The Casting Couch

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Anton didn’t mind the economic recession. Sure the revenues from his companies were down, but only slightly. It struck him as strange that in these difficult times the public would sacrifice a lot, but not their habit for porn. His business was still profitable and he had healthy reserves in his bank accounts.

No, these were good times. Some of the ratbag competition would be blown away and the supply of talent was getting better and the prices coming down. With employers not hiring, youth unemployment was high and there seemed to be an unlimited supply of beautiful young women who were happy to consider a career in porn.

This was Anton’s annual summer pilgrimage to Moscow. The Russian women had two real attributes for him. Many were exquisitely beautiful and most wanted to escape the poverty and depression of their day by day lives.

Anton was a 20 year veteran of the porn industry. He had studied photography and lucked on a contract with a down-market porn magazine. As a 19 year old he couldn’t believe he could be paid to take close-ups of stunning, naked girls and often have his choice of them afterwards. Three years later he had the contacts, had a reputation as a creative photographer, a creative business mind and he set up on his own.

He started a small magazine and the quality of his photography and the girls and his sexual inventiveness resulted in it soon finding a lucrative niche. He kept up with, and at times, was ahead of the trends. His models were among the first to have Brazilians, where the law permitted he was the first to picture sex acts. He saw the video market coming and the DVD and the internet. He was among the first to feature anal sex and DP.

“Actresses” as Anton always referred to his stars who always liked working with him. He never called them sluts or whores or bitches and indeed he never thought of them like that. “Think of Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer of all time,” he explained to a new recruit. “Michael has been blessed with the perfect body for swimming and has the mental desire to work hard to excel. And so he rightly makes a fortune from his talents. “You have been blessed with a perfect body for sex and the mental attributes of loving to fuck. It is only right that you also should make a fortune from your talents.”

Olga, Anton’s Moscow lawyer, sat beside him at the table in his luxury hotel suite as they studied the photographs. She was the same age as Anton, a slightly fading beauty whose waist was thickening ever so little. When Anton had embraced her as they met, he knew that she was still the sensual, all feminine woman.

Olga and Anton’s relationship went back 18 years. She was one of the first models in his magazine and had followed him into porn movies and the internet. Porn had been her escape and she had loved the life. She loved sex, she had seen the world and lived a high-life completely outside the dreams of her contemporaries. There had been no ill-will when 10 years before she had told Anton she was retiring and had returned to Moscow to study law and build a new life with all the money she had saved and the retirement fund Anton gave her.

“The same routine as last year and all the years before,” said Olga. “I advertised that you were a famous photographer looking for new modeling talent for intimate shots. But this year I must have received twice as many applicants as before. I interviewed almost 100 and you’ve seen the shots of what I thought was the best 30.”

Anton nodded. All the girls had been stunning. Olga knew his taste for slim girls with smooth complexions and dazzling smiles. Tattoos and implants were no-no’s. He had reduced the 30 to 10 and they looked at each girl in a variety of poses. Many were fully clothed but there were a number of shots of each girl wearing only bikini briefs. Anton spent more time looking at the girls’ faces than their bodies in these shots. He had been looking for the right balance. He didn’t want girls who were flaunting their bodies; that didn’t suit the innocence that his up-market videos required, but he also knew that the girls who had too many inner battles to show themselves like this would have problems further down the track.

“Demure, but confident of their bodies,” was the way he had described it to Olga and all the 10 he had chosen seemed to meet these requirements. Olga had arranged for five interviews on each of two days. They would spend around 90 minutes with each of the girls except when Anton shook his head and Olga would know that he wasn’t interested.

“What time is this girl coming?” he asked, pointing to a tall and willowy blond beauty.

“Ah, that’s Kristina. I thought she would appeal to you. She’s the last today, coming in at 5.”

“How did she react when you asked her to pose topless?”

“She had a battle, I think. She’s quite shy, not a virgin but inexperienced. Like most of them she’s here for the money and the possibility of escape. I’m not sure that she will be prepared to do everything.”

“You’ve explained to all of them the financial adıyaman escort terms and what’s expected of them?”

“Yes, they’ve all signed agreements and I’ve got proof that they are all 18.”

