The Limo Driver Ch. 26

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Claire had finally fallen asleep after Tiffany had licked her to the last of many orgasms. Both of them had enjoyed her wet cunt and had kept her aroused and cumming for a couple of hours. With her completely spent and asleep, they had quietly slipped from her bed and gone naked downstairs to finish their drinks. Still horny, they had fucked on a chair and then on the grass. When he told her he was going for a pee, Tiffany had finally given in to her curiosity and asked him to piss on her cunt like he had done to Paula, just to know what it felt like.

Lying on the grass with her legs open, he had pissed into the deep shaved slit between her puffy outer lips. Paula was right, as strange as it was it felt fucking good and very dirty indeed. Sprayed with piss, she had decided to take a bath and he hadn’t missed the opportunity to finger her as she lay in it. Out of the bath and dried off, they had both climbed into their own bed where he took her again, fucking her hard until she had cum shuddering uncontrollably on his cock.

Now it was morning and Tiffany was sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee when Claire finally emerged.

“Good morning.” Tiffany greeted her with a smile.

“My cunt and insides are sore.” Claire replied pouring herself a coffee.

“It’s no wonder.” Tiffany said grinning. “You were cumming for hours.”

“That’s the best tucking in I’ve ever had.” Claire said starting to smile. “What made you two do that?”

“We just thought we would treat you to some loving attention.” Tiffany told her.

“What about yourselves?”

“Oh don’t worry, we fucked down here afterwards.” Tiffany said smiling. “Oh, and guess what, I did it.”

“Did what?”

“I got him to piss on me like he did Paula.”

“How was it?” Claire asked.

“Believe it or not, pretty damn good.” Tiffany grinned.

“Fuck piss, I think I need ice on mine.” Claire said and Tiffany burst out laughing.

“It’s that bad eh?”

“Yes.” Claire said, tentatively sitting on a chair. “But fucking worth it,” she smiled.

He was upstairs in their bedroom tidying up and putting away clothes when Tiffany joined him.

“Claire’s up.” She said to him.

“Oh yes and how is she?”

“She’s a bit sore. Put it this way, if you stood naked in front of her with your big hard on offering to fuck her she would tell you to go to hell.” she told him laughing.

“So I’m safe then,” he said smiling.

“You’re always safe with me around lover. Just say the word and I’ll beat the bitches off with a stick.” She said grinning.

“So, what have we got on today?” he asked Claire later downstairs.

“Well, Ken is coming back to sample Anya. Paula’s suggestion must have got him interested and Bill has an appointment across town with a very frustrated rich widow I know. Pete will be out in the other car taking care of a young wife who’s married to an elderly husband. No prize for guessing what that’s about.” She told him.

“It’s nice to see we are busy, what about Paula?” He said.

“I had a woman that likes a bit of pussy lined up for her but she cancelled at the last minute so she’s going to help me interview a prospective new member of the team.” Claire said.

“New member of the team?”

“Yes, to cover weekends so you won’t have to pull your cock out of Tiffany to go earn some money.” She said smiling.

“Ah yes, I remember.” He said. “Are you sure you’re up to it? Tiffany said you were a bit sore.” He asked.

“Listen darling, this old thing between my legs is always up for a bit of new young meat. I just hope he’s not as big as you.” She told him laughing.

“It seems you have it all in hand or soon will, literally.” He laughed and left her to get on with it. Truth be told, Claire’s efficiency was leaving him at a bit of a loose end. He was used to going out on jobs, now he had people doing it for him. He sort of missed it. The variety was the best part, all those different women.

Paula and Anya arrived just after lunch and joined them all outside for a drink while they waited for Ken and the prospective new recruit. His name was Steve and had been put forward by Pete as a possibility. Apparently Steve was a bit of a ladies man and Pete had thought he might be well suited for the job. Claire and Paula would soon find out. They had decided to test him on size, technique and staying power. Also, Claire was interested to know how he performed with an older woman, not just the young Paula. If he could stay hard and be as excited with her as he was going to be with Paula then he was well on the way to getting the job.

Ken was the first to arrive and looked very keen to meet Anya. Claire greeted him with a kiss and showed him to the same room he and Paula had used the day before. She left him outside the door and as she was turning to walk away, she noticed he was already hard inside his pants. She knew what that was about. Paula had mentioned he was eager to find out if Anya liked anal and Paula had told him she did. You randy old bugger Claire thought as she walked away. You esenyurt escort just can’t wait to stick it up her ass can you. Trying his best to calm down Ken opened the door.

