The Birthday Present

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My name is Maria and I’m 38 years old. I’ve been dating my boyfriend Jose for a year now. On our first date, he told me he was a single dad of an 18 year old son.

I was a little hesitant at first to date a man with a kid, but he seemed to be a good man, so I decided to give him a chance. After our third date, he took me to his house and I met his son Ricky. He’s such a sweet, cute kid!

I started spending a lot of time at their house and Jose and I became sexual. Many times, we’d have sex while Ricky was home in his room. I try to be quiet, but sometimes it’s hard since Jose was quite the lover! I think he tried to make me squeal as loud as possible on purpose. It doesn’t help that I’ve always been a bit of a screamer!

“We shouldn’t do this while Ricky’s home,” I’d say.

“Don’t worry about him, he knows what we do,” he’d reply.

Many times, Ricky would have friends over. Jose always asked me to wear certain outfits for him that he thought were sexy. I liked to please him, so I would. Most of the times when Ricky had friends over, Jose would ask me to dress in something sexy. I started to realize he was showing me off!

The young boys would always stare at me like hormonal high school boys would. I think Jose was amused by it. He liked being seen as their hero for having such a hot girlfriend!

Ricky had a girlfriend that would come over sometimes. She was a cute girl. Jose would always want to leave them alone together. I tried to tell him that wasn’t a good idea. “What if they have sex?” I said.

Jose replied “I hope they do! Ricky’s been a virgin long enough!” he laughed.

“What? They’re still too young! What’s the hurry?” I replied.

“He’ll be 19 in two months!” he said. “I don’t want his friends to make fun of him!”

“Nothing wrong with waiting!” I replied.

“I should get him laid for his birthday,” he says.

“What??” I exclaim.

“Hmm…,” he says, rubbing his chin and looking me up and down.

“No! Absolutely not!” I say, realizing he meant me.

“Just kidding!” he says, laughing.

I didn’t think too much of it, he’s sometimes quite a jokester.

A couple days later, I’m at their house and Jose is hugging me from behind in the kitchen. “Hey Ricky,” he says.

“Yeah dad?” Ricky replies.

“She’s hot isn’t she?” he says.

I slap his arm, “Jose!” I exclaim, embarrassed.

“Eh?” “don’t you think so?” he asks again.

“Umm…yeah…,” Ricky says smiling shyly.

Ricky, a little embarrassed, goes to his room.

Jose continues to hug me from behind and buries his face in my neck, kissing it. He slides his hand down my body and up under my skirt feeling the front of my panties. He slides them to one side and slips his middle finger between my labia and over my clit. I start to get wet immediately!

“What if Ricky comes back?” I ask a little worriedly.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jose whispers in my ear.

My worry fades as he rubs my clit faster, getting my cream all over his finger. I can feel his dick pressing between my ass cheeks as he holds me tight against him. It gets me so turned on! Damn he knows his way around my punani! I start to breathe harder as I’m super aroused now feeling his finger work my clitoris, plus feeling his dick against my ass.

I start to cum, trying hard not to squeal. He holds me tighter and relentlessly rubs my clit fast. I cum hard, my legs go limp as Jose holds me up. The orgasm ends, and he holds me as we share a few sweet kisses. “You certainly know how to do that well,” I tell him smiling.

I go in the bedroom to clean up my vagina now that it’s gotten super creamy. As I start to walk back to the living room, I hear Ricky and his dad talking. “You smell that?” Jose asks him.

“Smell what?” Ricky asks.

“My finger,” says Jose. I stop behind the wall to listen.

“What’s that?” asks Ricky.

Jose half whispers “Maria’s pussy.”

I’m too mortified to come out, I just go back in the bedroom and pretend I didn’t overhear. I just shake my head in disbelief.

A couple days later we’re in the living room watching TV. Jose is giving me a shoulder massage. After a couple of minutes, he says “Hey Ricky, take over this for me, I want to get a beer.”

Ricky eryaman escort comes over and takes over massaging my neck and shoulders. He’s gotten really strong! I guess all the high school football he’s been playing has built up his strength! It feels really good. He’s definitely better at it than Jose.

As he massages me I can’t help but think about Jose’s suggestion. The thought just flashes through my mind, what would it be like? Forget it! No way! I think to myself. Such a crazy idea! I’m old enough to be his mother!

He continues to massage me, and another thought crosses my mind. I remember how his father let him smell my scent on his finger! Just the thought that he knows how my most intimate part smells, causes a little involuntary tingle in my clit. That’s a little too much to bear, and I get up and pretend I need to do something elsewhere in the house.

A few days later, Jose picks me up from work. He has three of his friends with him as well as Ricky in the back seat. “Where am I going to sit?” I ask.

“Sit in the back on Ricky’s lap,” he says. I realize by now, this is by his own sick design. I give him an incredulous look, roll my eyes, and climb in the back seat.

I sit on Ricky’s lap all scrunched up in his small car. I can feel Ricky’s big chest against my back. I’m acutely aware of how big he’s grown. He really is a grown man now, no longer a child. He’s already 2 inches taller than his dad. Just this realization makes me feel really awkward! It feels good sitting there and it shouldn’t. This is just wrong!

