Unexpected Office Fun

29 Mayıs 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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I scratch my head in frustration as I stare down at the reconciliation sheet in front of me. For some reason I just can’t seem to focus on the project in front of me, I try to tell myself that it’s because it’s Friday and I can’t wait to start my weekend, but I know that’s not the case. Ever since my fiancé hurt his back I haven’t been getting sex as much as I’d like and on this particular day I’m horny as hell. I’ve come to the realization that I’m not going to get this particular fund to balance today and I’m about to call it quits when I feel something bump the back of my chair. Instinctively I turn around and there you are standing behind me with a goofy grin on your face. Your presence is a welcomed distraction from the work sitting in front of me. I swivel my chair around to face you expecting you to have backed up a bit, but to my surprise you had not and now I’m face to face with your crotch. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex that merely being that close to a man’s cock gets to me. I can feel the heat pooling in my stomach and between my legs causing me to squeeze my thighs together tightly. Fearing that you can sense what I’m thinking I move my eyes up your face and notice that your looking down at me with that same goofy grin and I’m thankful that my staring has gone unnoticed. I lean back in my chair and you take your usual seat in the spare chair in my office. For the next 5 minutes or so our conversation is light. We talk about video games, your room mate, nothing out of the ordinary.

We’re in the middle of an in depth conversation when I remember I have some candy in my secret stash drawer. I lean over to pull some out and my top slides down a bit and I catch you staring down my shirt. I smile to myself and reach down even further making sure to give you a good eye full. I’m normally a modest woman, but having you stare at me like that sends a wave of heat through my veins, so I decide to stay bent over a little longer than is required. When I lean up and hand you some candy I notice an unmistakable bulge in the front of your pants. I avert my eyes quickly trying to pretend that I didn’t see it but the rosiness in my cheeks gives me away.

“Sorry…It’s just…it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten any action.” You give a nervous chuckle and start to get up out of the chair. I put my hand on your knee to stop you and we sit like that staring at each other for a few minutes before I sit back in my chair.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s been awhile for me too…Since Stevie’s illegal bahis injury he hasn’t been able to well…you know… ‘perform’.” I don’t know why but I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this to you because somewhere deep inside I think maybe my fiancé just doesn’t find me attractive many more. Maybe he could stand having sex after his spinal surgery but just doesn’t want to with me. I look down at my feet, letting my hair fall from behind my ear hoping that it’ll shield me so you won’t see the tears threatening to escape my eyes. I hear you move your chair closer to me until I feel your knees bump up against mine. You place your hand on my knee and the warmth of your hand on my bare knee makes me look up. You look into my eyes with a look that is part pity, part embarrassment, and part lust.

You lean forward and I know what you intend to do. I know I should stop you, tell you I have a fiancé , but I can’t bring myself to stop you. So instead I close my eyes and feel your lips brush mine. The kiss lasts only a moment and is so light and tentative that it can hardly be called a kiss at all, but somehow just that little kiss is enough to ignite a fire inside of me. This time when you lean in I meet you halfway biting gently at your lower lip. This causes you to let out a low moan and I feel your hand grip my knee tighter. Without warning your other hand grabs the back of my neck and pulls me to you for another kiss and this one is anything but soft. I feel your tongue lick across my lips seeking entrance and after a moment of hesitation I part my lips and grant you access. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this so I let you take the lead, feeling your tongue explore my mouth. I can feel the hairs from your beard tickling my face and I let out a small giggle. I feel you tense up and realize that you think I’m laughing at you, so to quiet your fears I kiss you back. Slowly sliding my tongue past your lips and I’m greeted by the faint taste of chocolate and something that is entirely you. I feel you relax and give in, giving me time to explore your mouth the same way you did mine. When we finally break the kiss we are both breathing heavy, cheeks flushed and unable to look each other in the eye. It’s not until then that I realize how quiet the office is. It’s the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and everybody but us has already left for the weekend.

Knowing we are the only ones left in the office gives me new confidence and I reach forward and place my hand over your crotch. I’m rewarded with illegal bahis siteleri a groan and a slight bucking of your hips. I rub my hand up and down the length of your hardness making sure to apply slightly more pressure on the head. You let me do this a few more times before you place your hand on top of mine and stop me.

