The Floor

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I was on the floor when I first saw him. Not literally mind you, I was making a presentation on management skills and fun in the workplace to a state-networking group. He walked in a bit late, after I had already begun the presentation. As he sat down in the back of the room… I paused for a moment in my speech. Getting distracted was something I had never done before.

Come on… I was a professional; I should not be losing any thought to a late arrival. He was not even good looking, not in any conventional sense. He was balding, with short black hair trimmed in a manner that neither detracted attention from his baldness, nor emphasized it. His nose had been broken at least once, and he had deep set eyes, in a tanned, weathered face. I did not even try to guess his age. He was tall, 6’4″ at least. Yet even that did not make him stand out that much. It was his presence. He walked in a room and you noticed. It’s that simple. I chalked it up to a good entrance, and continued my presentation.

It was about 10 minutes later that I felt his eyes. Now, I have felt men’s eyes on me before. I am a trainer, and have made presentations and conducted sessions in front of a number of groups over the 2 years I had been working in the field. I am not an unattractive woman, and I know this. My looks are not something to put me into a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, but I was no Plain Jane either. At 5’11”, I stood out enough. I have shoulder length auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a luscious mouth. I am a size 10, mostly because of my curves. I have a tough time finding clothes that will fit someone 38-25-37. As it is a 36D bra is tough enough to find. Hence the other part of my attraction. It seems to be more subtle on a person my height though. Anyway… I was used to men’s eyes, but for some reason I could not get used to his.

I was co-presenting with a coworker, and it was time for his part of the presentation. I stood back and let him take the floor. As I stood on the sidelines, it was easier to scan the audience without the lights in my eyes. As I looked about, my eyes locked onto his. Damn, he was brazen to completely ignore the presenter and look straight at me. He was not even pretending an interest in the words of my associate. He had this sexy grin on his face, something that announced to me what his thoughts were as he looked so intensely at me. I saw his eyes move in a slow downward motion, taking in every detail of my appearance. From my black linen jacket, to the red lace v-neck top underneath; from my slim black linen skirt, to the hose on my legs. His grin got wider and I almost thought he could tell they were thigh-highs, and not pantyhose. His gaze traveled all the way down to my 3 inch heels with their flirty straps. My skin tingled the entire time, always intensely in the area his eyes lingered.

Why was I reacting this way? I had been married, divorced, and dated a lot of different men. I had made love, had sex and even fucked a few of them. None of them… not even my ex-husband, had ever made me tingle with just a look. The part of the meeting we were presenting was winding to a close. Our host thanked us and we moved to a table in the back. My co-worker, George, said he had some stuff to do at the office, then he was calling it quits to go home to his very pregnant wife. I let him know that anything I planned to do was at home anyway… so I was not even coming in after the meeting. He gathered his things and left.

I was doing my utmost to ignore HIM, and turned to focus in on the remainder of the meeting. I don’t know how, considering he never made a sound, but I knew when he moved next to me. Yet I still jumped when his breath hissed in my ear.

“Are you afraid of me?” He whispered.

“No, I am not afraid of you. Just attempting to ignore you.” I was hoping my sarcasm would scare him off. His deep soft chuckle told me otherwise.

“Sexy and mouthy. Good. I hate simpering females.” His smile was audible in his voice. I still would not look. “Obviously your attempting to ignore me is not working though. Otherwise you would look at me to show your disdain.” A challenge had been issued. Did I dare? He was devastating at a distance, what would he be like up close? I screwed my face into my favorite disdainful, bored look and began to turn my head. As I did I felt his leg brush mine under the table. Heat arced like summer lighting to my leg and traveled strait to my crotch. Oh shit.

I closed my eyes and breathed deep in order to calm myself. I could hear his breathing change minutely as well. It came slower, raspy, as if he were attempting control. My arm rested on the table next to him, palm down. He moved his arm closer. The heat from his body wafted off of him. I felt as if I was standing next to the fire, and I wanted to jump in. He moved his hand to mine. They were now next to each other. As close as they could get without actually touching. He spread his fingers and arced his pinky finger to touch mine. The light touch was barely noticeable… yet I canlı bahis felt the imprint he left. A red-hot iron on my skin could not have been felt with any more emphasis than this slight caress. My breath caught in my throat.

