The Art of Massage Ch. 03

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Chapter 1:

For the past couple of weeks I have attended a night class on sensual massage offered by through the parks and recreation district. The classes have focused on the environment, choosing the right oils and areas on the body that lead to the most pleasure. The next class will include hands on experience.

My name is Robert and I live in a small town on California’s central coast.

There are six people in the class; two of them are a couple, there are two other single people, Jane and myself. I met Jane at the last class, she is 37 years old and teachers third grade. Her best friend, also a teacher, challenged her to do something outside her comfort level. She enrolled in the class to prove to her friend that she could. I learned a little bit about Jane after last week’s session. We spent time getting to know one another over coffee.

Last week Jane asked if I would partner up with her when we do the hands-on practice. I immediately said yes. We agreed that next Thursday would be fun. Jane gave me a kiss on the cheek before we departed.

As I drove home, I could not get the thought of massaging Jane out of my mind. Even at home I continued to obsess over the thought, so I ended up watching massage videos on my laptop and masturbating.

This past week I occupied my time with running errands and spending time with a neighbour lady who is a dear friend and has become a sexual partner. However, now my thoughts are back to Jane and what will happen at the next session.

Thursday finally rolled around and I met Jane in class. We noticed several cushions and pillows spread out behind the desks, along with many electric candles on the floor.

Our instructor, Anna, began the session having us sit in the desks up front. We talked about several aspects of sensual massage. We discussed setting the mood with a warm environment, pillows and soft lighting. Anna spoke on the attention to our bodies including clean hands and trimmed fingernails. We then went into technique; she mentioned to always pour the oil into your palms, never directly on the body. She said to repeat most strokes at least three times, more if your partner moans with pleasure.

By this time my cock was starting to stir. I knew if this talk went on I would develop a raging hard-on thinking about Jane. Much to my discomfort, Anna continued. She talked about using long strokes along the legs and arms and alternating a firm touch with a soft stroke. Anna told us the easiest massage to master is compression where you place one hand on top of the other and make circular movements. It’s best used on the back of a knee or base of the spine.

I pictured myself massaging Jane’s spine and being so close to her firm ass. Would I be able to resist squeezing her buns during class? I didn’t think this class would cover full on sex.

Anna explained the body has natural handles and we should use them for the full benefit of our partner. The handles being wrists, ankles, shoulders and the lower back. Jane would momentarily glance my way to see how I was responding. I hoped she was not staring at my cock, at least not yet. She would notice a bulge developing.

Anna ended her talk by telling us to get some feedback as we went along, but don’t encourage conversation. And remember the masseuse does all the work, the partner does nothing but enjoy.

The six of us were then invited to the back of the room to practice what we discussed. Jane gave me a nervous smile as we stood up and walked to the back. I figured the couple would thoroughly enjoy the next part of class. I wondered how the two singles would respond; after all they were complete strangers. Jane and I had the benefit of getting to know one another last week; however we too were delving into the unknown.

Anna pointed to the rolling clothes rack with hangers and invited us to undress. She flipped a switch lighting all of the candles and dimming the overhead lights. She brought out a boom box and soft harmonic music began filling the room. She was setting the environment.

Anna spoke,”Let’s begin. Partner up and decide who will be the first masseuse and who will be the lucky recipient. I have bottles of oil for each of you. It has lemon essence mixed in that I hope you will find pleasing.”

Jane and I smiled as we watched each other undress. She unbuttoned her peach coloured blouse from the top to the bottom. I watched as she revealed a white lace bra with full cups that covered her breasts. It seemed to be a modest choice given the circumstance. Even so, her large tits filled it completely.

I removed my shirt and placed it on a hanger. The moment of truth had arrived as I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my jeans, sliding them down my legs. I was wearing full silk boxers that hid my male member. The nervousness of undressing in front of strangers calmed my cock and I was no longer sporting seven inch wood. Jane complemented my choice of boxers. I wish she hadn’t because I felt my cock stir again. I’m sure see noticed some movement down below.

She smiled canlı bahis as she unzipped her skirt and let it slither to the floor. She was wearing white boy shorts that were quite reserved. She walked over and whispered,” I didn’t think a thong would be very appropriate, I’ll save that for you.”

