Victorian Housemaid

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Hello! 🙂

It’s my first ever attempt at this kind of story so bear with me, I’m sure I’ll get better with more stories! I felt like there was a distinct lack of proper historical erotica, and personally I love it so I thought I’d try and help bridge the gap a bit? Thank you for reading!


I had worked for the Mullens family for just under a year now, since my eighteenth birthday. I suppose I was lucky to find work with them when I did, it was a cold winter this year, I’m lucky they took me on, of course I didn’t know just how lucky I would get…

It’s the golden rule of any housemaid to be seen and not heard…but ideally not to be seen either. Ms. Hatchet, the housekeeper, told me that on my very first day. Generally I had always stuck to this golden rule, but sometimes fate has other ideas for us.

On a freezing February morning, just a bit before sunrise I was lighting the fires in the master’s study, like I always do at this time when he walked in. I’d never actually been alone with him until this moment and I felt like I would suffocate in his presence. He had a strong manly build, the type of man you want to wrap around you. He seemed very fit, though I’m not sure how because he made it a point to take the carriage everywhere. Thick dark hair slicked back in a revealing way. An inviting get way. Everything about him screamed power, and it intoxicated me from the beginning.

“What are you doing, girl? I’ve never seen you in here before.” I didn’t know how to respond. Housemaids weren’t supposed to be heard. I lowered my head to hide my throbbing cheeks.

I heard him move over to the armchair in front of the fire, he had to pass me to get there. I thought I might faint.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I always light the fires in here about this time, ain’t never run into no one. Terribly sorry. Shall I go then?” I said it in such a squeaky voice it’s a wonder he even understood me.

“What’s your name? I’m sure I would have remembered seeing you about.” He looked at me darkly, the way I’ve seen men looking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at the women who do it behind the alleyway for a four pence.

“I’m Alice, Sir. I’ve worked here for a while, you haven’t noticed me because it’s apart of ma job not to be seen nor ‘eard, if it please you, Sir.”

“Yes Alice, you please me very much.” I’m young but I’m not stupid, those words were so loaded I could feel the weight of them hanging in the air.

“Come and sit here next to me, just by my feet here. Come on.”

I did.

“You know Mrs. Mullens is currently with child? Ah, it is difficult for a man like me you know. Stressful job, stressful home life, I’m bursting with frustration. It’s not healthy for a man to be bursting like that, don’t you know Alice?”

“No Sir, s’pose not”

“So you’ll help me won’t you, sweet girl?” Stroking my chin now, gradually moving down to my collarbonea the top of my tits. “You are, after all, very dedicated to your job, aren’t you? I can see that.” He said that while staring at my tits. I do have very, very nice tits, big and round and milky.

I was breathing so heavily someone would think I was a dog. “Yes sir, whatever you need.” As scared as I was, I liked this feeling, this overwhelming desire to be desired, I suppose.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear so that his breath caused moisture to settle on the inner folds. “Meet me on the servant’s stairs, after everyone has laid down to bed for the night. You’ll help me out so well, my dear sweet girl.”

I wanted to be his girl, but not his sweet girl. I wanted to be his very very naughty girl, even then.


At around 3AM I waited for him ( I still didn’t even know his first name) on the stairs in a storage alcove, one which I had always thought was very oddly placed until that moment, and it’s convenience became all too clear.

I only wore my billowing nighty, my tits we’re hanging free and the moisture from my cunt was catching the wind. I was tingling.

I heard his footsteps güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri after a short wait, he was wearing slippers.

He came at me with a burst of passion. Backed me up into the alcove, I felt completely secluded by him there. He was kissing my neck, and my stomach had butterflies. His hand was groping my right tit so tightly, almost in a rage. I wondered how long it had been for him. A man in need.

He quickly turned me round so my face was pushed up against some shelves and pulled my nighty up a bit so my naked ass was exposed and I felt him on it in a second.

He pushed himself up against me so that I felt his cock rubbing against me. I remember that I thought it was the largest thing I’d ever felt. So big, but I wanted to take it all.

“You’ve been such a good little girl, I’ve got a reward for you, can you feel it my darling, it’s all for you, do you want it?”

“I want it” I answered so quickly you’d think I was more eager than him “give it to me please, sir. I want it inside me.” I was surprised myself by how wantonly I was behaving. Must’ve learnt something from those girls in the alleyway.

“Mmm you feel so ready for me.” By now he had his fingers on my cunt. In my cunt. I could feel his cold wedding ring again it, getting covered in my juices. Everything about this encounter was dirty and wrong, but so completely passionate. The dirtier the better is what I say now.

“Please sir, I want your cock, don’t you want to put it in?” For he was still grinding it into my pretty ass and I had such a desperate need I reached back and started roughly fondling it through his dressing gown. I managed to find the parting, and like a curtain opening my hand was on his big, hard cock. It felt alive in my hand, wet with his pre-cum.

“Mmm don’t you like that girl, do you like the feel of that? You’ll be feeling it a lot from now on, get used to it, now let’s see how it feels inside of this tight, young cunt now shall we? Hmmm?”

I was so wet, so slippery, I don’t think I güvenilir bahis şirketleri gave up any resistance, but I don’t think he would of cared even if I did, he shoved it up inside me, but I liked it just like that, I certainly love it like that now.

We were both breathing so hard I was vaguely worried that someone would hear us, but the only thing that mattered right now was this fucking, I was in euphoria.

“Fuuuuck you’re amazing.” He said to me. I was proud then. “I’m going to keep fucking you pretty little thing, my wife’s going to be out of the game a while and you’ll do veeeeerry nicely” as he said very he emphasised it but pushing his cock up into me as far as it could go, I thought I could feel him inside my stomach. I can only describe it as a good hurt. The best kind of pain. My cunt clamped down around him and quivered. I felt some juices running down my leg.

My tits were shaking, hitting the shelves above them on the upswing, my nippes were getting smacked around but I loved it. I’d never even imagined this much pleasure existed.

“You’ll be my good little girl, won’t you Alice? You’ll do what I say and you’ll be here to receive me when I need it, won’t you? This is the best cunt I’ve had, stay with me Alice. You’ll be my dirty little girl won’t you?”

“Mmmmm yes sir I p-p-promise, I’ll be your good girl, sir. Fuck, I love the way you fuck my cunt, please keep fucking me, sir.”

His breath was at my neck and it made me shiver. He was speeding up and I felt like a dirty whore being taken from behind like this. It was incredible. We were a writhing mass, two bodies grinding in sync, attached together from inside me. It was so hot, I was panting and sweating, moaning and meowing like a whore.

“I’m doing it, Alice, I’m doing it. I’m going to cummmmm.” I felt him releasing inside me, I felt my cunt filling up with his potent seed, but I didn’t care because I felt the best pleasure I’ve ever felt. “Oh yesss, all inside you, lovey girl – can you feel it all inside you? Oh fuck yes.”

I felt some running out of me, even with his cock still inside me acting as a sort of plug, there was so much cum he gave me that night, he pumped it all up inside me where it belongs now.

He licked the corner of my mouth and my neck for emphasis. I was his now, inside and out. I loved it. Wherever would we go next?

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