“Look at me.” He did not ask, he commanded. I had thought it was his presence that was commanding of attention, it truth, it was everything about him. All the cells in my body rebelled at turning my head, knowing somehow the affect it would have on me. I knew somewhere deep inside myself that if I looked at him, I would never be the same again. My life would be forever altered; changed by a man I did not yet know.

My eyes closed, my chin lifted a little; as if I was looking at the ceiling. I began to turn my head in a downward arc, without the will to stop. I could feel his hot breath on my face like an encompassing steam. It smelled of mint and coffee and man. I could not open my eyes.

“Look. At. Me.” He punctuated each word as if it were it’s own sentence. The power of the man… not the words made my eyelids lift slowly, as if I was coming out of a deep sleep and did not wish to awaken. I looked. I held my breath and looked.

Everyone has heard the expression, “felt as if I hit a brick wall”. I don’t think I truly comprehended the physical meaning of that statement until this moment. I was dazed, in a stupor; my whole body throbbed in tandem with the beat of my heart. I felt bruised, achy, and sore. My neck was arched in this awkward position and protested with a pain. I lifted my head to look him strait in the face.

God, what a face. Power etched in every line. Confidence etched in every feature. His blue eyes had a glitter almost silver in color. His cheek had a small tic, as if he clenched his teeth so hard his face rebelled. His lips were tight… almost puckered and waiting for a kiss. I have no idea how long we stare at each other that way. I finally realized I had not breathed the entire time and suddenly did so. This, I believe woke him from his own stupor. He moved closer… almost caressing my face with his own.

A loud noise from the crowd participating in the discussion enlightened both of us to our surroundings. He moved away minutely. My body screamed inwardly in protest to have the volume of sensations lessened in any way. I took deep cleansing breaths. His arm raised behind me. He reached his hand to my face and brushed my cheek with the front of his middle finger. As it moved away, I began to move with it. To follow it. Desperately I wanted him to touch me. Anywhere. Everywhere. He moved his arm to the back of my chair and rested it there, with his palm on my back.

“What do we do now?” I asked softly. My back was on fire in the area surrounding his hand. The warmth started to sink into my bones. I wanted to touch him as well. I moved my hands to my lap and clenched them tightly together to still the impulse.

He did not pretend to misunderstand. “This is… new to me, this intensity. I have never before found myself wanting someone so completely that I forget where I am. I want to take you out of here and spend the rest of the day and night making love to you. Maybe then I will be able to think beyond this encompassing need.” He spoke in a harsh, almost angry whisper. I reached my hand out of my lap beneath the table and placed my palm onto his thigh. Oh, my God, the heat from this man. I heard a soft moan come from him… muffled by his clenched teeth. “We need to get out of here. Now.”

I began to pull my hand from his leg. He moved his arm under the table and put his hand on mine, holding it against him tightly, stopping my movement. “Go to your car, I will follow in a moment. I need a second to… calm down.” He looked at me intensely. “Don’t chicken out on me.”

I moved my hand upward in his lap and squeezed his upper thigh. “I won’t.” I said. I don’t think I could have. I needed this. I did not understand any of it, did not even attempt to. My body was on fire for this man and had fried every cell in my brain. I knew that I was about to go someplace with someone I barely knew, make wild, hot, mad, passionate love like I never had before. And I did not know his name.

I left quickly and quietly. I put my stuff into my car and sat into the driver’s seat. I think I was too stunned to move. Away from his intoxicating presence, my mind began to clear. What the hell am I doing? I am a mature adult, responsible for my actions and myself. This was so far out of my realm of experience… I was lost. Drifting on a stormy body of water with nary a life raft in sight. He is too strong, too powerful, too commanding, and too… male. I hated not being in control of myself.