Jane and I focused on ourselves and were not looking at the others. Anna moved about the room helping get everyone situated. We decided Jane would be the lucky recipient of my massage expertise. We laid the towels we had brought from home on to the cushion. Jane got down on the cushion and lay on her stomach. I helped place pillows around her head and made sure she was comfortable. I placed a couple of pillows by her head and kneeled down on them. I had plenty of room to extend my hands from her head to her lower back. I asked Jane if she was ready and she nodded. I have been looking forward to this moment for weeks.

I began my moves with a light touch to Jane’s temples with my fingers moving in a circular direction. It’s intended to relax the rest of the body and prepare her for more forceful movements.

Just as Anna had directed, I poured some oil into my palms and rubbed them together before reaching out to Jane. I began with her shoulders rubbing my palms over and around her skin. She is so soft and warm. At first contact she flinched for just a second before relaxing and accepting my hands. I started out softly rubbing her shoulders and then began a more rigorous movement. I used my fingers to massage up her neck and back down again. I repeated my steps three or four times just as the handbook directed.

Jane was purring with my touch. I loaded my palms with oil and began massaging down her back with the compression method of placing one hand on the other and pressing down with a circular motion. I started using a bit of force until I heard an audible ‘oomph’ from Jane. I backed off the pressure and she started to purr again.

I so wanted to unsnap her brassiere and run my hands under her tits. I am curious as to what her nipples feel like. Are they small and pointy, or round like my thumb, or dainty little nubs? Perhaps I’ll find out in the future? Geez, I’ve got to stop thinking about her nipples, my cock is stirring again. I continued my rubbing below her bra strap to the small of Jane’s back and back up again. I stroked down and back up along her sides. She gave a little shiver and said it tickled. I continued a few more strokes with more pressure to avoid tickling her again.

Anna came by and suggested we move around to the lower body, as she wanted to be sure there was time for my massage as well. I rose up and moved around to get in between Jane’s legs. She spread her legs a bit so I could drop the pillow and kneel down. I gathered more oil into my palms and massaged her calfs, alternating between left and right. I moved up her legs to her thighs, rubbing and kneading her flesh. As my hands approached her upper thighs, close to her boy shorts, Jane spread her legs ever so slightly to allow my hands access to her inner thighs. My fingers were only centimeters away from the crease separating her thigh from her pussy. The thought made my cock twitch again.

I ran my hands back down the length of her lower extremities to her ankles and feet. I grabbed her foot and applied pressure to her arch and ball rubbing all around. I figured it might not be a smart move to suck on her toe with others around us, so I gently laid her leg down and asked her to turn over.

Jane twisted over and again spread her legs around me. I saw Jane’s contented smile. With some more oil in my hands I massaged her bony shins for just a moment before moving up to her thighs. My hands moved up and down her thighs pinching and kneading her taught muscles. I moved closer and closer to her boy shorts rubbing circles around her thighs. Jane spread her legs again. This time I moved my hands all the way up to her shorts. I could see where her puffy pussy lips formed a perfect camel toe in the white material. As I moved my hands up and around her inner thighs I let my pinkie finger graze her outer lips.

As my finger barely made contact with her pussy, I looked up to see what Jane’s reaction would be. She continued with her contented smile as if nothing had happened. I ran my finger over her outer labia a few more times before switching over to her other leg. I repeated my actions starting with her shin and moving up to her thigh and then to her inner thigh close to her shorts. After a few more circular motions on her inner thigh, my pinkie again grazed her puffy ridge of flesh. With the next few strokes of her inner thigh, I let my finger wander closer to the center of her camel toe, barely touching her satin briefs. I noticed a small wet spot begin to form in the middle of her boy shorts.

I was on the verge of pinching her pussy lips through the fabric when Anna announced it was time to switch roles and let the masseuse become the recipient of pleasure. I’m not sure if I would have actually made full contact with Jane’s cunt, but now bahis siteleri it’s a moot point. I stood up and held out my hand to Jane to pull her up from the cushion and pillows.

Before I lay down, she whispered in my ear,”I will have to change my shorts when I get home. You know, two can play at this game?”

