The Local

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It was during the winter when most of the men that came to the house for various forms of recreation were from the local military base. Yet on this particular day, an older gentleman entered through the doors and asked the day bartender if he could speak to one of the ladies. As it was the day shift, the bartender called Secrt to speak to this gentleman.

Dressed in lingerie, she seductively walked around the pool table approaching the aged gentleman. Secrt’s eyes quickly cased the man. In her mind’s filing cabinet, the flag local popped up.

His dress was jeans and work shirt tucked in and banded by a black belt, the basic dress of a local rancher. His drifting eyes caressed her.

Secrt watched his body language and knew it naturally reacted to her, when a slight flush passed over his tense weather worn features.

Smiling with practiced ease, “Good morning sir,” the woman said then bowed her head slightly to him. “I’m Secrt Pleasures and the only girl available this early morning. How can I help you?” she asked all the while keeping in touch with the little caution flag in her head that constantly waved. Dying while having sex might be a way to go for some men, but Secret did not want to be the cause of it.

The local cleared his throat, gaining control over his physical reaction to Secrt. He looked at the floor and blushed again, then looked Secret straight in the eye, as she sat down on the barstool next to him.

Secrt smiled. “How can I help you sir?” she asked.

“Ma’am,” he started. “I don’t partake of the wilds of women since my wife died, five years ago.”

Secrt sensed something serious was coming. In her mind, another flag popped up, this one the color of caution.

The local continued. “Last week, I went to see my doctor. I was having a problem, and it was very painful. It is on my doctor’s advice that I seek out your, well, your specialties,” he said in a quiet country drawl.

With this revelation, the caution flag in Secrt’s mind turned to red. She wondered behind canlı bahis her plastered on smile what she might be getting into. Although not committed to applying her services to this gentleman, her natural curiosity compelled her to hear him out and make her judgment later.

“In terms that are understandable, my problem is due to an excessive build up of semen. My doctor advised me to come here for physical therapy.” The local looked at the floor then back to Secrt. “Ma’am, I tried to relieve myself in the shower, but, I can’t get the job done. I wish to pay for a hand massage.”

His words turned Secret’s plastered on smile to the genuine article. The flags in her mind disappeared.

With a nod of her head, “I see,” Secrt said. She lightly patted his hand resting on his leg. “I can help you with a hand massage if I am acceptable for your needs, or I can wake another girl to work with you,” she told him.

Another quick look at her dress and his skin color rose.

Secrt noticed another area of rise also as the crotch of his jeans tensed. She smiled knowingly.

“Ma’am, you’ll do just fine. How much does a massage like this cost?” he asked.

“The price of services is not discussed in the common area of the house. If you will accompany me to my room, we can discuss that there,” Secrt answered.

A wide smile creased his weathered features. “Lead the way,” the local said, then followed Secrt away from the bar and down the hall to her room.

A few minutes later, Secrt exited her room with payment in hand. After delivering the payment to the cash box in the office, Secrt hurried back to her room to begin the physical therapy.

With the gentleman stretched out on her bed, Secrt could see the slight blueness around his testicles.

“Okay, I see the problem,” Secrt said. “I will be gentle.”

The local looked at her. “Is it really bad?”

Secrt smiled. “I’ve seen worse.”

Her words relaxed the man.

“I don’t know how this happened,” he said suddenly as he looked bahis siteleri at the ceiling.

Secrt shrugged as she continued her manipulations. “Many men have problems that could be eliminated if they would just relieve themselves, once or more a week.”

The man looked at Secrt. “You think that would help?”

Secrt nodded, “Yes, I believe it would. Then there are the men that have medical reasons for their problem. For them, because of the drugs they take, they are unable to get an erection, but even most of them can relieve themselves.” Secrt smiled and gently patted his bare stomach. “For you, a release weekly or twice weekly would help you greatly.”

The local chuckled softly. “I will remember that, and you. So what do you want me to do?”

Secrt smiled. “Go to a happy place. A time when you were very turned on and relive that memory,” she answered.

Using a standard lubricant, Secret began with a gentle stretching exercise on the unused muscle. When her charge began to react, without missing a stroke, she quickly slipped a party hat on him.

Paying specific attention to the underside of his maleness, her actions began working into the man’s body and mind. When he responded with a deep moan, Secrt smiled.

“Feel good?” Secrt asked softly and heard only another groan in response.

Secrt noticed the change in his body language. The slight sweat on his brow and upper lip, the intensity of his weathered features told her, he was far away in his mind, in another time and with another woman.

As her hand moved down over him, the man reacted. Raising his hips, his moan of pleasure lasted as he pulled away. She repeated the procedure with a steady rhythm. By increasing the pace slightly, she pushed him to keep pace. Time was money in her business and his was almost up.

Reaching down she gently encased his sack in her free hand and massaged it with her fingers. The local responded.

“Oh yeah, come on baby, roll them around, play with them,” he said. The local’s body bahis şirketleri language changed suddenly.

Secrt knew it would not be long until he reached the moment of euphoric explosion.

His breathing increased and a shiny sheen of perspiration showed on his intensely concentrating brow. A moment later, he reached the climax of his endeavor. The local’s legs tensed rigid, he crossed his arms across his chest, holding tight to the person in his fantasy. “Oh yeah you got it, you got it,” he said then groaned loudly as ecstasy overwhelmed him.

As his orgasm erupted, filling the tip and spilling down the inside of the condom he wore, his loud groan filled the room as waves of pleasure washed over and through him. With the euphoric moment over, his body relaxed and he opened his eyes, looking at Secrt. His smile was wide and unlike before, his features were relaxed.

“Thank you. Oh that felt great, thank you,” he said. “I’ve not felt that feeling for many years. And,” he looked down his body. “I don’t hurt anymore.”

Secrt quickly removed the condom and put it in the trash next to her bed.

“It’s been a pleasure,” Secrt answered, then stood and walked into her private bathroom, pulling a clean washcloth from the rack. She waited for the water to warm up, then filled a bowl with water and returned to her local, still stretched out on her bed.

Sitting down beside him, she took the now limp appendage and began washing it with the warm wet washcloth. When the local did not respond, she looked at his face and smiled. Typical male, the slow rise and fall of his chest indicated his state of slumber. Finishing up, Secrt covered her charge with a blanket, and left him sleep for the next hour before returning to wake him gently.

Feeling better, the local dressed then gave Secrt a wonderful tip for her services.

Secrt walked the local man to the front of the house and sat down with him at the bar.

The local looked at her. “I will speak to my doctor. If he says it is okay for my heart and my body, I’ll be back.”

Secrt smiled. “I’m glad I could help you.”

With a light kiss on his cheek, Secrt sent the local back out into the World he came from, feeling better both physically and mentally.

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