The Best Gift Ever

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This story was written by me for a lovely Canadian lady to give as a gift to her lover. The story is based on their real life relationship.


The day started out with a blustery snowstorm coming in from the North. Living in Canada this was a natural occurrence for late December, but this one was not your typical winter snowfall. Six inches of the wintry flakes had already fallen with another foot due by morning. It was a wet snowfall to boot, covering everything in its path. I just knew that our rendezvous was not to happen tonight. I sat sadly watching as the snow heaped down on our little town, when the phone rang and startled me back to reality.

I picked up the phone and spoke half-heatedly, “Hello.”

“Hello Kim! How are you sweetheart?” I heard him say, with much more enthusiasm than I thought possible given the circumstances.

“Oh, Matty, this snow is going to ruin our evening,” I almost cried into the phone.

“No, no my love,” he retorted, “I have a plan. Don’t fear baby, you’ll see. I have it all taken care of. Just trust me…..ok?”

I sighed relief as I whispered, “Yes, my darling I do trust you as always.”

“Good, you just concentrate on making yourself beautiful and leave the rest to me. Be ready to leave by six my love and I promise to not disappoint you,” he said before hanging up the phone.

I sat a bit bewildered, wondering how he was going to pull this one off. Matty’s wife was out of town on family business and my live-in lover was away with the *boys* for the weekend. This was a perfect opportunity for us to be together again. We had not seen one another in several weeks and I was so missing his touch; the warm caress of his fingers in my hair, against my cheek and my perky tits and yes, definitely even my hungry pussy. I so longed to be in his arms again, cuddling long into the night. I nearly moaned at the thought of it all happening in less than four hours.

I floated up the stairs and into my bedroom, giggling merrily. I swear I don’t remember my feet touching the steps. Lying across the bed I drifted off into a deep slumber.

I awoke with a start two hours later. The room was dark with shadows playing off the walls. Looking out the window I saw to my dismay that everything was covered with snow. It clung to the trees and the lampposts. The sidewalks were drenched in the white powder and the streets looked impassable.

I sighed and whimpered to myself, “Oh nooooooo.”

But remembering his words to trust in him I went into the bathroom to prepare myself for our evening together. I slipped out of my slacks, pushing them down my shapely legs and unbuttoned my blouse allowing my fingers to idly graze my soft skin with each open button. Letting the silk material glide down my arms and rest in a heap at my feet, I turned on the shower. Then off with my satin bra and panties. Gauging the water temp with my fingers I pulled the ribbon out of my blonde hair, shaking it gently, and letting it cascade around my shoulders.

Turning on the radio I smiled at the sounds of Cher singing, Emotional Fire. What a fitting song at that moment. I stepped into the shower and grabbed my shower gel and poured a healthy amount into the palm of my hand. Slowly lathering myself, starting at my creamy shoulders I spread the foam over my body. Just then the dream from my little nap came to me sending ripples of excitement thru me. My nipples immediately hardened as I touched them with the scented cream. I tweaked each just as he did in the wonderful vision. Then my hand slid down over my tummy and I cupped my shaven mound.

“Ohhhhhhh Matty,” I softly moaned as my fingers entered my lips.

I could feel my clit stiffen and swell as I stroked it gently. Leaning back against the shower wall I put one foot up on the side of the tub and I slid my fingers down thru my silky slit to my love hole. Dipping two fingers inside my canal I let out a long moan. I thrust them in and out now moving steadily faster with each plunge. Finally hitting my g-spot, I exploded all over my fingers. The creamy cum poured out of me and seeped down my legs. Bringing my fingers up I could smell my sex on them.

I finished my shower and grabbed a fluffy towel from the rack. Wringing out my thick, hair I wrapped the towel around my long mane. Then I reached for another to dry my body. I stood before the mirror assessing my body. I liked what I saw and I know Matty loves it too. He always loved to feel every inch of me before making love to me, paying special attention to my luscious, (His word) tits. He makes me feel so beautiful and especially wanted. That was much more than I could say for my live in partner.

Sighing softly I took the towel off my head and began brushing my tresses. I did the usual girly things next; drying my hair, moisturizing my face and body with a beautifully scented lotion.