He knocked on my car window. I jumped in surprise. I was about to lock the doors, scared to death to let him near me again, but he had grasped the handle. He must have seen the fear in my eyes as he opened the door, because he started saying “No…. No. Absolutely not. I will not let you fear me, fear this.” He pulled me out of the car and bahis siteleri stood me up against the side of my SUV. I suddenly realized just how tall he was. He towered over me… something I was not used to. We were between a van and the side of my truck and were well blocked from prying eyes in this full but quiet parking lot. He had my shoulders grasped in his big hands, his body almost pressed up against mine, his forehead leaning onto the top of my hair. I could not breathe… could not move. And oh, God… I did not want to. I was burning again, all thought had succumbed to the flame and remained as ash inside my charred skull. My brain was gone so my body acted on instinct… moving closer to the source of this exquisite pleasure. I grasped his waist, hanging on to his staid white business shirt.

Closer. I had to get closer. I pulled him toward me, pushing my aching breasts against his chest. We were separated by almost 4 layers of clothing… yet when I felt him against me, my nipples clenched so hard and so quick I winced. I felt his breath in my hair, his hands… those massive, hot hands, were clenched onto my upper arms, just below my shoulders. His chest was against mine. His hips suddenly came against me as well and I moaned. If spontaneous combustion had been a reality… I would have been a victim. I felt that hard ridge against me, huge, throbbing, and hot. He moved one hand from my shoulder to my chin and lifted my eyes to his.

“If I do what I want to do right now, I would be inside you in less than a minute. Your legs wrapped around me and your skirt in a bunch at your waist. But I don’t want that first. I want you in a bed… preferably mine. But I don’t want you to be afraid of me. Just a second ago you looked as if you could not get far enough away. So tell me, in plain language, what it is that you want.” His eyes had darkened to an almost gray in color. His need and desire were written in every inch of his face.

“I have never felt like this before and it’s a little frightening.” I said after a moment. “But I know that at this moment I feel as if I will die if I pull away from you.” I pushed my hips into his just slightly. His eyes closed and he groaned.

He suddenly grabbed my hips and pulled them hard to his. Oh God! I have never in my life been able to experience an orgasm without penetration of some kind, but at that moment I started to feel it. My nails clenched into his back through his shirt. I felt the tingling start from the center point between my legs and begin to move outward through my body. I pushed my hips to his even harder, and began frantically rubbing my self against his hard dick, feeling it even through my skirt and his pants. I started shaking, my head went backward and rested against my car, my eyes closed, my mouth opened. I moaned long and low. He mumbled a profanity under his breath and put his mouth on my neck, kissing licking and biting frantically. One arm wrapped around my back. He slid the other hand down and then back up my leg, underneath my skirt, lifting my leg to his hip and then sliding his hand to my now accessible ass. He groaned again as he felt skin and the edge of thong panties. He pushed me back against the side of the car and began grinding his hips into mine. Oh. My. God. I began to have another orgasm on the tail end of the one I had just finished, as he pumped his cock against me. He pushed himself at me so hard the car began to rock. Suddenly I heard him groan… muffling it against my neck. He held my ass hard, squeezing my crotch close to him, moving in small grinds as he came. I lifted my head and moved my face to his neck, breathing in small gasps, my mind blank. He was breathing hard into my neck as well, blowing that hot air onto my sensitive skin. I could feel my heartbeat echo in my brain. He began to get control of himself, just as I was.

Nothing was said for a few minutes. He slowly released his hand from beneath my skirt, but not before he had given me another caress. I moved my leg slowly down to the ground, and began to stand on both feet. I could feel that the wetness from between my legs had drenched my thongs. I slowly unclenched my hands from his shirt.

“God Damn.” He said, sounding stunned. I silently echoed the sentiment, but since my face was still in his neck, I did not speak out loud. He lifted his head from my neck and looked around, to see if anyone was looking. I could have cared less. I still needed to find my brain. He looked down at me as I lifted my head. “What do you need?” I did not pretend to misunderstand.

“My purse, and my bag. I have a spare change of clothes in there as well as some personal items.” He blinked. He did not even have to ask. “I keep them because I am klutzy, and have been known to spill stuff on myself 5 minutes before an important meeting. I do not do this…” I hesitated and stumbled as I tried to classify what was happening with a word. “This… on a regular basis.” My hands waved vaguely in the air. My mind could not come up with a descriptive bahis şirketleri noun. Great, I sounded brilliant.