“And they know that they can leave at any time. There’ll be no pressure.”

“Yes, I explained, but I’m sure that some might not trust us at first.”

“That’s often the way.”

Anton set up his video and still camera and over the next hours he and Olga interviewed and photographed three girls. One had decided not to show, but that didn’t surprise Anton as usually some girl’s nerve failed at the last minute.

“The first and the third won’t make it,” said Anton. “Neither could relax in front of the cameras. They weren’t comfortable showing their pussies.”

“I agree. Number two surprised me. She was up for anything. I had thought she was a quiet girl, but she couldn’t wait to get her clothes off.”

“Yes and she had a great sense of fun and laughed a lot. She might work in the down market product. See if she wants to do a screen test with Boris and Josef.”

“I’m sure she will want to,” smiled Olga as she took notes. Boris and Josef were two of Anton’s well endowed male leads who would soon find out if number two was up to a vigorous DP.

“Kristina has just texted me. She’s waiting in the lobby.”

“Fine. Ask her to come up please.”

Kristina saw Olga’s text and nervously went over to the lift. She had to fight the urge to turn and run away. Olga had explained what would happen in this interview and had gone through the legal agreement with her. Kristina knew she would be able to leave at anytime, but still wasn’t sure. She had looked up Anton’s website, seen his girls and looked at some of the videos.

“What am I doing here?” she asked herself as she pressed the lift button for the penthouse. “This isn’t me.”

But she knew why she was there. She was the youngest of two children, her father had died young from alcohol abuse and her mother had lost her job. Her sister was 10 years older than her and was an example of everything she didn’t want. Her sister was married to a man like so many Russians who drank too much, they lived in a dreary two roomed apartment in a dreary tenement building. Her sister, who used to be so beautiful was now aged far beyond her years, struggling to find every ruble to eke out a miserable existence and somehow feed and clothe her two children.

“Wear what you would wear going to the movies,” Olga had instructed. She wore a dress which came to her knees and and a loose fitting sweater. Her long blond hair was tied in a tight pony tail and apart from lipstick she wore no make-up.

Anton watched as Olga led Kristina into the suite and directed her to sit on the sofa. He noticed her unflattering choice of clothes, her pony tail, the absence of make up and her nervousness.

“Yes, Kristina, you may have some battles to fight,” he thought.

But he also noticed the grace with which she walked, her lovely straight posture and slim figure, the immaculate glowing complexion, the generous red lips and the big blue eyes. “Some Slavic blood,” he thought approvingly as he saw her strong cheek bones.

Kristina sat awkwardly on the sofa. She recognized Anton from his website. About 40, hair thinning a bit, not fat but certainly not slim. It was strange to be in the room with this man who was always surrounded by beautiful women and indeed, who she had seen fucking some of them on the videos. But he had a kindly looking face with a gentle smile and wasn’t leering at her.

She looked around the suite and realized that it would cost more for one night than a Muscovite would earn in a month.

“Hello Kristina. I’m Anton. Do you speak English?”

“Just a little.”

“Good. Olga will translate for you if you don’t understand anything.” Anton looked through her photographs then looked at Olga, frowning as he did so.

“Did Yuri take these shots of Kristina, Olga? He’s slipping. Kristina is far more beautiful than these show.”

Olga managed to smile, but she was used to this joke as Anton cracked it with most of his girls. Kristina smiled nervously for a moment.

Anton asked her about her life and seemed interested in her answers. She was a student at the academy, had a married sister and lived with her mother.

“Did your father leave your mother?”

“No, he’s dead.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. You must miss him.”

“No I don’t. He was an alcoholic and he used to hit my mother and me.”

“He didn’t molest you?”

“No, I was only 8 when he died. But I hate to think what he did to my mother.”

Anton knew enough about Russia to know that this was not an unusual scenario. In one way he sympathized with Kristina, but selfishly he also thought that she would have a good reason for wanting to change things.

He asked more questions about her studies about her hobbies and interest in music and under his gentle questioning she started to relax. He always escort adıyaman looked at her face, never her body.

“Thank you Kristina, you are a very lovely person.”

Her timid smile lasted a little longer.

“I just want to run over the business details. You know what I do?”