The ride is way too long to get home, and when we finally get there, I get out and nervously walk in the house.

A week later Jose and I are in bed cuddling after having sex. Jose brings it up again. “Have you thought any more about being Ricky’s first?” he asks.

“You’re still thinking about that?? You’re sick!” I reply. “Wouldn’t you be jealous??”

“Not really….he’s my son…If it we’re a stranger I would be,” he replies.

“Well forget it…It’s not happening.” I reply.

A few days later, it’s Ricky’s birthday. We plan to take him to his favorite restaurant. We have a nice dinner and then drive home.

Jose lets Ricky drive his car since it’s his birthday and Jose and I sit in the back. We start fooling around a little and Jose starts fingering me. He’s soooo good at it, he almost makes me cum! By the time we get home, I’m horny as hell!

We go inside, and I try hard to calm my horniness, as we plan on all three watching a TV movie together. We sit on the sofa and turn on the TV. Jose says to Ricky “Hey now you’re 19, you can watch porn!” and puts on the porn channel.

“Really??” I exclaim. “I thought we were going to watch the movie??” as I try to grab the remote.

“We will in a little while,” he says, hiding the remote from me.

We sit and watch the porn a little awkwardly. It’s a really hot scene. The girl is really getting it good from behind. Ricky seems really into it, watching intently.

Jose starts massaging my shoulders. I start getting really horny again feeling his strong hands massaging me while we watch the girl on TV getting fucked hard. I wish Jose would just take me to bed.

“She looks like Maria doesn’t she?” Jose asks Ricky. I slap his leg and gasp a little, embarrassed.

“Yeah.” Ricky says shyly.

“Maria has better legs though,” Jose says.

We keep watching. The couple changes positions and the guy starts eating the girl’s pupusa. I’m so wet now. I really love getting licked, and that scene has me so turned on.

I glance at Ricky and see he’s covering his crotch. I think he’s trying to hide his boner! Just then, Jose says “Take over this for me… I’m getting a beer.” He leaves the room and closes the door.

Ricky takes over and starts massaging my shoulders. His hands are noticeably bigger and stronger! I realize what Jose is trying to do, and I roll my eyes to myself.

The couple starts going at it again, this time missionary. Ricky continues to massage my shoulders and upper arms. I’m still very horny. I can’t help but start to wonder what it would be like if I let Ricky fuck me. I can’t believe where my thoughts are going! He really is a big strong man now, and a very cute guy! escort ankara I feel my panocha getting wet.

I notice Ricky’s hands have gone down to my waist and now caressing up and down my body. Part of me wants to tell him to stop, but part of me wants him to continue. Slowly, he runs his hand over my breast and gives it a very gentle squeeze. Noticing I’m not stopping him, he starts to massage both my breasts. I can feel his heavy breath on my neck.

I should really stop him, but I’m so turned on now. Maybe I’ll just let him have a little feel. What’s the harm in that? It IS his birthday after all. Maybe Jose will be happy with that and stop bringing it up!

He massages them a little harder, then stops and squeezes, gripping them both hard for a few seconds. Fuck, that feels good, I think to myself biting my lip to try not to get too turned on. Having my tits squeezed hard is one of my biggest turn-ons! If only I can just keep from getting too horny. My thoughts race…my boyfriend’s 19 year old son is feeling me up really well!

Then, he slowly pulls my top off, and continues to massage my now bare breasts. I can’t believe I’m letting this happen! His hands are so big and rough. God! I bite my lip a little more, trying desperately to calm my now throbbing clit. I bet they planned this!

He slides one hand up my skirt and over my silky panties. Then, he slides his hand down my panties and over my bare pussy. Slipping his middle finger between my labia. He can definitely feel how wet I am now! Maybe I’ll just let him finger me a little. That should be enough. Then I’ll stop this.

He slides off the couch and kneels in front of me, reaches under my skirt, and pulls my panties off. Then, he pulls off my skirt, leaving me completely naked! He lifts my legs up and spreads them, then starts to kiss my inner thighs.

Then he starts to give me my favorite thing. He begins to eat my very moist panocha. His tongue flicking up and down and over my clit. I realize there’s no way he’s a virgin! He’s definitely done this before!

I hear the door click and look back. Jose peeks in just a little, smiles, then closes the door. He must be happy now that it appears his plan is working!

I squeeze my tits as Ricky eats my punani. He sticks in a middle finger and fingers me while he tongues my clit. He definitely knows what to do! The realization that I’m being eaten out by a 19 year old boy is so erotic it makes me want to cum almost immediately! He feels me cumming and licks harder and faster. Oh my god! I’m cumming! This wasn’t supposed to happen!

I cum hard, arching my back. He licks and grips my legs tightly through the intense orgasm. Slowly, it subsides and he pulls my hips around so my knees fall onto the floor, my elbows on the couch. He stands up and I hear him unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants.

I’m hornier than I’ve been in years! Just the sound of his belt unbuckling, knowing he’s pulling out his dick to fuck me drives me insane! I can feel my wetness mixed with his saliva running down my inner thighs. Any hope of stopping this is gone! I guess this is happening! I’m far to horny to stop it!