“Hello Ken.” Anya said from the bed dressed only in panties like Paula the day before. “Have you come to fuck me?”

“Yes.” He replied staring at her. She was gorgeous with her big round tits and slender body. He couldn’t see her cunt but he imagined it looked just as good as the rest of her.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes and come over here.” She said seductively. “I hear you want to fuck my tight ass.” He could hardly breathe. He tore at his clothes, shedding them as quickly as he could, his cock already rigid inside his pants. As he stripped, Anya got off the bed and slid down her panties. Fuck her cunt was beautiful. Stepping out of them, she turned around and climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees. Resting her head on the covers, she reached back and parted her ass cheeks with both hand giving him a good look at its tight hole and the shaved slit of her cunt under it. He almost groaned out loud and fumbled with his pants, desperately needing to be rid of them. At last he was naked, his rigid excited cock sticking out in front of him.

“Why don’t you come and rub some oil on my ass and cunt.” She said not moving from her doggy position. He was behind her in a flash, picking up the bottle of oil she had placed on the bed earlier. Squirting it down her ass crack, he rubbed it over her asshole and massaged it into her cunt below.

“Oh fuck that feels good.” She moaned softly as his fingers explored her. “How about I oil that lovely cock of yours.” She said turning around and taking the bottle from him. Squeezing oil into her hand, she started to massage it over his straining cock, her fingers sliding up and down its hard shaft and over the swollen head. When he moaned, she started rubbing him in a figure eight, her hand sliding up and down and around its shaft. He was gasping and Anya though he was going to cum right there and then.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” she asked and all he could do was nod. “Do my cunt first, let’s save my tight ass for last.” She said lying back on the bed with her legs wide apart. All he could do was stare between her parted pussy lips, mesmerized by her wonderful cunt, She parted her lips with her fingers and showed him her waiting wet opening. Jesus fucking Christ, he thought he would explode. Desperate for it, he grabbed his cock and went for her, pushing it straight into her slippery oily hole. He started thrusting into her like his life depended on it, ramming all of his cock deep in her cunt as fast as he could. Anya’s excited cunt, aroused by her own antics raced quickly towards orgasm, the driving cock inside her making her desperate to cum.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my cunt!” she yelled needing to cum badly. He stabbed her cunt again and again just as desperate as she was.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, her whole body suddenly shuddering in orgasm. Trapped inside her clenching cunt he exploded, squirting hard inside her, pumping her full of his warm thick cum. He laid spent on top of her, breathing hard with his cock still buried between her legs. It softened and slipped out followed by a stream of his cum. Fuck she was exciting. He couldn’t wait to do her ass. As he sat on the end of the bed getting his breath back, Anya slid off it and poured them both a drink. Sitting beside him, she slowly stroked his cock as they sipped their glasses. “Let’s get you nice and hard

again; I want you inside my ass.” She said as her hand slid up and down his softened cock. By the time they had finished their drinks and with the help of her hand and her telling him how much she wanted him to do her ass he was almost fully hard.

Lying back on the bed with her legs apart, she asked him to finger her pussy and make it cum. Eagerly, he slid a finger between her lips and stroked at her clit. As she became more and more aroused, he alternated his rubbing with sticking his fingers inside her. Minutes later she came again, moaning and pushing her cunt up against the fingers inside her. Her tactic had worked, he was rock hard again.

“How do you want to fuck my ass.” She asked. “Just draw my legs back like this or do you want it doggy?”

“Turn over.” he said excitedly. He wanted her from behind. She rolled over and drew herself up onto her knees assuming the same position she had been in earlier. Moving behind her, he squeezed more oil onto her ass and massaged it in, this time sliding an oily finger inside her asshole. She moaned with genuine pleasure at the feel of his finger entering her ass and couldn’t wait for his hard cock to replace it. Slipping his finger out of her, he gripped his rigid cock and pressed the oily head to her ass. She held her breath. He pushed forward, the head of his hard cock opening her tight hole up as it pushed its way inside her. She winced with pain as the bulbous head stretched her opening and the exhaled with relief esenyurt escort bayan when it slipped inside her. Almost shaking with excitement, he stared to thrust into her ass, working himself deep with each one. She moaned and it spurred him on. Holding her hips he thrust against her ass cheeks filling the hole between them with every inch of his excited hard cock.

