The Honeymoon

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Ted and Abigail Sheffield have been married for 24 years. Ted is a successful Architect who owns his own Architectural Firm, and Abigail (Abby) is a stay at home Mom. They are blessed with two healthy children; a beautiful daughter and a ruggedly handsome son. Their children are two years apart in age; the boy, Matthew, (nicknamed Matt) is nineteen, and the girl named McKenzie (nicknamed Zee by her brother) is twenty-one. However, the two children look so much alike, people think they are twins. From the shoulders upward, you can’t tell them apart. Matthew and McKenzie are alike in every way except size. McKenzie is 5’8″, with long slender dancer’s legs, and large breasts that are proportional with the rest of her athletic shaped body. Matt is 6′ with a lean muscular, athletic body. They both have sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that they inherited from their mother. Matthew is named after Ted’s grandfather, and McKenzie was Abby’s maiden name.

Matt and McKenzie are very close as brother and sister go; even hanging out together on the weekends. Matt is always hitting on McKenzie’s girlfriends. They pretend he is a nuisance, but each of them thrives on his attention. When McKenzie’s girlfriends come over to swim, Matt spends his time spying on them. He is very fascinated with their young developing breast. When confronted by his Dad, he honestly expresses his fascination with female breast of all ages, sizes, and shapes. His Dad finds it amusing; however, his Mother finds it troubling.

Matt keeps a perpetual hard-on watching the girls prance around the family pool in their skimpy bathing suits. Samantha, McKenzie’s closest friend, sometimes wears a white bikini that shows the outline of her nipples and her little dark patch of pubic hair when wet. The girls love it when Matt checks out their breast and butts. He sincerely believes he is getting away with checking them out without their knowledge, but he is wrong. Matt is secretly lusting for each of them, but they mostly treat him only as McKenzie’s annoying younger brother. None of them ever consider returning his attention without McKenzie’s permission. So far, she hasn’t given it.

The Sheffield’s appear to be a typical American family. They live in a comfortable four-bedroom, two-story home located in an exclusive gated community. Ted used his Architectural skills to design the house himself. The exterior looks weird with a bazaar new age design, but the interior is warm and friendly. Each child is fortunate enough to have their own private bedroom and bath. McKenzie’s bedroom has its own private bath, but Matt shares a ‘Jack and Jill’ bathroom that connects to a guest bedroom.

Both McKenzie and Matt excelled in high school and are very well behaved thanks to their mother’s very active supervision. Abby had been a member of the PTA and served on several committees at the high school the children graduated from, but still found time to devote full attention to her children. Ted also served on school committees and helped some with coaching basketball. He tries to play golf most free weekends and also likes to go hunting with an old college buddy during hunting season. He also devoted a lot of attention to the children, but not nearly as much as Abby.


Today is McKenzie’s wedding day. She is taking the summer between her sophomore and junior year of college to marry her college sweetheart, Roger Hamilton. Roger attended her college on a baseball scholarship and had just graduated with an undergraduate degree in finance and economics. He has an excellent job waiting for him on Wall Street when he returns from his honeymoon.

St. Benedict’s Church is bustling with excitement as the crowds of quest arrive for the wedding ceremony. McKenzie is in a room off the vestibule with her mother and her four bride’s maids as she excitedly quizzes her mother about what to expect on the honeymoon. The happy bride is a carbon copy of her beautiful mother. They are both tall, with long slender legs, large proportional breast, and long flowing blonde hair. They could almost pass for sisters. Abby looks much younger than her forty-four years. Younger men are always flirting with Abby. She is flattered by their attention but determined to remain faithful to her husband.

McKenzie is one of those rare brides who has saved herself for the wedding night when she will give her precious virginity to her new husband. She thinks her parents have lived a fairytale life full of romance and devotion. Abby doesn’t want to burst her daughter’s bubble by telling her that she thinks Ted has a lover on the side. She evades giving McKenzie answers by telling her that the honeymoon is a private ritual and something that she and her new husband must share together in the seclusion of their honeymoon suite. McKenzie is not satisfied with her mother’s answer but takes it at face value.

