The Ruins of Patrick

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My sexual mindset has evolved in fits and starts – one day realizing that something that held no interest for me (or that I actively disliked) has bounced-around my subconscious long enough that some initial hang-up has vanished and I realize “good lord now *this* turns me on too?!” As a public service: any guy who has not experimented with prostate orgasms you are really missing out.

But I digress.

Sexually, I tend to be more dominant – but I have discovered a taste for occasionally giving-up control. In that vein, I shared a tale called Yes Mistress that combined elements of my exhibitionist nature and the enjoyment to be found in relinquishing control.

A concept I initially dismissed (due mostly to, um…phrasing) was ruined orgasms. My initial impression was that they were connected to chastity/cock-cages. While I can logically understand the appeal of the latter it doesn’t resonate for me (though check back in a few years I suppose…).

Later, I ran across the idea again, when I discovered ruined orgasm videos online. This time I decided to head to a search engine. Upon reading that I could cum multiple orgasms, all while maintaining an erection, I was sold. I’d done something like this instinctively by masturbating to the edge, stopping/holding-my-breath while a slow river of cum gushed forth, then stroking to a “real” orgasm. Cock Hero (and similar) challenge videos were how I began learning first-hand about the joy of a little self-tease/torture. Don’t get me wrong – some days you just need to jerk-off and get on with your day. But these vids taught me the joy of 40+ minutes of edging and the thunderous orgasm that would eventually result.

Taking it up a notch, Godiva snuggled in beside me one night and proved how playing with a partner pushes the game to new levels of difficulty/pleasure. Taking it further, during some of our nekkid+high porn days, Godiva would settle into the role of “my favorite fuck doll.” With my continued erection allowing me to fuck her over-and-over she also gained an appreciation for a day of ruins. Such fuckfests would last until I went one thrust too many…or my fuckdoll malfunctioned, locked her heels behind me, and milked me for every ounce of cum, instead of letting my cock slide free while I caught a breath.

Then we had a nekkid+porn day where she turned it up to eleven.

It started as innocently as can be expected, given that we had just settled onto the towel-draped leather sofa and launched our porn library. The first clip we watched was the bestest type of porn – homemade. It was our second ménage with our delicious friend ankara escort Lola. As the clip progressed on the TV our hands were roaming while we reminisced and got more turned-on. When it ended I wanted to continue this vibe and flipped to another homemade “art clip”. It was a picture-in-picture of me stroking to The Ultimate Edging & Ruin Challenge by XFah. The conclusion was me “losing” by having a full orgasm before the game permitted.

Godiva was lying on her side, head on my thigh, brushing my cock with her magic fingers. She asked “have you ever made it through all six ruins?” “No way – I sometimes make the third ruin, but tend to just keep stroking and explode for real. If I can get two it’s a fun distraction and it means I’ll pass out quickly when I head to bed.”

Still stroking she asked “do you think you could do it? All six?” I was skeptical. “It would be awesome, but I can’t pretend I’ve ever come close – three is the furthest I’ve gone.”

She shifted her position and began stroking me to the beat on the video. “I bet” she purred, “you just need a steady hand to get through it.”. A fast stroking counter made me groan and she looked up at me. “Why don’t you go get those fancy leather cuffs you love to use on others and we’ll find out?” She punctuated this by planting a lip-smacking smooch on the head of my cock before sitting up.

I hopped up, cock bobbing, and retrieved the leather cuffs from the bedroom. She buckled them onto my wrists and linked them behind my back. As I settled back on the sofa she grabbed the remote and found the original 70-minute+ XFah video.

“I hope you’re hydrated, six is a lot.” I was excited: “I love my life…and don’t spare the lube.” While the intro was playing she devoured my mouth with a kiss, lubed me up, then settled-down on the sofa as the video began.

The beat started and the first set of slow stroking counters commenced. “Go easy – your hands feel waaaay better than mine.” She chuckled. “You just watch the naked people and I’ll worry about the pacing.”

God it felt good.

The warm-up. Repeated slow/stop/slow/stop countdowns intended to get the player hard. But I was already hard, and in her talented hands, the pleasure was off the charts. “You’re so squirmy – it’s just a handjob y’know….not like the time Lola and I were both going down on you at the same time.” I whimpered. She knew talking like this was my kryptonite. “Or the time in the hotel room…when Lola and I were side-by-side on our bellies, face to face, and you were giving us both an oily massage? Then you started to fuck us with your ankara escort bayan fingers. Do you remember that? When she asked me ‘is what’s happening down there to me happening to you too?’ and then you had both of us cumming on your fingers at the same time?”

