icing on the cake.

After they brought the song to a close, Tash leaned over and whispered: “Isn’t this gig the best? We should totally do more engagement parties!”

She had to agree. “Let’s do Instant Crush next,” she suggested. She knew it was one of Tash’s favorites, and she had to admit her friend sang it beautifully.

When the night was over, Lilah was putting her guitar away when Tash’s hand fell on her shoulder. “Baby, I’m going to the bathroom real quick. Meet me at your car, ‘kay? Any girls ask for me, tell them I’ll be right back to take their number.”

Lilah rolled her eyes. “I’ll beat them back with my guitar if I have to.”

Tash threw her a bright smile and dashed off.

She took their equipment to the family SUV, which was parked just outside the venue. As she did this, she heard footsteps on the gravel behind her and turned around to see somebody approaching.

No, two people.

Lilah hoped they wanted her business card; goodness knew she and Tash needed more work. Except that when they drew close enough for her to see their faces, she recognized who they were. Her heart sank, and she knew instantly they weren’t here for her card.

“Hey,” said one girl with mousy hair. “Guess you can’t brush me off now, can you?”

It was Carly. Carly who she had given guitar lessons to over Skype. Carly who she had shown her cock to on camera. Carly whom Lilah had promised to have fun with… but never did.

And who happened to be standing next to her by her former student and former casual lover, Jessalyn. The very same Jessalyn that had spilled to Carly that Lilah was, in fact, a futanari.

Carly’s smile was like that of a wolf. “How are you, Lilah? I’ve missed our lessons. Funny how you became harder to reach after that time you promised to cum for me.”

“H-Hi, Carly. I’m… I’m sorry, it’s just that you were sitting your exams, and your Mom said you needed a break from lessons to study.”

“Mm-hm. And what about those messages I sent asking if you wanted to come to my place for dinner? Or meet online to talk? Funny how those all got ignored. What, you only fool around with girls that are paying you?”

“No, that’s not it at all. I’ve been… things have been busy with me and…” She turned to Jessalyn then. “Hey, Jessalyn.”

“Hey, sugar,” the blonde girl said in her southern twang. “You know Carly and I have become such good friends since we learned that we both know you. Guess I’m lucky I got to have fun with you when I did, ’cause it sounds like you’re getting kinda, I dunno, boring now. I mean, if you’re not fooling around with Carly, there must be something wrong with you. What’s the matter? Did you lose your cock or something?”

Lilah didn’t know what to say. Part of her knew this was unfair; that these girls had ambushed her for an explanation she could not give. She didn’t have to fool around with anybody she didn’t want to, how could they argue otherwise?

Except the truth was messier than that. She hadn’t kept in touch with Carly because she had been too preoccupied fucking her own little sister.

“Wait. Don’t tell me you’ve met someone?” Jessalyn asked that question the way someone might ask if life had finally been found on Mars. Something must have flashed across Lilah’s face, because both girls went wide-eyed. “No way!” Jessalyn said, shaking her head. “No fucking way did you meet someone to go steady with. Not you. When you and I were friends, you were fucking any girl that would so much as smile at you!”

“That’s not true!” Lilah retorted, though it hadn’t been very far from the truth. “And maybe I have met someone, so what?”

“So what?” Jessalyn scoffed. “So that means we’ve got to prove to y’all that what you’re doing right now is a dumb phase. That you can’t keep yourself tied down to one girl. No fucking way. And the way we can prove that is dead easy.”

Lilah crossed her arms over her chest, trying desperately to look in control. “Yeah? How is that?”

Jessalyn and Carly looked at each other and giggled. “We’re going to fuck you together,” Carly said. It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t even an offer. It was a statement.

They’re serious. Oh my God, these two are serious! Lilah thought. She wondered how in the world she got herself involved with girls like them. Maybe it spoke of the kind of person she was – the kind of person she had been before Elsie.

She shook her head, but the words barely came out. “I- I- No. I just… I can’t. Jessalyn, Carly, you don’t understand, but… but I… I’ve…”

Carly urfa escort leaned in. “You’ve what? Changed? Well, I can’t say I know you as well as Jessalyn, but she seems pretty convinced that you’re full of it. That as soon as we throw ourselves at you, you’ll go crazy and fuck us both like an animal. Well, guess what, Lilah? That’s exactly what we want you to do. Now, are you going to stop being such a flaky bitch and fuck us, or not?”