After the reception and the festivities, McKenzie and Roger board a plane to Hawaii. Ted and Abby load their big RV and head to a Lake Tahoe Campground to resolve the undisclosed discontent that has arisen in their marriage. Matt supposedly ataşehir escort bayan leaves for summer school at the California School of Architecture, but quickly returns home as soon as he sees his parents pull away from the house. He re-enters the house, tosses his suitcase aside and puts on an old pair of running shorts along with a faded old t-shirt. He pulls the tab on a cold can of beer and settles in front of the giant TV screen. Life is good. He has at least two weeks to lay around and figure out how to tell his Dad that he does not want to be an Architect.


McKenzie and Roger check into their luxurious honeymoon suite and open a complimentary bottle of red wine. A note indicates the wine is from the staff at the hotel. After finishing the wine, McKenzie slips into a comfortable sundress, and they go for a romantic stroll on the beach. The sun is just now moving below the western horizon.

They stop at a nearby patio bar where Roger downs a couple of more beers and McKenzie sips a glass of white wine. They listen to the island music from a Hawaiian band before continuing their stroll. McKenzie feels uneasy when people greet them with smiles. She imagines they all know she is a newlywed and they know what kind of sexual activity she will be engaged in later that night. It embarrasses her that they may know.

McKenzie begins to fantasize about what will happen when they get back to the honeymoon suite. She wonders what it will feel like when Roger finally penetrates her with his cock. McKenzie had masturbated often as a teenager with the handle of her hairbrush and once even took a cucumber to bed. Both caused her to have wonderful orgasms, but she longs for the feel of a real live cock. She wants to feel the warmth and throbbing heartbeat of Roger’s cock inside her virgin pussy. She wants to experience the feel of his cock exploding and spewing his seed deep into her belly. She wonders if she will be able to feel his hot seed as it bursts forth into her warm receiving vagina. Roger is wondering what the score is between the White Sox and the Cubs.


Ted and Abby arrive at the Tahoe Campgrounds just before dark. Abby tries to call each of her children, but there is no cell phone service this high in the mountains. The RV bays at the main campground are full, and they have to park in an out of the way spot on the edge of the main campgrounds. They park their RV next to the only other RV that far away from the main campsites in hopes other campers will soon join them. That other RV has Arizona license plates. They had just gotten settled when they hear a soft knock on the side door of their RV. Abby opens the door and finds a young couple in their thirties with a large bottle of red wine and a welcoming smile on their faces.

“Hello…neighbors,” the young man says with a smile, “Welcome to our secluded mountain wilderness retreat. I was beginning to think we would be out here by ourselves. I was almost tempted to pack up and move to another campground.”

“I’m glad you didn’t,” says Abby, “I wasn’t too excited about being out here with no one else to socialize with. The darkness gives me the creeps.”

The young couple introduces themselves as Bill, and Dotty Simmons from Scottsdale, Arizona and they are on their annual outing where they go to different parts of the West to enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors. They had just arrived that morning and planned to stay for two weeks before returning home. Ted gets a corkscrew from a galley drawer, and Abby gets four wine glasses from the overhead cabinets. They sip the wine and engage in friendly banter. Bill and Dotty have been happily married for nine years and have no children. Dotty was eighteen and just out of high school when they married. Bill was twenty-one and a rookie police officer.

Bill is a police officer in Phoenix and Dotty is a registered nurse at the Scottsdale General Hospital. Bill is average height, muscular build and has a military-style haircut. Dotty is almost as tall as Bill and has long strawberry blonde hair that falls down to her shoulders. She is wearing extremely tight cut-off denim shorts and a light blue halter top that emphasizes her pert firm breast. There is a definite sign she is braless. Her nipples are prominently poking at the fabric, and there is no indication her breast sag in the least. Ted’s first impression is that they are not real but quickly dismisses that notion because they do jiggle when she walks.

“How about you two,” Dotty asks, “How long have you been married?”

“We’ve been married 24 years,” Ted answers as his eyes remain glued to Dotty’s tits. “We met in college.”

“It will be 25 years in October,” Abby adds as she throws an angry glare at Ted. She is upset at his fascination with Dotty’s tits but has to admit they did look inviting. Abby experiences a quick flashback to her freshman year of college when she and her roommate spent a night of drinking wine and sucking and fondling each other’s tits. It only happened that one time, but it was a memorable moment she still enjoyed reliving.

“Any escort kadıköy Children?” Dotty asks.

