The Doctor is in… Me

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I’ve been seeing the same female doctor for several years now, and while Dr. Pantaru is a beautiful, voluptuous woman in her 40s, there has never been anything between us besides a friendly but professional doctor / patient relationship.

There was never a hint of anything sexual, not even when it came time for that annual prostate exam. I frankly found nothing about it the least bit arousing.

Besides, she was married, I was with my girlfriend of several years, and I didn’t wanna be THAT guy, ya know?

Then came the day I found myself suffering from the problem all middle aged men fear: erectile dysfunction.

After trying a few home remedies from suggestions found online with no success, I decided it was time to swallow my pride and set up an appointment with Dr. Pantaru.

After a young nurse escorted me to the examination room, asked me the usual questions and did the usual general tests, she excused herself and said the doctor would be in shortly.

Dr. Pantaru didn’t keep me waiting long, and after exchanging pleasantries, she got right down to business.

“So it says here you are dealing with some sexual dysfunction issues?”

“Yes” I replied, trying my best not to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.

“OK well this tends to be very common among men your age, and is usually easily treatable. But I need to ask you a series of questions first. Some you may find personal or embarrassing, but please understand I need to ask these questions and your honest answers will help me decide how to treat you, ok?

“Of course, doctor” I replied.

“OK to reconfirm what I have here, how old are you?”


“Straight? Gay? Bisexual?”

“Just straight.” I laughed.

“Are you currently sexually active?”

“Yes.” (Although not nearly as often as I’d like anymore, but of course I didn’t say that.)

“How many sexual partners have you had in the past year?”

“Just the one, my girlfriend. ” I replied.

“Last time you were checked for STDs?”

“About seven years ago, just after we started dating.”

“And how often approximately would you say you have sex? Daily? Weekly? Be as specific as you can.” Her gaze was soft but professional, but i still felt myself flush.

“Well…” I hesitated, then decided I needed full honesty if I wanted my problems solved. “Up until a few months ago, I’d say we averaged two or three times a week. But the past few months it’s dropped significantly. Maybe once or twice a month. If that.”

To her credit her face gave no signs of surprise, but I could see her eyes widen a bit.

“Can I ask what led to the sudden change?” She asked almost cautiously.

“Well…” again I paused, then spit it out: “lately, she’s been struggling with a lot of personal things, including the recent death of her mother. And it seems to be affecting her sex drive. I’m trying my best to support her and be understanding, ya know?” I shrugged.

“That must be very hard for her, and on you. When did you first notice your sexual issues?”

“Honestly, it started before all that actually.”

“Maybe you need to start from the beginning and describe to me exactly what’s going on and how often” she said.

Ok, I thought, this is where it gets uncomfortable. But again best just tell her the truth.

“I first noticed it about seven months ago. I wasn’t having issues getting erection, but more so maintaining the erection during…you know…long enough to finish.”

She looked at me quietly so I continued: “Sometimes I could get it back after a short break, but as time went on it either took longer to get aroused again or I just could never get it back.”

“I see ” she said simply. “Have you also had issues ejaculating?”

“Well..yes. Many times I’d feel close to cumm..I mean, ejaculating, but that’s usually when I’d suddenly just lose my h…erection.”

“Ok I see ” she said again. “Now another question, and I know this may be embarrassing but please be as honest as you can. How often would you say you masturbate?”

My face again felt flushed. Embarrassing is right I laughed to myself. But at this point, why lie?

“Um, I suppose it depends. Before my girlfriend and I started having…issues, I’d say maybe three times a week. More recently though, probably at least once a day.”

Again her face was stoic; she gave no indication of anything other than professional curiosity.

“And do you find yourself having the same erectile issues while masturbating?”

“Well…yeah. Sometimes. More often than not truthfully. Although I usually can still finish even if I’m not fully…erect.”

“Well that makes sense really,” she said. “Men can still achieve climax without a full erection but of course it makes sexual intercourse more difficult and so more difficult to reach orgasm. Has your girlfriend attempted to help you achieve climax through other means when your hard…(she catches herself almost using something other than the professional medical terms just I had almost done several times ağrı escort already)…I mean, erection, fails?”