“Yes, Olga told me about your website and I’ve seen it.”

“What did you think?”

Kristina screwed up her face as she tried to think of a polite answer. Although Anton’s site was more tasteful than most porn sites she didn’t like the thought that someday she might be featuring on it.

“It’s better than most porn sites.”

Anton laughed.

“Do you look at a lot of porn sites?”

Kristina looked embarrassed. “Not many.”

“Do you look at them with your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend now but I used to with one.”

“I’m surprised you don’t have a boyfriend, a beautiful girl like you.”

“The boys I’m interested in don’t seem to be interested in me.”

“Ah, these Russian men. Sometimes they can be so stupid.”

Kristina laughed for a moment then her nervousness returned.

“Did you and your boyfriend have sex after you looked at porn sites?”

She bit her lip and nodded.

“Did you like it?”

She nodded, but Anton suspected that it had been less than overwhelming.

“Where did he do it. In your pussy?”

“Do I have to talk about my sex life?”

Anton’s frown was genuine this time. “Kristina. I’m in the sex business. You’re applying for a job as a sex actress. So yes, we are going to talk about your sex life. Did your boyfriend fuck you in your pussy?”

An embarrassed nod.

“In your ass?”

Kristina appeared not to understand so Olga translated and Kristina quickly shook her head, frowning a little.

“In your mouth?”

Kristina nodded her head after Olga translated.

“Did you like that?”

A bored shrug. Anton took that for a “No”.

“And how many boys have you made love to?”

“Only two. And I only did it once with the second because I didn’t enjoy it with him?”

“Why do you want to be a porn star?” Anton knew that the answer wasn’t that Kristina loved sex.

After Olga’s translation Kristina’s face looked blank.

“Perhaps the money?”

This brought a timid nod and smile. Olga frowned inwardly. Girls who didn’t have a keen appetite for sex and were doing it just for the money usually didn’t work out.

“Olga was a porn star. One of the best. I think you quite liked it didn’t you Olga and you sure made a lot of money.”

Olga was quite unashamed of her background despite now being one of Moscow’s more famous lawyers.

“Yes, I loved it. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Anton.” She blew him a kiss. “But, Kristina, if you pass the test, you’ll have to decide whether it’s what you want.”

Anton decided to move things forward and Olga translated for Kristina and showed her clauses in the contract.

“The reason you’ve come today is for nude shots. Now at any time you may leave, the door’s not locked. When we’ve finished, if you want to be paid, you will sign a form saying we can post the shots on our website and in our magazine. If you don’t take the money and don’t sign, we won’t publish.”

Kristina nodded, frowning.

“Afterwards, if Olga and I agree and you agree as well, of course, you can come back another day for a live sex screen test for which you will also be paid.

Kristina nodded.

“Do you have any questions?”

Kristina checked on the money. For the nude shots she would be paid as much as an average Russian would earn in a month. For the screen test, more than three month’s income.

“How do I know that you will pay me?”

Anton frowned for a moment, but knew Russians had good reason to be suspicious.

“Olga paid you promptly didn’t she?”

“Yes and she even gave me a bonus because she said I tried so hard.”

Kristina gave her first dazzling smile as she looked at Olga.

“Do that again, that smile,” said Anton directing his camera.

Kristina couldn’t until Anton said, “OK, scowl at me if you can’t smile.”

This brought another lovely smile.

Room service came up with some tea and the three talked. Kristina asked Olga questions about her life in the porn business and visibly relaxed. Olga truthfully told her that she was as beautiful as any woman she had known in the porn business and Kristina’s smile came more often. She even giggled and once burst out laughing. She felt calmer about what was coming. Both Anton and Olga had been porn stars showing everything. Anton must have seen thousands of girls naked so it really wasn’t such a big deal. And she could decide later if she wanted her shots to go onto the website.

However her confidence evaporated when Anton said, “Now, could you please show me your body.”

This was the moment when she would reveal everything. Olga had shown her photos of the poses which were expected and some were adıyaman escort bayan very uninhibited. Anton watched the indecision on her face but smiled gently. Olga was watching Anton. Usually if a girl was hesitant like this it resulted in a shake of his head and the end of the girl’s application.