He kneels behind me, I don’t even see his dick before he slips the head between my dripping wet labia. “Ohhhhhh FUCK,” I gasp breathlessly as I feel him put his strong hands on my hips and pull me back hard, his dick slipping smoothly deep into my panocha. I’m immediately aware of how thick and hard it is! His dick is much bigger than his father’s and I forgot how hard, horny teenage boys get! I was completely unprepared for how big and rock hard it was going to feel!

He starts fucking me hard. The hardness of his young dick reminds me of when I was in high school and got fucked for the first time! His big football player hands grip my hips tight as he slams his pelvis against my ass. I start to cum almost immediately, squealing over and over loudly. I know Jose can hear me, and knows I’m getting fucked. He knows how much of a screamer I am! I don’t care. He wanted this!

The orgasm starts to peak and my tight punani squeezes Ricky’s rock hard dick. He feels it and fucks me harder and faster. “Cum for me, cum for me!” he commands, as he spanks my ass with one hand. I sincan escort try to push back against his stomach, but he grabs my wrist and uses it as leverage to keep fucking me hard. I know for sure now, he’s wasn’t a virgin!! He’s obviously done this many times!

The orgasm continues as I gasp for air. It’s so erotic knowing I’m getting fucked by a very horny 19 year old! He has mercy on me and slows down. He slowly fucks me as my vagina spasms and the intense orgasm ends. He pulls out and buries his face in my ass. Licking and spitting on my pupusa.

Then he pushes me onto my back on the couch and stands on his on knees between my legs. He reaches down and slides his dick back into me, then grips my legs and uses them as leverage to continue to fuck me hard. There’s absolutely nothing I can teach this boy! He’s completely in control. He’s clearly enjoying fucking the shit out of his dad’s MILF girlfriend!

His stamina is amazing! I feel my boobs bouncing up and down as he pounds, and grab them. The hardness of his dick is unreal! I continuously squeal again and again loudly.

In this position I can see Ricky’s strong young body. I had gotten so used to “dad bods” It reminds me of the boy that took my virginity 20 years ago! The thought drives me wild. Ricky seems to enjoy making me squeal and bangs me harder.

This makes me cum yet again! I stop squealing and hold my breath, pushing my hands against his hard abs. I arch my back as I quiver and catch my breath haltingly, my punani spasming uncontrollably. Ricky stops and moves me sideways across the sofa. Then gets on top of me and buries his face between my boobs. He kisses and licks them all over and sucks on my nipples.

He then moves up and slides his dick back into my panocha. Goddamn he’s hard! He lays on top of me his full weight between my legs. He’s definitely a grown man now! He grabs my wrists and holds my arms above my head. The feeling that he’s in complete control of me is so erotic! How many times is he going to make me cum?!

He fucks me missionary slow and deep. I spread my legs wide, allowing his dick to reach deep. He starts to pound me hard again. We fuck for what seems like 15-20 minutes. He’s insatiable!! It’s like being fucked by the Energizer Bunny! He effortlessly pounds out 3 more strong orgasms. He fucks me harder each time he hears me squeal. It’s like a game to him, to see how many times he can make me cum!

I’m exhausted! I’m not used to cumming so many times! Finally, Ricky starts to grunt with each thrust as he finally gets there. I feel his dick throbbing as he cums deep inside me. He finishes and lays heavily between my legs. We french kiss deeply and passionately for a few minutes. Finally I whisper in his ear, “Happy birthday!”

We lay and kiss a little more, then I whisper, “I better go bed.” I get up, collect my clothes and hurry to the shower.

I take a long hot shower thinking about what just happened. So unexpected how well Ricky fucked me! How will this change things with Jose? I finish my shower and put on fresh panties and a tank top. I go into the bedroom and slip into bed with Jose. He wakes and says, “Hi honey,” as he puts his arms around me, spooning me.

“Sounded like you had a good time,” he whispers sleepily.

“Well, you got what you wanted,” I reply.

“Did he enjoy his first time?” he asks.

“Oh….he was no virgin…he for sure knew what he was doing.” I reply.

“What??…How do you know? Did…did…did he make you cum?” he asks…A little more awake now.

“Umm….OHHH yes,” I reply slowly.

“It seemed to take a really long time. You kept squealing over and over,” he says.

“Well…he’s 19… he has a lot of energy,” I reply.

“Did…did you cum more than once?” he asks.

“Umm….well….yes…. are you sure you want these details?” I answer.

“Not really,” he says. I detect a hint of irritation in his voice. I know he expected his son to be awkward and inexperienced. I start to wonder if he had known Ricky would make me squeal and cum, so much, and for so long, if he would have wanted it to happen.

Well he can’t be mad. He wanted this. I guess be careful what you ask for, you may get it!

“Goodnight,” he says and rolls over to sleep.

I lay there for a few minutes, acutely aware how my well fucked panocha feels. That delicious, slightly sore feeling from getting fucked hard by a very VERY hard dick. I fall asleep and enjoy the sweetest sleep ever!


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