I quickly lay down on my stomach and got ready for Jane’s hands to begin their exploration. I was happy to be on my stomach because my cock stiffened when I was touching her shorts. Jane proceeded to mimic my technique. She began by rubbing my temples with her fingers. Jane then got the oil in her palms and began a vigorous massage of my shoulders, spine and sides. She plied circular a circular rub all the way down my back and up again. She moved her hands back down and came close to the top of my boxers. Her next pass down to the small of my back lingered and then she moved a finger lower sliding it down my ass crack. That move got my attention.

Jane moved her hands back up my sides using her fingernails to stimulate my skin. All of a sudden she is not playing fair. She got up from the floor and moved around to my legs.

“Alright buster, spread em,”Jane barked as she used her foot to coax my legs apart. I spread my legs and Jane knelt down between them. She grabbed my foot and proceeded to twist and turn my ankle while rubbing the arch. She ran her hands up and down my calf using a lot of pressure. As she moved higher along my thigh, her touch softened. Jane reached for more oil and ran her hands around and around my thighs.

Jane moved back and forth between my left and right thigh. Each time she changed from one thigh to the other, she moved her hands further up closer to my balls. She was definitely getting back at me. My cock was getting harder the more she stroked.

Jane abruptly removed her hands from my thighs. She said,”Turn over now, please.”

At first I was reluctant to turn over since my cock was near fully erect. Jane repeated her instruction and I had to comply. Thankfully, the lights were dim and I don’t think anyone noticed my predicament. As soon as I turned over, Jane was back kneeling between my legs. She drew some more oil into her palms and went directly to my thighs bypassing my shins. Even in the dim light, I’m sure Jane could see that my shorts were tenting.

Jane worked her magic fingers up and around my thighs. She was looking directly into my eyes while her hands moved up to my groin. She looked around the room to make sure no one was looking before moving one hand up and under my boxers. Her hand found my balls and rubbed them around for a few moments before moving her hand back down my thigh.

My cock was extremely hard and tenting my boxers. Jane stared at the outline of my seven inch shaft as she continued to massage my thighs. I felt Jane’s hand move up my inner thigh again when Anna announced that our class was ending. Jane’s hand slithered back down my leg.

Anna announced,”Tonight has been a success; I watched all of you using proper technique. We’ll have one more session next week and then all of you will receive certification. I’ll leave the lights low while you all get dressed. Thank you all for attending tonight.”

I let Jane get up first. She grabbed her skirt and stepped into it before putting on her blouse. Once she was dressed, my cock was deflated enough for me to get up and get dressed.

Jane asked,”Did you enjoy your massage? I hope my technique was OK?”

“It was very stimulating, thank you.”

I grabbed our towels and Jane grabbed my hand as we said goodbye to Anna. We walked out to the parking lot when Jane asked if I would like to go home with her. She was hungry and would fix us some snacks. She lives just a few blocks away and gave me directions. I followed her in my car just the same. We arrived in just a few minutes.

Chapter 2:

Jane owns a lovely craftsman bungalow on the edge of downtown. A half dozen stone steps lead up to the spacious front porch. Jane opened the front door and led us to the kitchen in the back. She told me the kitchen was recently renovated with new appliances and granite countertops. We made some sandwiches and talked about the evening. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and hinted that we would like the evening to last. Jane poured a couple of glasses of Cabernet Blanc and led me on a tour of her home.

She grabbed my hand saying,”Come, let me show you the house. It was built in 1910 and is just perfect for me.”

We walked to where the front door opens right into the living room. A large stone fireplace along the back wall dominates the room. A dining nook is off the main room to the left. From the dining area an archway opens to the kitchen. The hallway on the right leads back to two bedrooms and the bathroom. Jane mentioned the bathroom was also renovated. It was completely gutted and a sunken tub and shower with two shower heads were installed.

Jane held my hand as we made our way down the hall to the bedrooms in the back. She showed me her bedroom with her four poster king bahis şirketleri size bed that sits right in the middle of the room. Next to her bedroom is the smaller guest room. As we entered the guest room, she hollered,”Surprise!”

A potable massage table sat in the center of the room. Two beautiful oak cabinets were along one wall. Trac lighting on the ceiling was directed to the middle of the table.