Anton gave Kristina a quizzical look. “You knew when you came here that you would have to do this. Dealing with beautiful women is my business, I have seen thousands of them naked. I’m sure you will be very beautiful, but don’t be upset if I say that you won’t be showing me anything I haven’t seen many times before.”

It was his glance at his watch which made up Kristina’s mind and she realized she had to do it. When she had come for her first interview she had seen a lot of other girls applying; most were very attractive and Anton had his choice from all of them. She only had the choice of taking off her clothes or leading a life like her sister’s.

Kristina took off her shoes then stood up and removed her sweater. Underneath she only had a small black bra. Looking at the wall over Anton’s head she took off her skirt and folded it neatly.

“Ah yes, you have a beautiful body. Look at those lovely long legs Olga.”

There was more hesitation and Kristina saw Anton and Olga watching her. She moved her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra to show her uplifted pink tipped breasts. Anton’s head nodded approvingly.

The final hurdle. Her black knickers. Again she hesitated.

“You have to do it if you want to go any further,” Olga said gently. She was surprised that Anton was continuing with the interview. She had expected him to dismiss this girl who was so sexually inexperienced and so shy about showing herself. However, he was the boss and Olga had seen his early fascination for Kristina.

Bracing herself Kristina lowered her knickers then placed them tidily on the sofa. She stood rigid with her hands at her side, aware of Anton’s scrutiny as he snapped away with his still camera. He saw her plump and neat pussy lips as she had obeyed Olga’s instruction to trim her pubic hair.

“Excellent, thank you Kristina. Could you untie your hair too please.”

Kristina let her blond locks loose and shook her head so they cascaded to her shoulders.

“Now can we see that lovely smile again.” But Kristina could only manage a brief nervous grin.

“If you can’t smile you can poke your tongue out at me.”

This brought a dazzling smile and Olga could see why Anton was so captivated.

“Now just walk around the room, turning yourself around. Ah, yes you have a beautiful firm bottom to match your pussy.”

“And come closer to me.” Kristina was aware that his camera lens was pointing straight at her pussy, but her mind was on auto-pilot as she obeyed the instructions. It was an unreal situation, Olga and Anton continued their conversation as she paraded herself, often giving her compliments.

“And part your legs more.” She was only a meter in front and the camera was still pointing at her vulva.

“And push your lovely pussy to the camera.”

He looked her in the eye. “Do you like your body?”

She grinned and nodded.

“Good, you should be proud. You are very lovely.”

Olga sighed to herself. “Oh no, he’s fallen for another one. Ah well Anton, it’s your money.”

“Now the doggy position on the sofa please Kristina.”

She had been dreading this moment as Olga had shown her photos of the position. She hesitated and looked at Anton but he and Olga were having a discussion as they looked at the screen on his camera and reviewed his shots.

Kristina knelt on the sofa, facing the back, her shoulders on the top of the backrest and her pussy and backside pointing at the camera. She looked at the camera over her shoulder.

Olga and Anton finished their chat. “That’s good. Now push your tummy down and your backside up. Good. Now spread your legs please. Bum pointing almost at the ceiling. Legs even wider still.”

Kristina was acutely aware that all her private parts were openly displayed. Her pussy was open and pushing back towards the camera and she knew that her puckered anus was fully exposed. She looked back over her shoulder waiting for Anton’s instructions.

“Very good Kristina. I think you have been practicing. How about that for a wonderful pussy Olga?’

“I thought she would be perfect,” Olga sounded proud.

Anton’s mobile phone rang and he answered it brusquely. He then had an angry and extended conversation and Kristina thought she might move from her revealing position while he was talking.

Anton put his hand over his phone. “No Kristina, we are not finished yet.”

The conversation continued for a few minutes and Kristina forgot her all showing position and waited patiently. While a final foreign expletive Anton switched off his phone. He had deliberately prolonged the conversation so that he could see how Kristina reacted in this vulnerable position. He was glad to see she was more relaxed.

Anton took a lot of shots with his still camera. Sometimes he spoke encouragingly and complimented Kristina, sometimes he seemed engrossed in his work. Once he put his hand on the inside of her thighs to spread them and once he pushed gently on her back to expose her pussy even more.

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