And before she could answer, both women drew closer. Jessalyn got to her first. She grabbed Lilah’s crotch in a way that she would have loved months ago.

“Guess you’re not missing your cock,” she said with a triumphant smirk. “Oh, I remember it well. And I can’t wait to watch you stick it deep inside Carly’s wet-“

“Lilah? Everything alright, girl?”

And there was Tash, standing right behind Carly. She looked confused, no doubt because she had just caught Lilah with two young women, and rather than looking elated Lilah looked terrified, like she wanted to be anywhere else but there.

Carly turned to her, surprised to hear someone else’s voice. When she saw who it was, she shrugged her off. “Oh, you’re the other girl she plays with.”

“That’s right, I’m Tash. Listen, if you girls are bothering my friend…”

“Bothering her?” Jessalyn scoffed again. “Listen, if you’re her friend, can you tell us what the fuck is wrong with her? Why the hell she won’t come back home with us? I mean,” she gestured towards Carly and herself. “Look at us!”

And just like that, Jessalyn had given Lilah the ticket she needed out of the whole mess. She stepped over to Tash and placed a hand on the back of her shoulder. “Girls, this is Tash. Tash, this is Carly and Jessalyn.”

“H-hi,” Tash said, still confused.

“Hello,” both girls said.

Lilah continued. “I need to get home, but I think the three of you would really hit it off. Girls, if you like what I’ve got, Tash is more than enough for the two of you.” She put on a fake smile and added: “Trust me, I know!”

Then, she turned back to her bandmate and kissed her on her cheek. “Good luck! I’ll see you later, ‘kay?” she whispered.

Tash looked as confused as ever. “Uh, so you’re just leaving me here? With them?”

Lilah rolled her eyes, annoyed that she had to spell it out for her. “These two want to fuck me, Tash,” she whispered. “But I can’t right now. So, if you like them, take them! They’re all yours!”

“Oh. Oh!” Tash said, and her expression immediately changed. She looked at the two horny girls in her presence, and there was no denying the hunger in her eyes. The expressions on their faces seemed to be changing as well now that they understood that Tash was a futa just like Lilah. And Lilah hadn’t been lying; Tash had a lot of cock to go around. She knew Carly and Jessalyn would have a blast with her.

The tension of that situation was suddenly gone. When she smiled at Tash, her friend said, “Sure, baby. You go on home. I’ll take care of these girls.”

Lilah could not have felt more relieved. “Just promise you’ll give me all the juicy details later, okay?”

Tash cocked her eyebrow. “Lilah, since when do I ever kiss and tell?” She stuck her pink tongue out at her then, and Lilah gave her another kiss on the cheek.

“I owed you for helping me clean my parents’ car. Now we’re even!”


It had started raining on the way home, and the water cascading down the windshield mirrored the tears that flowed down Lilah’s cheeks. She scolded herself, wondering just what in the world she was crying for.

But the road was long, and it gave her plenty of time to think.

She had just turned down sex with two girls. This had never, ever happened before. If Tash wasn’t taking them on a wild, sexy journey at that moment, Jessalyn and Carly would no doubt be wondering what in the world was wrong with Lilah. She could not even begin to count the number of people she had slept with, and in denying her body and her love to Jessalyn and Carly, she realized that she might not give herself to anybody else ever again. The most gorgeous Hollywood starlet could step naked through her passenger door and beg with big, teary eyes for Lilah’s cock, and she would deny her.

The young futa pulled over to the side of the road, put her face in her hands, and wept harder.

She wept because she was frightened. She was frightened of the emotions that filled her; powerful emotions she had never experienced before. And the more she cried – the more she asked herself why, why, why she was feeling this way – the closer she came to an answer.

Lilah knew that love and sex were two very disparate forces in her life. She loved her parents, she loved her friends, and she had loved her cat Sooty before old age had taken her away. She had even loved some of the girls she had slept with.

Except… she realized now that it wasn’t true. The love she had felt for her past girlfriends urfa escort bayan had been the love of a friend. It was the kind of love that one could stop feeling in a matter of days, or weeks at most. It wasn’t love that lasted a lifetime, the kind of love that couldn’t be stopped by betrayal or even death.