“A boy and a girl,” Abby smiles. “Our daughter, McKenzie was married yesterday. She and her new husband are honeymooning in Hawaii right now. Our son, Matt is attending summer school at the California College of Architecture, so we decided to take this time to rediscover one another.”

Ted opens another bottle of wine, and the friendly conversation continues. The second bottle of wine is followed by a third bottle. Everyone’s tongue is becoming loose due to the alcohol and Abby is beginning to let her real feelings leak out. She lets it slip that she suspects Ted of having an affair behind her back. Ted is shocked to learn that she knows about his cheating, but even more shocked that she is airing their dirty laundry in front of total strangers.

“Honey, I don’t think Bill and Dotty came over to listen to you to spoil our evening by dredging up unsubstantiated accusations about my faithfulness,” Ted complains.

Abby glares at Ted with fire filled eyes and snarls, “Are you going to sit there and deny that you are sleeping with Rita Blakemore?”

“Honey, that’s enough,” Ted says. “This is not the time or place to declare your paranoid suspicions about something that is clearly fueled by alcohol and your imagination. Bill and Dotty do not want to hear all that crap right now”!

“On the contrary,” Bill counters. “I’ve found during my years as a police officer making domestic dispute calls, that it is better to clear the air and let the complaining party openly talk about any issue that troubles them. Most mental health professionals recommend letting the aggrieved party get it all out of their system. If you let it fester under the surface, it only gets worse.”

“Well you are not a police officer who has been called to referee a domestic dispute,” Ted growls. “Why don’t we call it a night and maybe meet for breakfast in the morning. I want to give Abby a chance to sleep off her inebriation.”

Bill and Dotty thank them for their gracious hospitality and agree to meet for breakfast. Bill and Dotty quickly retreat to their own RV. Ted helps Abby change to her nightgown and tucks her into bed. The effects of the wine have them both asleep within minutes.


When McKenzie and Roger return to their suite, Roger quickly strips down to his boxers and pulls the tab on another beer. McKenzie disappears into the bathroom with her sexiest negligee. She hurriedly strips and slips on the special honeymoon nightgown. McKenzie examines herself in the mirror and can see her puffy hard nipples push against the sheer light blue fabric. She feels a slight quiver pass through her body as she imagines how it will feel when Roger sucks one of her nipples into his warm wet mouth. This will be the first time she has ever had sex with anyone. Suddenly she is gripped with the fear of not being able to please her new husband. She has no prior sexual experience and wonders if Roger will be disappointed with her performance. She tries to call her mother for moral support, but it goes to voicemail.

McKenzie’s wedding night angst almost prevents her from leaving the bathroom. This will be the first time she and Roger have ever been truly intimate with each other. In the past, they had only engaged in heavy petting, and she had given Roger a few hand-jobs, and she had let him fondle her breast, but they have never done the real deed. She has been determined to save her virginity for this special night. Her heart is racing ninety miles an hour when she does leave the bathroom and slide into to bed next to Roger. The TV is tuned to the White Sox vs. Cubs game. Roger is drinking a beer and concentrating on the ballgame. McKenzie cuddles next to him and nervously reaches out to caress his flaccid cock through his boxers.

“Wait just a minute, Honey,” Roger cautions, then excitedly states. “It’s the bottom of the ninth, two out, two strikes, three balls, the Cubs have two on base, and the score is tied.”

McKenzie is absolutely crushed that he considers the game more important than taking her virginity. The virginity she had saved just for him and this very special moment. She bites her tongue and fights back the tears, but still strokes his slowly hardening cock.

“Well…shit,” Roger screams at the TV and slaps the bed with his hand.”

It startles McKenzie, and she asks, “What just happened?”

“Ball Four,” he answers, “That means the bases are loaded, and the Cub’s best batter is at the plate.”

McKenzie squeezes his cock harder and continues stroking him up and down through his boxer shorts. He unconsciously pushes her hand away and yells at the TV screen. She is wholly crushed and rushes to the sanctity of the bathroom. She locks the door and bursts into tears. This is not what she expected on her honeymoon night. She tries to call her mother again, but it goes to her voicemail again. The ballgame is blaring loudly from the TV and Roger is nervously sucking down another beer. He doesn’t even realize his new wife has left the room.

