Thoughts and Dreams Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of gay male reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.

These stories are based around the Memories and Fantasies series but are about Claire’s husband.

Written from his perspective they are more concerned with his darker, less restrained inner thoughts.

Any comments and feedback would be much appreciated.


Prologue – In bed with Claire.

He lay wide awake, unable to sleep. It was the early hours of Saturday night and his balls hurt, more than that, he needed to cum, desperately. Preventing this happening was the cock cage he had locked on, the hard metal was gripping his cock tightly, preventing the erection his body needed from happening. He had awaked twisting and turning from a disturbed sleep and his wife Claire was now holding him and gently stroking his hair. Her nakedness and smell was however only adding to his horniness and torment, sleep was not going to return quickly.

“Why don’t you tell me about your dream?” she asked him gently.

He hesitated. Normally he would not give her the full details of his dream fantasies, a fear that his wife would realise just how far and dark his imagination ran, how perverted his thoughts could be. He was not sure how she would react if she was to hear what he wanted to see and do, but tonight he decided to just let it all go and see how it went, he decide he could always stop if her reaction was too negative……

1 – Date night.

It was Claire who had arranged the date night for them, he had happily agreed to everything she had suggested as he wanted her to have the perfect evening. Chastity he realised would do this to you.

Normally he would not want to go out, but on the occasions he was forced to he would get drunk, start to have fun and then not want to leave. Later at home he would drunkenly demand a blowjob, which he would try to turn into a drunken fuck, and afterwards he would fall asleep and snore until the walls shook. He could be a typical man in so many ways.

Since they had decided to try a female led relationship and he had given his orgasms to his wife things were different. He found that his priorities had changed and this date night was the perfect opportunity to have a fun time with his wife, to see her smile, to flirt with her and get her in the mood to flirt back, to give her the night of her life, and when they got back home to spend as much time as she wanted in order to give her the orgasm of her life.

If Claire felt it was deserved then there may be something in it for him. Sometimes she would have him shave her pussy before they went out, he would then be thinking of those gorgeous, hairless lips all evening and looking forward to using his fingers to spread them open and his tongue to probe inside and around as well as to stimulate her clit.

She may even be happy enough with his efforts that he would be rewarded with her unfastening the thin silver chain she wore around her neck and using the key it held to unlock the padlock on his small metal cage, freeing his cock, temporarily at least. After two full weeks of chastity she knew the feeling of an unrestrained erection alone would be a fantastic treat for him, and to be allowed inside her wet, tight hole would feel like heaven.

This evening was going to be fun. They dressed to impress. He wore a smart pair of pants, a well fitted shirt and some brown shoes, Claire wore silver shoes with three inch heels, giving her height a boost and some extra definition to the muscles on her claves. Her dress was black and floaty, swaying around her knees, chosen mainly because it fitted nicely around her large belly, but also because it showed a generous amount of cleavage.

Once she had dressed she gave him a twirl and asked what he thought, he noticed that the front of the dress was so open that some of her black bra cups were visible. He knew she would not normally go for this on a night out, but when he mentioned it she laughed and said it was fine. He realised why this was when Claire asked him to help put on her necklace for her. She handed it to him and turned away so he could fasten the clasp at the back of her neck, when she turned back around he saw that her silver necklace was almost being presented to the world along with the small shiny metal key she had hung on it. The key was dangling in plain view nestled between her ample cleavage. He knew it would be seen by everyone.

“Relax” she told him. “You asked me to be your key holder. Tonight we’re going somewhere where no-one will know us and I want to show off my key.”

He had tried to argue the point but she dismissed him by saying “It’s just a key on a necklace, no-one will know what it’s for.” He was not convinced, but it was her key and her decision, besides, it was part of his chastity fantasy to have his key holder exposing him in public.