“Not really. We usually, just…you know…stop.” I mumbled.

I truly didn’t want to get into the embarrassing details of the arguments and disappointment we’d been dealing with lately, and thankfully Dr. Pantaru didn’t ask.

When we finished with her questions, and she finished with her notes, she put down her clipboard and began:

“Ok so at this point we have several options. The most obvious one, and I’m sure the one you’re expecting, is to prescribe you Viagra or one of the other pills. But before I do that, based on what you’ve told me, I’d like to try another solution first. Tell me, have you ever had your prostate massaged?”

I paused, then replied “yeah, you checked my prostate during my annual physical last year, said it was fine.”

“Yes,” she said, “and I’ll check it again during this procedure. But this is a bit longer and more…thorough. “

I must have looked confused, so she continued.

“As men get older, their prostate can sometimes get larger, swell up, cause blockages in the seminal tubes. It can also occasionally cause the penis to lose blood flow, which causes you to lose your erection. What this process will do is massage the prostate and possibly help push out and remove any seminal build up that’s blocking things up in there. Do you understand?”

“Yeah I guess so.” I stammered. “So when do we do this…procedure?”

“Well not today. I’ll set you up for an appointment for next week. In the meantime I’ll need you to do a few things, ok?”

“Sure” I said simply.

“First: I’m going to request you refrain from masturbation for the week. If your girlfriend wants to have sex I won’t tell you not to, but try to refrain from doing it yourself til the appointment. “

I didn’t know what else to say but,”okay.”

“Also, trying drinking plenty of water, and stay away from caffeine as much as you can. You can still have your morning coffee if you want but try to limit soda intake etc.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem” I said. I never was a big soda drinker anyway.

“Also: try to make sure you move your bowels as much as you can before the procedure. I’m going to give you a very mild laxative to take the evening before. It won’t keep you up all night in the bathroom, I promise” she laughed. I laughed nervously in return.

“OK other than that, get plenty of sleep when you can, and I’ll see you next week ok?”


The week went by slowly. Avoiding sex was easy: my girlfriend and I were fighting again. Avoiding jerking off was more difficult.

I’d done a little online research into this “massaging” procedure and while there did appear to be medical benefits, most of the stuff I stumbled across led me to understand it was more what people far more kinky than I did for sexual pleasure.

Which led me to thoughts of Dr. Pantaru.

She was a beautiful woman. Long black hair that I’m sure flowed beautifully when not done up professionally at the office.

Large full breasts, rounded hips, great ass. Sparkling green eyes, full lips, high cheekbones. Any man would find her attractive.

Was I really going to let this beautiful woman perform this strange, potentially sexual “procedure” on me? Maybe I should have just asked for the damn pill.

Thinking about her and this procedure was really messing with my head, as the more I worried about not becoming aroused during the procedure, the more aroused I was becoming THINKING about being aroused in front of her.

And I couldn’t even jerk off to relieve the tension.

The morning of my appointment finally came. I got up, used the bathroom (her laxative worked perfectly) took a long hot shower and then spent a little time grooming myself.

I understood this wasn’t a sexual encounter, but still, no reason not to look presentable down there, right?

I considered putting some cologne on my ass then thought better of it. She might take it the wrong way somehow. So I settled on just making sure I was super clean and trimmed up in the area.

I arrived right on time, was again escorted to the exam room by a nurse, then waited nervously for Dr. Pantaru.

Again it was a short wait.

“So how was your week? Did you manage everything alright?” she said, getting right to it.

“Yes,” I said simply. “No problems. Followed all your directives.”

“Good,” she replied, “I know some of them probably weren’t easy.” Her face, usually so professional, gave way to a small, wry grin. She’s teasing me, isn’t she?

“Before we begin, I’d like to explain a few more things so you’re comfortable, ok? “


“As I said last week, the idea is to massage and stimulate the prostate to help loosen and remove any potential seminal buildup causing blockage. This will involve inserting my fingers into your anus and gently massaging the prostate.”

“Fingers??? Plural???” I spurted.

Her ağrı escort bayan eyes gave away her trying not to laugh. “Yes, at least two, possibly three depending on how things feel in there.”