Opening my dresser drawer I lifted out the pretty little pink teddy that I had bought last weekend at Victoria’s Secret and let güvenilir bahis it softly fall open. The sheerness of the fabric took my breath away as I thought of his eyes settling on my curves underneath it. Looking up in the mirror a gentle smile formed on my lips as I held it up to my naked body.

“Oh Matty, I do hope this happens tonight,” I thought to myself.

Brushing away any residual fears I picked out my clothes for the evening. Taking a matching baby blue lace bra and thong from my dresser I lay them on the bed, smiling to myself. Matty loved me in blue; any shade of blue. He says that it brings out the shine of my hazel eyes. Next I chose a powder blue angora sweater that showed lots of cleavage and a tight fitting pair of cream colored woolen slacks.

Slipping into my clothes I hummed a soft tune to myself; one that Matty had given me by Nickleback; called Photograph. I was grinning from ear to ear thinking of our impending time together. In just under an hour now we would be in each other’s arms again. My heart was already skipping beats and my pussy oozing a familiar wetness. I could feel my panties becoming damp now. I thought about changing but wiped that thought right out of my head as quick as it came into it.

I grabbed an overnight bag and threw my toothbrush and other toiletries in it along with a clean thong and my teddy. Giggling happily I tossed in my favorite cologne and *playthings*.

Matty loves my ass and my tits with equal abandon. He likes to grab my ass and growl when doing so as he squeezes tightly. My breasts are a very *big* turn on for him also. He loves suckling the firmness of my 38 D supple tits. When I wrap my long legs around him he moans with pleasure at the softness and smoothness of them.

Turning out the lights to the bedroom I closed the door behind me; closing in any guilt feelings I may be harboring about my tryst with Matty. Nothing was going to ruin this one night we had to be together; to make love until we collapsed in each other’s arms; holding each other till morning’s light. Tonight would be for making love, for fucking and sucking and licking and ohhhhhh yessssss everything our heart’s desire!!

I sat my bag by the front door and turned on the outside light. It was still snowing cats and dogs, but I tried not to worry about it. Matty said he would take care of everything and I had nothing but faith in my lover to keep his word. Walking into the living room I sat down on the sofa picking up a magazine. I idly flipped thru the pages slowly, not really seeing anything.

My mind was on other things. I couldn’t wait to feel Matty’s hands on my body again. The way he made me feel about me was so special. He was never critical of me. Instead just the way he looked at me could make me melt into a puddle of sheer bliss.

Just as I was losing myself in my thoughts the doorbell rang. I hurried out to see Matty.

Much to my dismay it was not my Matty, but a gentleman in a three piece black suit. He took off his hat and bowed to me.

“Good evening, Ma’am. I’m here to pick you up and take you to meet Mr. Matt at the Aquarius,” he said in a husky and yet smooth tone.

Looking over his shoulder I could see there sitting at the curb a white Hummer. ‘Wow Matty really was taking no chances on getting me to him tonight,’ I thought.

“Oh, my goodness; this is a surprise. I had no idea I would be chauffeured to the Aquarius!” I giggled.

“Yes, Ma’am. Do you have a bag?”

“Oh yes, thank you Sir,” I chided, reaching behind me for my overnight satchel and handing it to him.

I pulled on my coat and gloves and closed the door behind me once again closing out all doubts of what I was about to do. The chauffeur took my hand and helped me to the vehicle taking care to not let me slip on the ice packed snow. I slipped into the seat and curled up; pulling a soft blanket up over my lap. Although the temperature inside was very cozy I still felt a bit chilled from the bitterness outside.

Pulling away from the curb I looked back on my house. I was amazed at how peaceful I felt about this rendezvous with Matty tonight. I know in my heart that this was meant to be. Matty was not any happier in his marriage than I was in my home life. We made each other feel alive again and that was the only thing that mattered right now. I wanted to get to him as quickly as possible.

The Aquarius is a little place that rents out rooms hourly, which is all we had been able to do to this point. Tonight would be different for us. It would be the first time we spent more than a couple of hours together at one time. My heart was beginning to race as we approached the road that would take me to the door of my lover.

When we turned the corner and I could see the Aquarius in view I pulled out my lipstick and mirror and touched up my pink lips. Brushing the hair away from my face I smiled into the reflection.

