The Same Age As His Daughter

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VSexy19 logged on to her favorite online sex chat, and entered the Daddy’s Girls room.

She was immediately bombarded with private messages from salivating older men. But there was only one user she wanted to chat with.

BigBadMan was already online, and when a PM from him popped up, VSexy19’s heart skipped a beat.

BigBadMan: I haven’t had sex in three weeks! My wife is driving me nuts!

VSexy19 typed in a response: You wouldn’t have that problem with me, daddy.

BigBadMan replied quickly: It wasn’t always like this. She used to be fun. But then after the kids, it slowed down to once a week, and now….

VSexy19: You just need a new body to play with. Someone who wants you to bend her over and fuck her.

BigBadMan: im so hard.

VSexy19: youre touching yourself?

BigBadMan: Do you want me to?

VSexy19: mmm, no sir.

BigBadMan: No?

VSexy19: no.

I want to be touching it.

I want my hands wrapped around it.

I want to feel it twitch at my every touch

I want to look up into your eyes, and wrap my lips around your head.

BigBadMan: fuck. I’d like that. And my hands? what should I do with them?

Should I slide them down your back, and grab your cute little ass?

Squeeze your butt cheeks? Massage them with the same rhythm as your strokes?

Should my finger find your cute little butt hole and rub it?

VSexy19: you’re moving fast, Mr. C!

Mr. C was what BigBadMan told VSexy19 to call him when she had asked What is your name?

He had never asked her what her name was.

BigBadMan: you have my cock in your mouth

VSexy19: lol I wish I did.

I want to know what you taste like. I want you to fuck me on your wife’s bed. Would you do that Mr. C? If we met, would you fuck me where your cold wife sleeps?

BigBadMan: If we met I’d fuck you so hard.

VSexy19: does it turn you on that I’m the just a little older than your daughter?

BigBadMan: It kind of scares me.

VSexy19: don’t worry, Mr. C, there’s nothing to be scared of…

VSexy19 sent Mr. C a picture of her body. Her face was not in the picture, but she was pulling her shirt up, so the bottoms of her breasts were exposed, and the top of her panties could be seen. Her stomach was tight and looked soft.

VSexy19: you like my body, don’t you?

BigBadMan: You’re going to make me cum.

VSexy19: do it Mr. C, please…cum for me…

When we’re together you will be able to touch my body anywhere you want. You’ll be able to put your lips and tongue anywhere you want. And you can stick your cock anywhere you want. Slide deep inside of me, Mr. C. I belong to you!

A minute passed, and BigBadMan typed: I came, and though BigBadMan couldn’t see it VSexy19 smiled. Then she slid her fingers under the same panties she was wearing in the photo she had sent, and touched herself.


One week later, 47-year old Aaron Carlyle was doing the best he could to be a friendly host at his daughter Betty’s 18th birthday party. Put on a strong face, he thought to himself, this is the last of these parties you’ll ever have to deal with. Eighteen years of the chaos of a dozen şırnak escort laughing, bubbly girls; being nice to their parents; preparing food; and cleaning up after everyone had taken a toll.

The fact that this would be the last of the high school parties could have been enough for Aaron to power through but for one other factor. Aaron and his wife Diane had drifted apart over the past few years. Once a loving couple with a similar sexual appetite, the two were now polite to each other under good circumstances, and angrily annoyed with each other during high-stress situations (like their daughter’s birthday party). Aaron also felt perpetually horny, while Diane had given all indications that physical affection would from now on be an exception. They hadn’t had sex in a month. Just good-morning and good-night pecks on the lips.

Aaron was struck by a new problem on this sunny Satruday, as two dozen teenagers (there were almost as many boys as girls at this party) tramped through his house and made so much noise in and around his pool. A number of the girls Betty had grown up with and Aaron had known most of their lives were no longer girls. They had become women. It took all of Aaron’s energy not to stare at a number of the guests as they played with their friends.

Diane noticed, which made her angrier with Aaron. This made her bark orders at him more, and made him resent her more.

That was when Aaron found himself alone in the kitchen stacking dirty plates for later washing, and trying to manage the many empty oversized pizza boxes into neat stacks near the small kitchen trash can. Betty’s oldest and closest friend Veronica walked in and opened the fridge.

“Hey, Mr. Carlyle.” Veronica said, opening up the refrigerator.

“You looking for sodas? They’re in the cooler by the pool.” Aaron answered.

“Nah,” Veronica said, closing the door and turning to Aaron, “I’m just making it look like I need something from the fridge so I can talk to you.”

“What?” Aaron laughed.

“C’mon, Mr. Carlyle, you’re like the coolest guy here, and you spend your whole time working while everyone else is having fun.”

Veronica was one of his daughter’s friends that Aaron had noticed had become a woman. Now almost 19, her face had become quite striking in the past few years as she matured. A severe nose and intense dark eyes drew Aaron into her gaze. She was a little taller than average, and had developed a stunning figure. She was lean, yet curvy around her breasts, hips and rear. This was all accentuated now by the one-piece bathing suit that stretched over her body. Her shoulder-length hair was pulled back and slightly damp from having swam a while ago. The sun had dried it slightly, while also warming and darkening her skin.

Aaron caught himself staring.

Veronica did too. She smiled, looked to the kitchen door, and stepped forward.

“You like what you see, Mr. Carlyle?” Veronica smiled.

Aaron quickly laughed Veronica’s comment off, but then she took a second step forward, her deep eyes meeting Aaron’s.

“How’s your sex life, Mr. Carlyle?” Veronica asked, slinking closer.

How do you answer that? Aaron’s heart şırnak escort bayan began to pound, rattling his chest and head. “That’s not…I can’t…” he stammered, looking away.

Veronica put her hands on Aaron’s broad chest and felt his excitement.