I could not see her face but I could hear the evil grin. I was already nearing the edge – there was zero chance of me getting through this video.

Through sheer luck I lasted through the warm up. Now the slow, leisurely, timers gave way to more speed changes. When the first edging countdown appeared Godiva polished my cockhead with her slippery palm. I was straining in the cuffs and moaning but the timer passed into a few seconds of break time so she let me bob free. She grinned up at me and mercifully gave me a few extra seconds to catch my breath before rejoining the relentless stroking beat.

She seemed to know just where I was. More than once as I moaned and held my breath, sure I’d explode, she stopped or squeezed the base of my shaft to short circuit the orgasm. When the first ruin countdown finally appeared, she gave me a few squeezing strokes, then released me. She ran her nails over my balls, and along my shaft, while blowing hot breath on my pulsing cock. Her whispered “cum for me” was the trigger that had me gushing cum onto my belly. Doing my stamina no favours, Godiva ran her tongue through the cum and made a show of swallowing. Then the too-short break ended and her hand was moving again – now with my own cum adding to the lube. My moans began immediately, bringing another chuckle: “only five more.”

In Round 2 I went from in-control, to pouring cum, in a heartbeat. On the last edging counter before ruin number two, I boiled over. She released my cock, but her hands running on my legs and belly kept me shaking as I begged her to stop. As I recovered we watched the ruin countdown timer lead into the next scheduled break in the game. My semi-hard cock slapped-down into my cum.

Round 3 commenced and her perfect strokes had me hard again in no time.

Even with the break I was still on a hair trigger. At least twice during edging timers she laughed at my groans and squirming. Just when I was beyond stopping she would drop my cock and give me a chance to catch my breath. With the addition of a couple of unplanned breaks, we reached ruin number three. Every muscle was clenched as I arched off the sofa trying not to let it cascade into a full orgasm. We were both watching my cock throb when my third ruin slowly poured from my cock. As it ebbed she playfully slapped the head of my cock giving escort ankara me an electric jolt. I gasped “oh god don’t…” to her giggles. “Oh I’m sorry, that was mean, I just couldn’t help myself.”

As Round 4 began she eased my cock back to life while also squeezing my balls – she had me quivering again in no time. I was whimpering during the fast portions and eager/terrified seeing the edging timers. During one of the merciful, unplanned, breaks she asked “that’s the record, right? Three?” Drenched in sweat I gasped-out “fuck yeah!”

Godiva sat up. “Lean forward.” When I did, she popped-open the clamp on the cuffs. “My arms need a rest – keep stroking while I stretch.” I refocused on the TV and thankfully the game moved to a slow stroking section. I was barely touching myself, riding the edge.

Godiva stood up. I was stroking to the beat but now I was taking in her body, not the video. Knowing that she had my full attention she stretched, shook her ass at me, then turned and tweaked her nipples. With a grin, then a sigh, she slid her fingers into her pussy (“oh I’m soaking”). She fed me her fingers. As I tongued them clean I saw her animal brain take over. Brushing my hands aside, she straddled me and sank onto my cock. As my mouth found her nipples we shared a groan. Her mouth found mine as she began rolling her hips. “Back to stroking” she said quietly in my ear then began fucking me to the beat from the TV. The sensation was making my whole body twitch.

Lost in the animal pleasure I was going to cum again no matter the game. Blatantly breaking the rules, she mumbled “ruin time” as she leaned into me. Gripping the back of the sofa she began to bounce to her own beat. The happy sound of slapping skin drowned out the beat from the game. Grabbing her ass I began to match her pace and slam balls-deep up into her pussy. When my orgasm erupted I gritted my teeth and kept hammering into her as I emptied my balls “for real.” After a moment I scrambled and found her clit with my thumb – I was rewarded immediately. She collapsed onto me, gripping my neck, sharing every seismic spasm of her orgasm. Even when that eased I could not breathe because she then bore down, crushing my cock with her core muscles, milking every last drop of cum. As ever, it was a pleasure to “lose” the game.

By the time she leaned back and we kissed, Round 5 was already underway in the background. I was spent. As she stood up my head lolled back, resting on the sofa. My heart was still pounding, I was gulping for air, and dripping sweat. She woke me from my reverie by clearing her throat. “Lean forward.” Still orgasm-dopey, I complied.

She reconnected the cuffs. “Lean back.”

Then she resumed her spot on the sofa and squeezed my shrinking cock. “Oh no no, you’re not done. Two more to go.” She reached between her legs and lubed me up with our combined juices.

“Just two more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32