We pulled up to the front of the building and the chauffeur got out and helped türkçe bahis me to the door. He handed me my bag and smiling brought my hand to his lips and kissed it gently saying, “You look beautiful if you don’t mind me saying Miss. Mr. Matt is one lucky fellow.” He turned then and disappeared into the Hummer once again pulling away into the night.

At the front desk I told the clerk who I was there to see and he smiled, handing me a key to Room 33. I walked over to the elevator and pushed the button. The elevator opened immediately and my heart began to pitter patter faster. You would think this was my first meeting with Matty for goodness sakes! We had been seeing each other for a couple of months by now, but every time was like my first.

The doors opened to the third floor and I got off the elevator feeling the doors whoosh closed behind me with a thump. I almost jumped out of my skin! Get a grip I thought as I laughed to myself.

The arrows showed to the right and down the hallway to our room. I followed the door numbers till I came to Rm 33. I stood there for a long moment before putting the key in the lock. I swear my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. I opened the door and let out a little gasp.

The room was aglow in candlelight. There was the gentle scent of vanilla and raspberry swirling about in the air. A table sat off to the right with a tablecloth and two full place settings laid upon it. One very beautiful red rose nestled a pretty little crystal vase in the center of the table. Matty was nowhere in site!

I sat my bag down on the dresser and looked in the bathroom; still no Matty. I was just beginning to think that the snow people came and kidnapped him, giggling to myself, when the door opened behind me startling me. I turned to see my Matty standing there all big and bold. His well-defined body was clothed in a soft brown sweater and brown slacks. He looked so very handsome smiling down on me.

I ran over and threw myself into his arms as he cradled me, hugging me to him so tightly. “Mmmmmmmm, you look good enough to eat my love,” I cooed.

“Not yet lover, we have other things to eat before we get started on each other,” he said laughingly. He pulled me away to arms length and surveyed me from head to toes and back up again, an evil grin encompassing his face.

“You do, however, look good enough to eat right now,” he stated as he picked me up and carried me to the bed. “We can eat the food later. First I need to taste your honey pot.”

“Ooooooh Matty I’ve waited so long for this!!!” I panted.

Matty sat on the bed and stood me in front of him, drawing me in close. He nestled his nose in my tummy and inhaled deeply. “I swear I can smell your sex right through your clothes baby. God, I want you so fucking bad.”

I ran my fingers thru his hair as he took the hem of my sweater and lifted it up over my tummy kissing and licking at it. Then he dipped his tongue into my belly button and I moaned softly into his hair. He stood up and drew the fabric up and over my tits exposing my ample cleavage to his lips. He pulled it off and tossed it on the floor.

Matty pulled me down on top of him now unclasping my bra. He kissed and nibbled on my shoulders as he eased the straps down and helped me out of it. God I wanted nothing more at that moment but for him to take me, fuck me hard and fast. I knew that he wanted to savor my body first so I held back as best I could.

Unzipping my slacks he eased them down over my long sensual legs. Hooking his fingers into my thong, he pulled it gently off and inhaled the scent from my already dripping pussy.

Looking down into my eyes Matty stopped suddenly asking, “Do you still trust me?”

“Of course I do silly man,” I cooed into his lips.

Then without warning Matty took my left hand and put a leather cuff on my wrist. I looked up at him searching for answers, but there were none to be found. He was silently taking control of the situation. He tied a piece of rope to the cuff and then drew it up above my head to the bedpost, knotting it into place. Then he did the same with the right hand. There was a little give to the rope, but not enough for me to reach one hand with the other.

I watched silently as he did the same with my ankles; tying them to the bottom bedposts. I was now spread eagle on the bed; my sex open wide to him and his wiles. Surprisingly I was not alarmed by these actions. I felt very calm in his hands. I knew he would not hurt me for the world.

He moved off the bed and went over to a cooler in one corner of the room. Opening it he took out a bottle of chocolate syrup and a can of whipped cream. My eyes widened. He chuckled heartily and kept on taking things out of the chest. Next he lifted out a container of long stemmed cherries and then a container that I could not see what was in it. I was beginning to wiggle in anticipation without even realizing I was doing it. Once again he just laughed and brought the items over to the nightstand.