He did not even mind. “Can we leave your car here?” I nodded. Within seconds, he had scooped up my keys from the ignition, grabbed my purse and the overnight bag from the back, and locked my car. I was still in my orgasmic haze as he slid me into the passenger seat of a luxury car. I noticed very little except the man beside me. He even belted me in. The drive to his home was quiet, and allowed me to gather myself a bit. I was not used to this heady need. Most of my relationships, sexual or otherwise, were very clear cut. I retained control at all times. I had never been unable to contain myself. I knew this man was strong, both physically and mentally. Whatever was going to happen, he would expect to have the reigns, so to speak. I needed to start this off right and make it clear that he would not have all the control, no matter where this went.

I slid my hand across the center console.

He looked at me, then quickly back at the road. I smiled slightly, in that secret smile every woman has and Mona Lisa wears for eternity. My hand rested on the console for a moment before moving to the edge of his seat. I watched the road sightlessly as I let my hands move by touch. I felt the soft smooth leather of the seats for a brief second. Next came the edge of his soft wool suit trousers. Just that bare space between fabric and leg, feeling the wool, marveling that it must be a cashmere blend to be so soft. I touched his leg with a finger, just slightly. His thigh muscle jumped. He did not turn his head. I became more emboldened. I slid all five fingers to his thigh, moving them from the side of that hard muscled leg to the top. I allowed my palm to rest there for a moment, along with those torturing fingers. Then I began to move my palm. First forward to his knee, allowing him to calm down and think I would be doing nothing to him too bad. Then I moved backward, along the whole length of his thigh to his hip, and back to his knee again. I slid my hand down the inside of his knee this time, and then began to move backward. I could hear his breath catch. My palm reached it.

I rested there for a moment, laying my hot hand over the zipper to his pants. I could feel that slightly damp area that told me he dressed to the left. I still did not look down at his lap, nor did I look over at him. He did not take his eyes off the road. I began to rub. His cock was hard, and as I rubbed, slowly and softly, it got harder. Before, leaning against my car I had not gotten to feel it’s true measure… all I know is that it had felt good. Now I slowly explored him through his pants… and the cotton briefs I could sense underneath. He was a large man, though from the size of the rest of him I could understand. I made a small “v” out of my fingers and slowly caressed along the sides of him. I muffled a moan as I realized his girth. I had to spread my fingers as far apart as they would go. God would he feel wonderful when he was inside me. I felt my cunt tingle as I imagined him there. Damn, it was starting again.

I moved my fingers away and used my one hand to undo his belt. Not difficult, but getting his pants open with one hand was. Once that was done, I made no pretense of watching the road and closed my eyes. I wanted to feel him. I reached inside his pants and rubbed him again, this time through his cotton underwear. This did not satisfy me. I wanted to be touching skin. I moved my hand to his belly. That area just above the waistband to his briefs. His shirt was tucked into his pants still… but my hand moved beneath it and touched skin and hair. I wiggled my fingers under the snug waist of his bvd’s and reached inside them….

Suddenly he turned the car sharply, and stopped. I opened my eyes, my hand still in his underwear, my fingers wrapping themselves around his dick. I did not care where we were, and I was not about to stop touching him for any impending accident. Slowly I comprehended that we were in front of a garage. A very large garage… in front of a very large colonial style house. It fit him… not ostentatious, but large and well made. Speaking of large and well made; I moved my hand lower, wanting to grasp his testicles in my hot hand. He moaned, startling me. I looked at him.

His eyes glittered. He lay his own hand on top of mine and gave a squeeze to that very hard cock… then he pulled my hand out and away from his lap. “No!” I said, pouting. I wanted more, I wanted to pull and rub that beautiful hard cock until it exploded, adding more to the wet spot already staining the front of his pants. I started to reach for him again. He grabbed my hand before I could get there, and looking at me with this deep stare, he sucked my middle finger into his mouth.

I was liquid. I could feel my pussy lips swell more, I could feel myself dripping moisture. My brain was… mush. He released my finger… sliding it slowly from his mouth. He kissed the tip of that now slick finger, placed my hand into my lap and got out of the car. He came around to the passenger side, and pulled me out of the car to my feet. Grabbing my things he hustled me inside the front doors of the house.

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