He drove them along the motorway, almost an hour from their home, to the small Italian mersin escort restaurant Claire had chosen for them. They spent their evening chatting and relaxing in each other’s company while enjoying some good food. Claire was drinking white wine and soda while he stayed on lemonade and water, not bothered about drinking alcohol while in chastity, and knowing there was more driving he would be doing that night

As he had hoped, Claire was relaxed and happy and before long they were flirting like they had used to twenty years before, each only having eyes for the other and both feeling completely in love.

“Take me dancing” she asked him with a smile, so he attracted the attention of a passing waitress and asked for the bill. She was young, thin and dressed in a tight black outfit, her pretty eyes framed with some stylish glasses. He felt his face redden as he caught her eyes glance over Claire’s necklace and the key; he saw the corner of her mouth rise in a small smirk. Claire however was clearly loving every moment and he watched as his wife exchanged a big smile with the young waitress.

A short while later they entered a small bar with a live three piece jazz band playing on a stage in the corner. The room was dimly lit with red and yellow lights, giving it a late night feel. They saw the room was busy enough not to look empty, but not too crowded that they would be forced to stand. Claire went to choose herself a drink from a large list of special cocktails written in chalk over the bar while he excused himself to use the bathroom.

Bathroom visits were always slightly awkward in chastity, having someone see your cage at the urinal was a risk and would be bad enough on its own, but the end of the cage would sometimes cause a mess if his cock had shifted slightly inside, this meant it was just easier to piss sitting down, out of sight from anyone else.

He had an awkward wait for the one lockable toilet to come free. As there were plenty of urinals available he got a couple of funny looks from guys entering and leaving the bathrooms who saw him stood there waiting.

Eventually the cubicle came free and he was relieved to drop his pants in privacy. It felt odd, holding his caged cock in his hand, knowing that only a few feet away other men were stood, holding their cocks and peeing freely.

2 – An unexpected meeting.

He walked back into the main room and was greeted with an amazing sight. At the bar was Claire, her back to him, her wide backside and body looking amazing in her black dress, her blonde bob contrasting the dark outfit. Next to her was another woman, dressed in a cream outfit with longer darker hair, except for this the two could be twins, almost the same height and shape, two big beautiful girls, dressed in sexy outfits and looking hot. He felt a stirring in his cage and the tightness was almost painful before he could regain control, the immediate thought of seeing these two women together naked was almost overwhelming. He became even more excited when he saw that the two seemed to be talking and laughing together. It was almost as if his dreams had come true when the bartender finished serving drinks and Claire came across to him, handing him a glass of lemonade and introduced him to Lisa.

They found a table in the corner with a view of the band and dancefloor, Claire and Lisa continued chatting and laughing away as though they had known each other for years. He was making small talk with Lisa’s husband who had been introduced as Sean. They talked and joked about football and music, but it was obvious that both he and Sean were enjoying watching their two wives talk and laugh more than their own conversation, he sensed that Sean too had noticed and was thinking of how similar the two gorgeous women looked and was no doubt having the same internal imaginings about how nice the pair would look naked together.

It had almost escaped his mind that Claire was so openly wearing his key until she turned his way and he caught a clear view of it between her breasts, he suspected Sean would have seen it if he had taken the opportunity to look at the pale mounds of his wife’s bosom, and he expected Sean would not missed that chance. Lisa was sat facing Claire, leant in close so they could hear each other talk; surely she would be unable to miss it. But nothing was mentioned to him and his anxiety passed.

The girls drank another cocktail before deciding some dancing was needed, with much laughter they dragged their husbands up onto the dancefloor. He gave his best effort at dancing and was feeling out of breath only a few songs later. To give himself a moment or two to recover he moved to the edge of the dancefloor and knelt to fasten his shoe laces tighter. He found he was unable to resist this small opportunity to look at his wife’s shapely legs, and next to hers were Lisa’s who also had a sexy pair. He noticed that Lisa wore a golden bracelet around her left ankle.

An hour or mersin escort bayan so later the band had stopped playing and their evening was finished. He shook hands with Sean before enjoying a brief embrace and a cheek peck from Lisa, was it his imagination or did he feel her press her soft belly against his crotch hard enough to feel his caged cock.