“Will it hurt?” I asked nervously. I’d never done any ass play in my life.

“I won’t lie, it may feel…uncomfortable at first. But we’ll use plenty of lubrication and you shouldn’t feel any real pain at all. In fact…”

She paused for a moment, then looked at me directly before continuing:

“Many men can actually find this massage…stimulating. Pleasurable even. And I wanted to address that now before we continue. This IS a medical procedure. But I don’t want you to feel ashamed or embarrassed if you become…sexually…stimulated by it. It’s perfectly normal and in fact would be a positive result in treating your issues.”

“I…see.” I replied. “Well ok I just…” I struggled for the words…”I’m glad you said something. I was worried about things…maybe…you know, happening down there, and you’d think I was, you know…I don’t know how to say this..”

She cut off my stammering “you were afraid I’d think you were getting aroused on purpose for me?”

“Yes, that” I concured gratefully.

“Do you find me attractive?” She asked suddenly.

I looked at her face, trying to see her reason behind the question.

Fuck it, I thought. Honesty, right?

“Well, yes. You’re a very beautiful woman. But I’d never…”

She cut me off again: “You’re a male. A healthy male, despite your current issues. You’re going to be touched in places in a stimulating way by a woman you find attractive. It would be absolutely normal for your body to react to it, despite your honorable intentions. I’m telling you now: stop worrying about it. I won’t be offended. I’ve seen it all before, trust me. So relax, ok?” She smiled reassuringly.

I took a deep breath and replied, “ok. Thank you.”

“I suppose since we’re discussing this I should also tell you: some men, not all, but some do actually ejaculate during this procedure. Again, if this happens, it is perfectly normal and nothing to feel guilty about. It’s perfectly OK if you enjoy this.”

My mouth opened, closed, opened again. Then just said “ok. So how do we start?”

Her reply was right back to pure professional: “first, I’ll need you to disrobe completely. You can put this paper gown on if you wish, but considering where we’re examining it’s not really going to save your modesty, so your choice there.” Was that a hint of mischievous light in her eyes I saw? Or just trying to keep things relaxed?

“Well it’s not like you haven’t seen it all before anyway” I laughed, tossed aside the paper gown, and started undressing.

She stood casually, unreadable, as I removed my pants. I was just in my underwear now. I only hesitated briefly before removing them, then stood up before her, now fully naked.

Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was my issues, or maybe it was just that she’d relaxed me with her frank and honest discussion beforehand, but my penis was completely relaxed.

That was about to change quickly though.

“Before we begin with the prostate massage, and I probably should have done this at the last appointment, I will need to examine your penis and testicles for any irregularities. ” With that she slipped on a pair of latex gloves. “You can remain standing for this part” she said, and without wasting another moment pulled up a chair, sat down directly in front of me, and began her examination.

Her hand was cool from the glove as she gently lifted my penis and at first just held it up, examining it intently with her eyes.

This was when I felt the first stirrings. Hell, it’d been a full week since I masturbated, I’m naked, and this beautiful doctor has her face so close to my dick I can feel her warm breath on it as she’s touching it. TOUCHING…MY…DICK.

I tried willing it away at first, but then realized: she MUST have expected this, right? Making me refrain from cumming for several days, knowing what this exam involved. I mean she basically gave me permission to get an erection, right?

She was still gently prodding my penis, squeezing and releasing: “does this hurt?” she’d ask as she squeezed various sections of my slowly inflating shaft. “No” was all I could manage to reply each time.

Seconds ticked by and now my cock started to twitch. She must have felt it move because she lost her grip and jumped back slightly.

“Sorry,” I stammered, embarrassed despite our earlier conversation.

She looked up at me and her professional face suddenly cracked and smiled. It was a beautiful smile. “Perfectly OK, remember? I fully expected this and in fact, wanted it, because I need to examine your penis erect as well as flacid.”

That was all it took. Between her warm smile, looking up at me from down by my crotch, and her open permission and encouragement of it, my cock quickly swelled to it’s full arousal.

In fact, if I were being honest, it escort ağrı was the strongest, fullest erection I’d had in quite some time. And me, being a guy, was pretty proud of it. At just a shade under 7 inches, and a decent thick girth, I’d never had any complaints from any past lovers.