The bostancı escort batter bunts. The man on third base scores and the batter is tagged out on first. The Cubs win, the crowd goes wild, and Roger finally comes to his senses. He tiptoes over and lightly raps on the bathroom door and pleads with his new bride to come out and forgive him. McKenzie ignores his pleas. She tries to call her mother again, but it goes to voicemail again. Roger pulls the tab on another beer and flops on the bed. He knows he made a terrible mistake and is determined to find a way to correct it.

When McKenzie does exit the bathroom, some thirty minutes later she finds Roger passed out across the middle of the bed. The TV is still blaring with after game commentary. She turns the TV off and tries to roust him, but her efforts are futile. She gives up and hastily packs her travel bag. She boards a red-eye flight back home to her mother’s house. When she walks in the front door, she finds Matt splayed on the den sofa asleep in only his running shorts. The TV is on the local sports channel, and the coffee table is littered with two days’ worth of empty beer cans, left-over pizza and an assortment of junk food wrappers.

Matt wakes up to the commotion of McKenzie slamming things out of the way as she stumbles toward the kitchen. She re-appears a moment later with two beers. She flops down on the sofa next to Matt and offers him one of the beers. He takes a big gulp and says, “I thought you were on your honeymoon with Roger.”

“And I thought you were at summer school,” she grumbles.

She sits in silence staring off into space and sipping her beer. Matt takes a big gulp of his beer and gazes at his sister’s profiled body seated at the end of the sofa. He wonders what she would look like naked. Her tits are sticking out like two luscious melons and screaming for him to come to fondle them. Then he silently curses himself for having such ideas about his older Sister. He feels guilty for his thoughts even though he had jacked-off the previous two nights thinking about her being fucked into unconsciousness by her new husband. He had masturbated each night since the wedding while envisioning her with her long slender legs wrapped around her new husband’s waist as Roger fiercely banged his cock into her virgin cunt. Matt had cum intensely each time he had imagined her locking her heels behind Roger’s thighs and pulling him deep into her hot wet pussy. He can feel himself becoming hard again as these notions race through his mind.

Matt breaks the silence when he brashly asks, “Well…do you want to tell me why you are sitting here drinking a beer with your little brother instead of honeymooning with your new husband?”

“It’s a long story,” she answers.

“Well, …it’s not like I have anything else to do. I think I have time to listen to your obviously sad story,” Matts counters.

“I’ve had a long hard night of air travel. I need to shower and change into something more comfortable,” she remarks. “Then if you promise not to ridicule me, I may share all the sad details with you.”

Matt nods his consent. McKenzie sets her empty beer can on the cluttered coffee table and lugs her baggage up to her old bedroom. A few minutes later Matt can hear the shower running. He stands up and stretches while releasing a fart and a lazy yawn. He scratches his butt then ambles into the kitchen for another cold beer. Thirty minutes later McKenzie reappears in the den wearing one of Matt’s old baseball jerseys. The jersey comes down below her mid-thigh and her breast jiggle with each step. Matt finds his sister breathtaking as she moves toward him and is apparently not wearing a bra. Matt surmises, or more likely hoped, that she probably wasn’t her panties as well. His stiffening cock begins to tent his shorts, and he tries to hand it with his hand.

Matt has been secretly fantasizing about his older sister’s tits since she first began to develop them. As a teenager, McKenzie often slept in a cotton t-shirt or cotton pajamas. He loved it when her nipples got hard and poked against her pajama top. From time to time he’s gotten a few glimpses of her bare nipples when she wasn’t aware of his presences. He once considered secretly setting up a camcorder in her room to film her private moments, but measured the consequences if he got caught and decided against it.

Matt hands her another beer and the two of them settle on the floor between the coffee table and the sofa. They rest their backs against the sofa and nibble on the day-old pizza while sipping their beers. McKenzie starts her story from when she began to get cold feet just before the wedding ceremony. Matt listens without interrupting.


Bill and Dorothy show up for breakfast with Ted and Abby as promised. The two couples act as though the previous night had not happened. The two pairs happily banter among themselves as they pack away an enormous breakfast of eggs, thick sliced bacon, toast, and strong cowboy coffee. After breakfast they clean up the RV then they all hike down to the main campground lodge to get some suggestions about things to do and places to go. The concierge at the lodge suggests they rent a car and drive into Incline Village on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. He also suggests they should take time and enjoy dinner and dancing at Cutthroat’s Saloon.

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