As he watched Claire hugging Sean he wondered if his wife would also be taking her opportunity to check out his package. Both men then watched their wives give each other a hug, fat belly’s and large breasts pressing together, the two were left feeling slightly disappointed when they only gave each other a quick kiss on the cheek.

Driving back Claire was in a fine mood, playing music and talking about what fun she had had, how nice Lisa had been and telling her husband that they had swapped numbers so they could arrange to meet up again.

He asked if Lisa had noticed his key. Claire laughed and said “Of course she did, and I’m sure she knows what it’s for. Did you not see her ankle?” He was left confused at this, not sure what his wife meant, but their conversation moved onto other things and he had to concentrate on his driving as the anticipation of getting his wife home and naked started to build.

A short while later and Claire was holding him to her large naked body, she stroked and gripped his hair with one hand while squeezing his balls slightly too tightly with the other, his cock was as hard as the small metal cage would allow, with the sensations so intense he wasn’t sure if he was feeling pleasure or pain. His hands were furiously working away between Claire’s wide open legs, one hand pushing her smooth pussy lips open while his thumb worked slow circles around her clit, the other hand with fingers pressed together being used to penetrate her sopping hole. He was pushing four fingers gently but firmly as far inside his wife as he could before twisting them around as he pulled back out.

After several minutes spent steadily fucking her with his fingers he looked at Claire’s face, seeing she had her eyes closed tight, lost in her private fantasies, how he wished he could see what she was thinking to get herself so wet and hot. She came loudly, telling him repeatedly not to stop, before pushing his hands away as the sensations became too much for her to bear. As he watched his gorgeous wife slowly come down from her orgasm he allowed himself the pleasure of licking his fingers clean of her juices, savouring Claire’s taste and smell.

Afterwards Claire held him and drifted off to sleep, he felt his cock continue to throb, and it took some time passing before the swelling eventually reduced enough to allow sleep to take him as well.

3 – Claire arranges a meeting.

By the following week he had been released by Claire from his chastity, she was starting to keep him locked for longer and it was becoming more frequent, but this was by no means a full time thing between them.

Several weeks passed and the urge to be locked again was growing, but he was still enjoying being able to cum again at his own discretion rather than when his wife decided.

It was a bright sunny day in early summer and Claire had gone out to shop and have her hair cut and coloured, giving him the opportunity to relax around the house and garden. He was idly contemplating lighting the barbecue and opening himself a beer when his phone beeped. It was Claire, “We’ve been invited out next Saturday” the message read.

Another beep “You remember Lisa and Sean we met at the bar.”

“They’re having a special house party and Lisa has invited us.”

He shook his head at Claire’s texting, why send one simply message when three would do he thought; it was like a stream of consciousness, unfiltered and random.

“It’s only a week away, so you should probably have a shower and a shave.”

“You can put it on.”

“The padlock is in the top drawer of my jewellery box.”

“Love you x”

Within the hour he was washed and his cock and balls had been carefully shaved, his cage was on and the padlock was threaded through the clasp.

When Claire arrived home she gave him a long slow kiss and then stood back to watch him undo his button and zip and pull down his jeans and boxers revealing his cock and cage. She gave him a quick inspection before clicking the padlock closed. With the sharp metallic sound their game began and his cock and his orgasms were now Claire’s until she unlocked him and they decided to end his chastity session. Sometimes this may be a few days, other times she would keep him locked a few weeks, interspaced with some teasing and maybe even the odd orgasm if she felt he deserved one.

He spent the next week however wondering what was happening, Claire had not teased him or his cock once since locking him, unusually she had not let him give her an orgasm either. Instead she was making it clear to him that she was using her toys while escort mersin he was not there to help or watch.

It was disconcerting, but Claire had just laughed at him when he brought it up “You’ve had lots of pussy recently, greedy boy, Just you wait.”