“I’m not gonna last much longer if you keep it up.” I can hear the shaking in your voice and I can tell you need this as much as I do. I throw my last bit of caution to the wind and stand up and sit on my desk in front of you. I lift my legs so you can see up my skirt and run my hand down my body and between my legs. I rub myself through my panties going nice and slow so you can see what I’m doing. I tilt my head back letting out a low moan as I enjoy the feeling of my own fingers and somehow knowing you’re watching makes it feel even better. You reach out and grab my wrist, stopping my hand and placing it at my side. I’m about to protest when I feel you run your fingers over the crotch of my panties. I hear you groan when you feel how wet I already am. You reach up grabbing the top of my panties and pull them off. I flinch as I feel the cool air hit my freshly shaven pussy. I have my eyes closed but I can feel you staring at me. I squirm a bit uncomfortable with all the attention and I’m about to open my eyes when I feel your tongue lick up my slit, tasting me. You do this several times and the feeling if your tongue on my sensitive flesh is driving me up the wall. Without warning you lick harder running your tongue over my clit and I can’t stop the loud moan that escapes my throat.

I can feel the pressure building inside of me and I know I won’t last much longer. You sense you’ve got me on the edge and you stop. My eyes fly open angered at my denial but my anger fades as I watch you stand up. You undo your belt and push you pants and boxers down. I’m impressed by what I see and smile a bit to myself. You shuffle towards me but then you stop . Looking at me as if asking permission, so I give a brief nod letting you know it is alright. Placing your hand on my chest you push me back until I’m laying on my back and you put my legs on your shoulders and pull my hips so that my ass is right at the edge of the desk. Without warning you push into me and I can feel you slowly stretching my pussy filling me. Once you’re fully inside me you stop and I know you’re trying to keep yourself from cumming too fast but I’m already on the edge so I tighten myself around you. The canlı bahis siteleri groan you let out is loud and animalistic and you pull out and slam back into me. I scream your name as you start fucking me harder. Suddenly you pull my hips up off the desk allowing you to plow further into me and hit my sweet spot. I grab onto your forearms looking for something anything to keep me grounded as I feel my orgasm approach. I try to hold it off as long as I can enjoying the feeling of you inside me.

You let my legs down and lean down over me resting on your elbows. I wrap my legs around your waist and the added feeling of you pressed down against me does me in. I bury my face in your neck and moan. I dig my nails into your back as my orgasm racks my body.

“Oh fuck! I made you cum!” you sound so surprised it almost makes me laugh. Then you stand up and grab my hips and start to pound into me harder and faster than before. I can tell you’re close by the erratic movement of your hips and the almost painful grip you have on my hips. “Fuck! Do I have to pull out?” I feel stupid for not having thought of the consequences of our actions. But then I realized I wanted to feel you cum inside me.

“No! I want to feel you cum inside me.” That remark sends you over the edge and with a load moan I feel you cumming inside me. You keep thrusting through your orgasm filling me up. You let out what sounds like whimpers your last few thrusts and then you stop. You just stand there and I can feel your legs shaking and then you lean over a bit breathing heavy. We stay like that a few moments while you come down. When you pull out you let out a low moan and shutter and I groan missing the feeling of you inside of me. I’m about to sit up when you push me down. I hear you rustling in my drawers and then I feel you wiping me clean. When you’re done you help me off the desk and then pull up your pants and fasten your belt. I reach for my panties and realize I can’t find them.

“Keeping them as a souvenir.” You pat your pocket. I just shake my head and laugh. Looking at the clock we realize its time to go home. The elevator ride to the basement is awkward and as we walk across the parking lot together you don’t look at me. But when we get to my car you grab my wrist and pull me to you. For a moment you just look at me then you kiss me. It’s quick and I’m sure no one was around to see it. Then you walked away to your car. I opened the back door pushing my purse and lunch pail inside. As I’m climbing in the car you call my name.

“I’ll be thinking about you this weekend!” You shout across the lot. A few fellow employees hear you and look at us before quickly walking off. I flash you a big smile and get in my car. God knows I’ll be thinking about you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32