And that was what frightened her most. When she pictured Elsie in her mind, when she thought back to all the crazy, unfettered sex they’d had, she didn’t feel any simple, selfish glow of satisfaction.

She felt love, pure and simple. She loved Elsie more than anything.

She loved Elsie more than herself.

That final realization changed everything for Lilah. It stopped her tears, but it made her feel no less terrified. She had no clue what to do with this emotion. It was like being handed a timebomb with no way to disarm it.

Lilah wiped her eyes and took three, deep breaths. She turned her mind back to their first time together; that night in her bedroom where the lights had been low and she had slowly, gently made love to her little sister. The night she had taken Elsie’s virginity.

And then, a simple fact smashed into her like a semitrailer: Lilah had not taken Elsie’s virginity that night.

Elsie had given it to her.

“Oh, no,” she wailed, crumbling emotionally from the magnitude of that realization. Her little sister, her wonderful, beautiful, smart, innocent, caring little sister, had chosen her of all the people in the world to be her first lover. And she had done so, knowing that she could never, ever give that to anybody else.

Lilah had been given the most precious gift in the universe, and only now did she comprehend it.

She didn’t know how long she had spent weeping in the car. By the time she was done she was exhausted and sweaty. The steering wheel she had been leaning against was soaked in her tears. When she sat back, she sighed and tried not to shiver all over. She wondered if she could even get back home in the state she was in.

She didn’t have much choice. After giving herself time to calm down (as much as she possibly could) she put the car in drive and pulled away from the side of the road.

Lilah had no memory of the rest of the drive back. The next thing she knew, she was pulling up the driveway. She fumbled around the front of the car for the garage remote, and when she found it, she squeezed the button tight.


She let go and squeezed it again, shaking it in her hand as she did so.

The garage door remained shut.

Of course, she thought miserably. She had Dad’s cheap streak to thank again.

Lilah stepped out of the car and into the pouring rain. In less than ten seconds the young musician was soaked through. Her long, dark brown hair fell heavy around her face, making her feel like a spooky Japanese ghost girl.

She trudged around to the front door, only to realize she had left the house keys in the car. She stood at the heavy, wooden door and felt her tears coming back. She shook her head and tried to get it together. This was not her; she was never this emotionally chaotic. She knocked on the door as hard as she could five times, hoping somebody would be home to answer it.

She soon heard the door unlatch on the other side, and when it swung open, her little sister was there, smiling. “Lilah, hey! Oh my gosh, you’re soaked! Quick, come inside. Couldn’t you get into the garage? I bet it was Dad’s remote again, huh. I heard Mom arguing with him about it last night. She says he bought the whole system off the back of some guy’s truck.”

Elsie was dressed in a fluffy, pink wearable blanket, looking as cute as one of her anime characters. When she gave Lilah a kiss, the older sister tasted warm cocoa on Elsie’s lips. She told Lilah to stay there while she ran to grab a towel. “I was just watching this scary movie about a witch!” she said as she went. “It was terrifying; like she makes this family go crazy, and there’s a spooky black goat that’s also evil I think, and the dad almost kills the kids! It’s set in the old times and…” She regaled Lilah, dumbing down the gory bits (more for herself than for Lilah) and then returned with a thick towel. Lilah smiled and nodded at what Elsie said, trying to listen but finding it difficult in the midst of everything going on in her head. Elsie threw the thick towel over Lilah’s hair and began rubbing her dry. She rubbed the towel on her shoulders and arms too, and Lilah could already feel herself getting warmer. As Elsie did this, Lilah welled up with emotion again and the tears returned.

“There, that’s better!” Elsie said as she pulled the towel away. “You should have a hot shower and-” But as soon as she saw that her sister was crying, she stopped and a look of worry crossed her face. “Lilah? Lilah, what’s wrong?”

She didn’t know what to say. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes with one hand, desperate to make the tears stop. “Nothing, I’m escort urfa fine. I’m just a mess. Don’t worry about it, please.” She could not have sounded more pitiful. She kept her face hidden from her sister, feeling so embarrassed and ashamed.