Saturday arrived and he had been hoping that Claire would allow him to trim down her pubes and shave her fat pussy lips clean, he had been trying his best all week to impress her and show that he deserved a treat, but instead she gave him some errands and when he returned he found her already dressed and ready, looking sexy in a large red Summer dress decorated with a fine black pattern. He was sent to shower and get ready and he saw that some casual pants and a checked shirt had been left on the bed for him to wear.

As they set off the hugged and looked at themselves in their large hallway mirror, they looked good together they decided, not overdressed, but just right for a summer dinner party.

As usual when on a chastity date he would remain sober and drive, Claire seemed quiet as she gave him the directions, it was clear she had something on her mind.

He asked how they had managed to get invited to Lisa and Sean’s, and Claire explained that she and Lisa had been texting and talking since they had met a few weeks ago, in fact they had booked their hair appointments together the previous weekend and had then spent the afternoon together having a chat and a drink.

The drive didn’t take too long and it was only a short while later that he pulled the car up onto the drive of the house Claire had directed him to.

He felt nervous, Claire and Lisa were clearly getting on well and he would be expected to do the same with Sean, he remembered that he was slightly older than him, a bit taller and maybe a bit heavier, he had been quite softly spoken and not loud or brash, but with a quick wit and dry sense of humour, so there was good potential that they could find something to talk about. At worst he imagined they would both be entranced by their BBW wives, they had that in common, both loving big fat women, worshipping in his case, but he did not imagine their chastity play would be a topic of conversation. Just steer clear of politics and religion he thought, stick to football or work and ask lots of questions about how Sean had met Lisa and he would be fine.

He led Claire up some steps to the front door and rang the bell. Sean opened the door with a greeting and a smile and the two shook hands, Sean was dressed in a white shirt with some blue jeans. He stood aside to allow Claire to enter the house first, she gave Sean a hug with a quick kiss on the cheek, and he noticed the blush on Sean’s face.

They stepped inside and Sean led them through a large lounge area, a comfy looking couch stood on a nice wooden floor with a large fireplace and book cases around the room, they walked through then to a modern looking kitchen dining area. Lisa was there, dressed in a bright yellow sundress with a pale blue flowers and green leaf pattern, her long brown hair tied up in a bun, she was just putting the finishing touches to four plates of food, but stopped to greet Claire.

Both men watched hungrily as the two large women embraced and said their hellos. They looked so similar in body shape it was unreal; their heights were the same, with only the colour of their hair as a contrast.

He felt a tightening in his cage as he instantly imagined again the two naked together, looking at Sean he saw again a nervous blush and realised he must be having similar thoughts.

They all sat and ate a lovely meal, the wine was flowing for the girls and both men were starting to get to know each other better. He usually did not enjoy dinner parties, but this one was turning out to be a relaxed, fun evening.

After they had finished their desserts the two women moved to sit on the couch in the lounge together as the boys rinsed off the plates and loaded the dishwasher.

He heard the girl’s laughter and Claire saying that “They are both so well trained”

4 – Claire and Lisa share some secrets.

“Come through here boys” called Lisa and they found themselves stood looking down on their women who were sat close together in the centre of the couch. They were looking gorgeous together in their summer dresses, wine glasses in hand. From his viewpoint four large breasts were stretching bright fabric tight while two large belly’s pushed against each other, beneath this were two sets of shapely legs, with plenty of flesh showing from where the girls short dresses had ridden up.

Claire looked up at him with large innocent eyes and said “Do you like Lisa’s ankle bracelet?” Lisa shifted and lifted her leg up onto Claire’s lap causing the two to giggle as a glimpse of her thick thigh was revealed and quickly covered. “Don’t you think I would look sexy with one too?”

He mumbled an agreement, unsure where this was heading.

Lisa then looked at Sean and asked him “Do you like Claire’s necklace?” she reached her hand almost into Claire’s cleavage and pulled the chain out revealing the key to her husband.

Sean said it looked nice, but both men were blushing hard and they shared a glance, seeing that they were each surprised by the turn of events.

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