“You know, I could help you with certain needs…and I’m sure you could teach me a thing or two.” She whispered, “Would you like that Mr. C?”

Aaron stepped back and snapped out of his foggy head. “That’s not funny, Veronica. It’s really not appropriate.”

“Why?” Veronica asked, looking a little hurt. Then a wicked smile grew across her lips. “Does it turn you on that I’m just a little older than your daughter?”

It couldn’t be, Aaron thought, but before he had the chance to process the potential of his online love life turning real, two boys walked into the kitchen asking about getting some water, and Veronica slinked off, still with the wicked smile on her face.

Aaron went through the motions of answering the boys’ questions, but felt like he needed to clear his head, so he casually made his way upstairs to his and his wife’s bedroom.

To Aaron’s surprise, leaning back on the edge of his bed was Veronica in her one-piece bathing suit.

“I told you I wanted you to fuck me on your cold wife’s bed, Mr. C.” the words dripped like honey from Veronica’s tempting lips.

“That is NOT happening.” Aaron insisted, and moved toward the bathroom. When he turned to close the door, there was Veronica, already stepping onto the bathroom tile, and closing the door behind her.

The lock’s CLICK was the loudest sound Aaron had ever heard.

Aaron scooped Veronica at the waist, and pulled her in. The first touch of Vanessa’s soft lips made Aaron’s cock grow hard, and push against his clothes. Veronica felt it too, and she smiled, reached down, and felt the shape of his shaft.

Aaron hoisted Veronica onto the bathroom counter, biting and kissing deep into her neck. She gave off small chirps of pleasure as his teeth played with her smooth skin, and his hands slid down her smooth bathing suit.

Aaron’s fingers reached the border at her hips between the fabric of her suit, and the soft skin of Veronica’s legs. As their lips met again, Aaron’s fingers followed the seem, toward Veronica’s rear, lifting her leg up, until her foot was resting on the bathroom counter. His fingers continued their trek, this time sliding closer and closer toward Veronica’s pulsing pussy.

He slipped a single finger into the fabric, and lifted it to let a second finger in. The pair of digits brushed against the soft skin of Veronica’s pussy lips, and were instantly coated in a slick wet juiciness of her lust.

Veronica’s pleasureful pants echoed off the tile of the bathroom, as Aaron softly fingered her.

“Fuck, Veronica,” Aaron whispered into her ear, “You’re so wet.”

What Aaron didn’t know was this was the first time someone else had ever touched her like this. Veronica’s head swam as pleasure coursed through her.

His fingers methodically explored her pussy lips, as they inched closer and closer to her clit. When his fingers finally swirled around her little button escort şırnak Veronica bit down on Aaron’s shoulder, and shuddered several times as she orgasmed.

They stayed still for a moment, both panting, both with their eyes closed. Aaron’s fingers sitting motionless against Veronica’s pussy. Her fingers laced through the hair on the back of his head. Aaron gave Veronica’s neck a few soft small kisses.

Composing herself, Veronica slipped off the counter and dropped to her knees, unbuckling Aaron’s belt. Aaron tried to stop her for a moment, but then realized how long it had been since he felt his cock inside a woman’s mouth, and he leaned back as his boxers were pulled to his ankles.

Veronica’s soft lips had been so arousing against his own lips, but now against his cock, they felt other-worldly. Her soft wet lips slid down Aaron’s hard shaft and pleasure followed her soft yet firm pressure. Veronica’s slippery saliva swirled around Aaron’s cock, making him harder and bigger.

One hand stayed at the base of Aaron’s cock, giving light tugs on his taut skin, as a few errant fingers brushed the hairs on his balls. He could feel himself getting close. She could feel it too.

Then the bathroom door handle rattled, followed by a sharp knock rapping on the door. “Aaron?” his wife, Diane’s annoyed voice rang from the other side of the door. “What are you doing in there?”

“I’m…” Aaron looked down at Veronica looking back up at him, frozen with his throbbing cock in her mouth. “I’m busy.” He growled.

“You’re what? You have to start grilling the meat. What could you possibly be doing?”

Veronica took Diane’s question as a cue to start stroking and sucking Aaron’s cock again. Aaron tried to stop Veronica, but this only made her suck and stroke harder and faster.

Diane seemed to be able to hear some sort of physical movement from the echoing bathroom, because she asked “What’s going on in there.”

“I’m taking a shit, Diane!” Aaron snapped at the door. This made Vanessa laugh a little.

“Jesus, Aaron, you don’t have to be so vulgar.” Diane snapped back. Veronica’s lips kept slipping up and down Aaron’s shaft. Aaron’s head began to swim. His cock began to swell.

Diane had started lecturing Aaron through the door, but all he could pay attention to was the soft lips of young Vanessa bobbing up and down along his long hard cock.

Veronica’s deep eyes met Aaron’s. Her hands massaged his base and balls. Her tongue massaged the front of his cock. His head throbbed.

Aaron came hard. He let out a gutteral groan, and Veronica gulped down weeks worth of gooey cum gushing onto her tongue.

Diane, misinterpreting Aaron’s groans as something related to his bowels stepped away from the door and muttered, “Gross.” before walking away.

Veronica kept Aaron’s cock in her mouth until he had stopped pulsing and spurting out cum.

He guided her back up to her feet, and they kissed passionately before Veronica wordlessly stepped away, unlocked the door, and checked to make sure the coast was clear before returning to her partying friends.

A short time later, as Aaron grilled the meets, he watched Veronica swim back and forth in his pool. He watched as her body moved gracefully and sensually through the water.

After the meat was served, and everyone was eating, Aaron walked over to a group of the girls and asked “How are the burgers?”

“Delicious, Mr. C,” Veronica looked up at Aaron. “The best thing I’ve ever tasted.”

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