Elsie did not relent. She gently took Lilah’s wrist and pulled it away from her face. Lilah turned away, not wanting her little sister to see her. There was genuine concern in Elsie’s beautiful brown eyes, and it made her feel even worse. God, why am I like this? she thought.

“It’s okay,” Elsie said quietly. “Lilah, it’s okay.” She pulled on Lilah’s arms, all while the bigger sister kept shaking her head. But Lilah was as weak as a kitten, and Elsie was able to pull her easily into an embrace.

Lilah sniffed and allowed herself to be held. Part of her hated that she was getting her wet, teary self all over Elsie’s comfy blanket. But Elsie held her tight, tighter than she ever had before. Elsie whispered again, “It’s okay, it’s okay,” and rubbed Lilah’s sopping wet back.

The love and care she felt from her sister was so powerful. Before she knew it, Lilah was kissing her – on the neck, the cheek, the mouth. It felt like she was expending her last bit of energy on those kisses.

Her vision still blurry with tears, she whispered to Elsie: “I love you.”

Elsie pressed her head against Lilah’s chest and said, “I love you too, Lilah. I always have.”

And at that moment, Lilah knew her heart would belong to her sister forever.

Elsie guided Lilah to the bathroom and helped her out of her wet clothes. These she dropped on the tiled floor before leaning into the shower and turning on the water. Before long, the bathroom was filled with hot, cleansing steam.

Lilah still felt completely drained. Shivering from cold rainwater on her skin, she tentatively let the scalding water touch her and once her head was under the spray, her body relaxed all over. The water soaked into her dark hair and ran down her face, over her breasts and down her stomach and thighs. She rubbed herself all over with her hands, and all those thoughts and emotions left her body like the cold.

Elsie had been right. It was exactly what she needed.

She rubbed her eyes and opened them, only to see that Elsie was still in the bathroom. Not only that, she was undressing herself; the wearable blanket hung on a hook behind the door and she was pulling off her tracksuit pants and her underwear. There was nothing sexual about what she was doing; she undressed like any woman would when they prepared for a shower.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Lilah asked when Elsie was down to nothing.

Her little sister stepped gingerly into the shower and replied: “I’m coming in with you,” like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“It’s okay,” Lilah said, but Elsie ignored her. When she was in, her little sister smiled bashfully at her and said, “You looked like you still needed me.”

She wasn’t wrong. The fact that Elsie had looked into Lilah’s heart and so easily comprehended what she needed floored the big sister. This is love, she thought. It’s this. It’s coming to see me when I’m working in the garden. It’s her eyes lighting up when I pick her up from school. It’s her sharing her secrets, her worries, her insecurities with me. It’s her letting me into her room when she’s crying and wanting me to be there with her.

It’s undressing me and putting me in a hot shower when I’ve come home crying like a baby.

Elsie looked so vulnerable as she stood there looking up at Lilah. But she was doing this when Lilah was most vulnerable herself. It made Lilah think of a bear cub trying to save a drowning tiger.

But Elsie had saved her. She had grabbed onto Lilah’s soul and stopped her from sinking.

And there was no way Lilah would let her go.

Elsie hugged her again and gently rocked her big sister from side to side. Lilah had never felt more love and security in her life than at that moment, with her little sister’s breasts touching her own, her arms around Lilah’s back, and her face buried in her neck. Lilah returned the embrace with all the love she possessed. The hot steam and water warmed their bodies like they floated inside a giant womb together. Lilah stroked Elsie’s red, soaked hair. She ran her fingers tenderly up and down her little sister’s back.

No tears touched Lilah’s cheeks that time. Only the corners of a smile.


When the naked sisters walked hand-in-hand into Elsie’s bedroom, neither spoke a word. In fact, for the first time since their relationship had started Lilah let her little sister take the lead. They had never made love on Elsie’s bed before, and since it was the moment they had first considered what their relationship might be, it was the perfect place to end their night.

Elsie gently moved her anime plushies aside, smiling with a touch of embarrassment as she did so. No doubt it seemed childish to have such toys on the bed when her life now consisted of such non-childish activities. She slipped naked under the covers, and with her eyes she invited her big sister to join her.

Lilah did. They were soon embracing again, but this time under soft, pink sheets and blankets. Their embrace was equal parts love and lust.

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