Jane adjusted the light and said,”I bought this massage table over the weekend when Gail and I were out shopping. And look, the lighting is adjustable so I can enhance the mood.”

“Wow Jane, you are serious about this massage thing.”

Jane responded,”I am. The class has given me ideas about providing massage therapy on the side. Teaching third grade all day long takes a lot out of you and I’ve found giving massages relaxes my brain. I won’t do it every night, but maybe once a week or on the weekend would be fun. And in the summer when I have three months off, I’ll be able to schedule a lot of appointments.”

I must say Jane has thought this through a whole lot more than I have. She’s already thinking of a small side venture to supplement her teaching wages.

Jane looked me in the eye,”I want to continue what we started this evening in class. I’m taking tomorrow off and I’ve already arranged for a sub. What do you say?”

There’s no way for me to turn down this request. I accepted immediately.

I responded,”Of course I’ll stay. Does this mean we’ll christen the table tonight?

Jane gave me a sheepish smile,”Well, actually Gail and I did that over the weekend. You remember I said we were going to have a girl’s weekend. I hope that doesn’t frighten you away?”

“No, but I may be asking for details later.”

Jane suggested that we get started right away. She stood in front of me and unbuckled my belt while I pulled my shirt over my head. She unzipped my jeans and slid them down over my hips.

She said,”I really do love your satin boxers. They were a good choice for tonight’s class.”

Jane opened one of the drawers of the cabinet and pulled out several towels, massage oil and candles. She placed a large towel of the table and told me to sit. I watched her arrange and light several candles. Jane dimmed the trac lights. She stepped over to the massage table and pressed her lips to mine.

She broke our kiss and said,”I’ve been looking forward to this since I first saw you. I hope you are ready to enjoy?”

She came close for another kiss and reached for my boxers to slide them off. By this time my erection had returned and was pushing on the fabric. When Jane pulled my boxers down my hips, a seven inch dagger snapped to attention. My shaft slapped against my belly and stood proud at a ninety degree angle. Jane reached for me and held my cock for a moment.

I pushed her hand away and cleared my throat,”Ahem, I believe you are forgetting something?”

She game me a questionable look,”What?”

I stated,”I require my masseuse to be nude.”

“Are you serious?”

I said,”If I’m naked, you’re naked.”

She unbuttoned her peach blouse revealing her white lace brassier just like earlier. She unzipped her skirt and placed her clothes on top of the cabinet.

She gave me a stern look,”OK, satisfied?”

I shook my head,”Oh no, no, no. Lose the bra and panties.”

Jane hesitated for a moment before reaching back and unclasping her bra. She stared into my eyes as her bra slid off her shoulders and down her arms. She flung it on top of her other clothes as I gazed upon her naked tits for the very first time.

“Oh my!” was all I could muster. Jane is a goddess. Jane has beautiful tear drop breasts which are very large and firm. Her rose colored areole caps her boobs with nipples that point straight ahead. Her nipples are the size of a green grape and, I bet, just as sweet.

She bent down and lowered her boy shorts to the ground. Jane stepped out of them and placed them on the cabinet as well. She stood up and came over to me; I placed my hands on her hips and drew her in for another kiss. Our lips lingered and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. We pressed our lips tight together for a deep soulful kiss.

She broke our away from our kiss and told me to lie down. My cock was begging for her attention. She grabbed my shaft and studied it.

“So, this is for me, very nice. I love that you shave. I can’t wait to feel you inside, but first we must practice our massage.”

Jane grabbed a small towel and covered my cock. She said,”I don’t want to be distracted from my task. And I know I would be distracted.”

I flexed my cock a few times making the small towel move around. She grabbed my cock through the towel and warned me, “Knock it off.”

She moved to the head of the table. Jane took the bottle of oil and poured some into her palm. She rubbed her hands together and then placed them on my chest. She rubbed circles around my chest and up to my shoulders. With her hands moving around and around, I was mesmerized by the sway of her tits. They were so close. I wanted to reach back and grab them as Jane bent over me. Her nipples were hard and inviting. They poked out three-fourths of an inch. I reached back to hold her left tit, but Jane swatted my hand away.

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