Looking down at her, I saw her struggling to maintain her professionalism. Her eyes widened despite herself and she let out a quiet “wow!”

Despite my best efforts to be a professional patient as well, I couldn’t help but ask: “wow? Wow what?”

“It’s…nothing..” It was the first time I’d ever seen her rattled.

I changed tactics: “I was just wondering wow good or wow bad, you saw something wrong.”

That brought a more relaxed look and smile back to her face. “Oh, no, sorry. That was a wow…ok you were honest with me, so I’ll be honest with you. I knew you would probably get aroused, but it was so quick, and this is so…” She stopped herself, not wanting to go to far I guess. “It was a wow, good.” She finished simply.

I decided not to push things further, and her examination continued. But now instead of squeezing a soft flaccid penis, she was squeezing the hardest erection I’d had since high school.

Same procedure as last time: “Does this hurt?” “No.” And so on as she thoroughly examined every inch of my cock.

While her face had restored her former professionalism, from my vantage point looking down, I could see her face reddinging slightly, but even more telling was the red flush I could see in the skin of the slight cleavage looking down her shirt revealed.

I said nothing of course and didn’t want to be caught staring, so instead I watched as her fingertips gently explored the opening at the tip of my penis. To my part shame, part pride, it was dripping a single drop of precum.

“Everything looks very normal here, very…healthy” she finally said as she casually grabbed a nearby tissue and wiped away the drop, causing my cock to jump wildly. I jumped as well.

“Sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be” I replied. “You told me I could enjoy this, right?”

She smiled again. “Yeah I suppose I did.” Her fingers lingered on my tip for a few more moments and I thought I felt a slight rubbing just under the head on that sensitive spot, sending another wave of pleasure through my body, then she got back to work, this time examining my testicles.

Her touch was gentle but firm, rolling them between her fingers, checking for lumps. Again “does this hurt?” “No.”

While I enjoy having my balls played with, this was much more a medical experience than a pleasurable one. I even felt my throbbing cock start to relax a little.

She sat up, apparently satisfied with her examination; “ok everything looks really good, really healthy here, I think it’s time we moved on to the prostate massage.”

She then directed me to lay back on the paper covered table, with my feet up on the table, legs bent at the knees.

This was a slightly embarrassing position I thought, my cock still mostly erect, my legs bent and spread, and my asshole completely exposed.

She went over to her table, took off her gloves, washed her hands, and put on a new set.

Then she grabbed a tube of what I figured was lubrication.

She approached me, standing by the side of the table, and began to explain :

“So I’m going to start by applying the lubrication generously. It may get a little messy but we’ll need it if you’re to feel comfortable during this.”

With that she squirted a large dollop on her right hand and proceeded to start spreading it just under my balls and around my anus.

My cock almost immediately returned to full attention as she was also stimulating my balls and that sensitive space between them and the anus.

My balls were swollen and full with a full week’s worth of sperm, and were hanging kinda low, so with her left hand she gently lifted them up and away as her right continued to lube up my butthole.

Laying prone as I was, I couldn’t really see what she was doing down there, but the sensations were both weird and exciting.

My view was her now standing above me, and I couldn’t help but admire the large swell of her breasts hidden under her modest doctors uniform.

This did nothing to help my cock relax. It was standing straight, pointing up like an arrow.

“Ok” she spoke again, ” you’re all lubed up. Now I’m going to start gently to ease you into it with one finger. Your natural inclination will be to clench up. Try not to. Just relax and don’t resist it.”

I felt her finger probe my anus, then the gentle but firm push as she worked it slowly inside my rectum.

It wasn’t nearly as painful as I expected, only slightly uncomfortable, but as I relaxed and eased into it so did my anus, giving way to her finger.

“Ok so far?” she asked. “No pain?”

“No, no pain, just…weird” I said and laughed.

“Good. Now to massage your prostate properly I’ll need a second finger. Just relax, breathe normally. “

She squirted a bit more lube down there and then I felt the second finger slowly working its way in. This felt even more bizarre, like taking a shit in reverse almost.

But again I relaxed and then it was done; two fingers of a beautiful woman doctor buried deep in my asshole.

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