“Oh God, fuck my ass, make it cum.” she moaned wanting to feel her ass cumming. His thrusting quicken, slamming himself against her cheeks. Harder and harder he fucked her tight hole. She pushed back, fucking his cock as he rammed it into her.

“Oh fuck.” She cried feeling the onset of her orgasm. He drove into her with all his might. With a loud groan her ass came, its cheeks and her legs shaking violently on his cock. He kept driving into her and then suddenly he froze, shaking himself as he came, his cock squirting hard deep in her ass.

As Anya was getting her ass pumped full of cum Steve arrived. He was probably in his early thirties and had rugged good looks. He was also dressed very presentably in pants and a jacket. Claire showed him into the living room where Paula was waiting. She sat him down, explained the job and what would be expected of him. He seemed very keen. The last part of the interview was an audition where he would need to fuck both her and Paula either one at a time or together, they hadn’t decided. Paula led him to a room and told him to strip and then left closing the door.

“Shall we go in together or one at a time?” Paula asked.

“Let’s go in together.” Claire said. “If he can handle two cunts at the same time he’ll be fine with just one.” Outside the door of the room they both stripped naked. Opening the door Claire walked in first closing the door behind her. He was standing there naked, his cock more than half aroused with the knowledge he was going to fuck one or two women. As soon as he saw Claire naked with her large full breasts and perfectly shaved cunt his cock jerked with excitement and within seconds was fully erect. That was a good sign Claire thought to herself. She walked over to him and reaching down took hold of his cock. He was well endowed; his cock thick and long, a good rival for Bill and Pete’s. She stared to slowly pull him. Fuck it felt strong and virile in her hand. Just then, the door opened and in walked Paula. Claire her him suck in his breath at the sight of her and his eyes were instantly glued between her legs. Fuck, what a cunt she had. Claire could feel his cock straining inside her curled fingers.

“I bet you’d love to fuck that wouldn’t you.” She said to Steve. He groaned in response imagining his cock inside Paula’s shaved cunt,

“Come over here and taste this lovely cock.” Claire said to Paula. Paula walked across to them and put her hand on his cock along with Claire’s. Claire let go and Paula dropped to her knees. Eager to taste is hard swollen cock; she enveloped it with her mouth. Pulling his hard shaft, she started to fuck him with her mouth. He groaned with the feel of her mouth sliding over the aroused head of his cock. Claire was sitting on the end of the bed with her legs open showing him her exposed cunt. As he watched, she started to rub herself. Paula felt his cock stiffen even more in her mouth. He wanted to fuck Claire. He wanted to fuck that juicy parted cunt with the finger rubbing its aroused hard clit. Paula slid her mouth off him and stood up still pulling his cock.

“She wants you to fuck her.” She said. With one hand on the small of his back and the other pulling his cock, she guided him between Claire’s legs which were open and in the air ready in reediness. Paula began rubbing the head of his cock up and down Claire’s wet slit, coaxing her lips apart with it. When they parted at their base, she held his cock at her opening.

“Fuck her.” She whispered to him. He pushed forward and Paula released his cock as it slit into Claire’s wet pussy, the close up view sending a wave of arousal through Paula’s cunt. It was exciting watching it on a porno but live it was fucking amazing. Steve was thrusting into Claire, driving his thick rigid cock deep inside her cunt. She gasped at the feel of it filling her with such forcefulness. Already aroused before he even entered her, Claire’s cunt was on the edge.

“Fuck me.” She cried out needing to cum. He rammed into her, the front of him bashing between her open legs.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, her cunt erupting in orgasm, gushing as her legs jerked in the air. Sliding out of her and pulling his excited hard cock, he watched cumming. Wanting a piece of that hard cock, Paula pushed between them and lay on top of Claire between her legs, her own open and ready. He reeled at the sight of cunt on cunt. Inflamed with desire and lust, he pressed against Paula’s ass as pushed his cock inside her. Fuck, she was so tight. Holding her ass cheeks he thrust hard into her cunt, driving every inch of him deep inside her.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Paula yelled, her cunt aroused escort esenyurt and desperate to cum. Beneath her, Claire could feel Paula’s tits and cunt rubbing hers as Steve fucked her. Excited she tried to force her hand between them. Paula rose up a little and Claire’s hand went straight to her cunt. Gasping with excitement she rubbed hard at her clit with a fingertip as Paula moaned above her. He fucked into Paula as hard and fast as he could. She started twerking her ass, fucking his cock as he rammed inside her. She was almost there.