Arranging güvenilir bahis siteleri them in what seemed like a deliberate order he then brought out a blindfold from the drawer. Placing it gently over my eyes he snugged it into place asking if I could see anything. I said that I could not and he was satisfied.

“Ohhhhhhh Matty, that’s so cold,” I mewed as I felt a cold liquid drizzling over my left tit. I could feel my nipple immediately harden and my pussy began to twitch.

He chuckled lightly saying, “Baby, you ain’t felt nothing yet!”

Then I could hear him shaking the can of whipped cream just before spraying it in swirls across my entire areola and nipple. I shivered under the sensation. Then I think he placed a cherry on top of my nipple. At least it felt like a cherry.

He said, “Lay very still now my pet.”

I felt him insert something into my pussy canal at this point. I was not sure what it was. It felt too big to be another cherry. The next thing I felt was that cool drizzle over my cunt lips and clitty. It felt like he had covered my entire mound with something.

I realized what he was doing now. He was lathering me like a human sundae. I stifled a giggle, more out of respect for the intentness of which he was showing in his labors. The familiar spray of the whipped cream covered the chocolate sauce now. I had never felt anything so erotic in my entire life!

I began to say something but he brought a finger to my lips and just hushed me, “Shhhhhh my love, let me take care of you.”

The first night Matty and I spent together I knew I would always feel comfortable with anything he wanted to do with or to me. He always knew just how to bring me pleasure in the most sensual ways. What he was doing for me tonight took much planning and I loved him so much at that moment for it.

I could feel Matty standing over me at the left side of the bed now. I knew he was smiling down at me with that special twinkle in his eyes that he many times said was only reserved for me.

He leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Darling you are in for the ride of a lifetime tonight. I am going to take you to new heights that you have only dreamed of. If, however, I do ANYTHING that makes you feel uncomfortable or hurts you, just say red and I will stop. If you want me to slow down at any point say the word yellow. Do you understand pet?”

I nodded in agreement, smiling tenderly at this gentle man.

I had read of such things. He was taking on the role of Dominant tonight to test my submissiveness. He had said a couple of times that he felt I had a submissive heart, because of the way I want to please him all the time without regard to my own needs. Tonight he would exercise this belief with me and yes, that made me very happy.

I felt him pluck the cherry off my tit and then said, “Open your mouth my sweet.”

I did as he commanded and he fed me the sweet fruit. I had never tasted a cherry so sweet in all my life. Maybe it was the mental aspect of what he was doing to me, but that was the most fucking sweet treat I had ever eaten!!

“Ohhhhhh God yesssssss, Matty. Oh, oh, oh yesssssss!!!”

He was now licking the whipped cream off of my plump tit. He nibbled and gobbled up all the chocolate sauce too. While he was pulling and biting at my nipple I squirmed under his control. I swear I almost came right at that moment, but he stopped just before I reached that peak of orgasm. This was all new to me. He had never denied me an orgasm before. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first.

He moved to the other side of the bed feeding me the cherry from my right tit and licking and devouring the chocolate and cream from that nipple too. I lay there moaning and writhing in spasms of pleasure. Again just before I could cum he stopped.

I sighed deeply and he whispered again, “Patience princess, patience. I promise you the best orgasms over and over. Trust, remember?”

I shuddered out another sigh and nodded compliantly to him.

He ran his tongue down over my taut tummy now and right over my shaven mound, making an unseen trail to my nether region. My clit jumped as he ever so lightly breathed a cool steam of air over it. I moaned and lifted my hips trying to make him touch it, but he just pulled back and went about licking and suckling the cream and chocolate sauce from my lips and inner folds. He never once touched my clit though. His tongue swirled all around it but did not touch it.

‘Oh God, this is torture,’ my mind screamed, but somehow I was enjoying it much more than usual. Could it be the anonymity of what he was doing? I could not see where he would attack next. Then he did it…..Oh my God he did it!! He took his teeth and pulled that something out of my pussy.

Crawling up my body he dragged it along my sensitive skin and brought it up to rub it across my lips. I smiled with the knowledge of what it was now. He fed it to me; our lips touching as he bit down one end and I the other. It was the most luscious tasting strawberry I had ever had the pleasure of biting into. I moaned as I nibbled at it and He kissed me tasting my juices together with the chocolate and whipped cream. It was absolutely heavenly!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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