“Oh fuck!” she cried, her ass and legs shaking uncontrollably as she came. He moaned and pulled his cock out of her, his cock erupting and spraying her back with hard squirts of cum. With his cum trickling down her back, Paula stood up and moved to the side.

“She needs to cum, lick her cunt.” She told Him. He dropped to his knees between Claire’s legs pressing his mouth to her waiting wet cunt. Reaching down with both hands, Claire pulled her cunt open for his eager tongue. Hungrily he lapped at it, flicking her clit and licking into her flooded opening. Paula reached between his legs from behind a took hold of his cock, pulling it as he lapped faster and faster between Claire’s legs. Claire was moaning and writhing under his tongue. He lapped at her clit even faster.

“Shit, oh fuck.” Claire yelled, her legs clamping shut, trapping his head between them as she came. He forced them apart and kept licking at her sodden slit.

“Yes lick her.” Paula yelled pumping his cock faster. Claire was gasping her cunt already on the verge of another orgasm.

“Oh my God, fuck.” She screamed, her back arching and pushing her cunt up hard onto his mouth as she came again. Paula felt his cock jerk in her hand and start squirting hard, straight onto the carpet. Both Claire and Steve were panting. Fuck that had been good. Paula watched them. She wasn’t done but it could wait, Eventually Claire rose from the bed.

“How would you like to join us for a drink outside?” she asked Steve. Nodding, he went to pick up his clothes.

“Don’t worry about them,” Claire said. Taking him by the hand all three of them walked naked out onto the patio. It was a good sign for Steve. If they weren’t interested, he would have been dressed and on his way.

“So, what do you think?” Claire asked Paula.

“Points off for wasting a nice load of cum onto the floor but seeing it was your lovely cunt it’s excusable.” Paula said.

“It seems you have the job.” Claire told him.

“Thank you Boss.” He replied, pleased he had passed their test.

“Oh, I’m not the boss lover; he is probably upstairs inside Tiffany. Believe me. As good as she looks you don’t want to go there. It’s not official but she is spoken for.

As they sat drinking Paula was grinding her legs together, rubbing herself on the chair needing to fuck badly, her cunt on fire wanting some hard cock inside it. “Now you’ve got the job take me inside and fuck me.” She said climbing out of her chair, grabbing him by the hand and dragging him out of his. Quickly leading him inside desperate to fuck, she found the closest bed, laid on it and spread her cunt open for him. Eager for here tight cunt, he gripped his hard shaft and forced his swollen head inside her.

“Oh yes, fuck me.” She yelled as his hard cock slid deep inside her aroused cunt. “Fuck my cunt.” She yelled, desperate for her aching cunt to cum. Turned on by her pleas, he rammed himself inside her, fucking her cunt as hard as he could, driving his cock deep, the front of him slapping hard between her legs.

“You want your cunt fucked hard don’t you?” He said thrusting his rigid cock deep inside ger.

“Fuck yes” she screamed back, thrusting her cunt up to meet him, fucking his hard cock as he drove it inside her. She was first to cum, her legs shaking and he followed suit seconds later, pulling his cock out and spraying her wet cumming pussy with hard squirts of cum. Still hard, he pushed his cock back inside her and thrusting slowly relished the feel of him softening inside her.

“You have so got the fucking job,” Paula said with her flushed just having cum look on her face. Fuck she looked lovely under him. No, he wasn’t going to soften; he wanted to fuck her again. Thrusting into her hard, he rammed his cock deep into her cunt, making it harder with every thrust.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Paula cried out, caught up in his intense need for her cunt. Pushing her legs wide apart, he slammed himself between them, forcing every inch of his cock inside her.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” Paula cried out desperate to cum, pushing her legs back, he thrust as hard as he could inside her.

“Fuck!’ she yelled, jerking hard on the bed, her cunt and legs thrusting up as she came, thrusting up to drive that beautiful hard cock as deep inside her as she could. There is no feeling as good as a cunt cumming with a hard cock inside it she thought. He was still hard and she wanted cock. Pulling him onto the bed, she straddled him, reaching down and talking hold of his hard cock. Kneeling up above him, she looked down into his eyes as she pressed his cock into her wet aroused cunt. Dropping on him, she forced his cock deep inside her. Fuck that felt so fucking good, his thick cock filling her entire cunt. She bounced on it forcing all of it deep. Just as aroused, he fucked up it her with desperate frantic thrusts.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32