Virgins No More Ch. 2

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A week had passed since that day. Matt and Sarah had made a concerted effort to see as much of each other as they possibly could, but with studying for their exams, and work, it had been difficult to get any alone time. But now was Friday. Exams over, no work shifts arranged…and more importantly, the house to themselves. Her parents were away for the weekend…

Sarah was intent on making the night perfect. She’d arranged for Matt to come around at seven and she was going to cook a ‘romantic’ meal…well, as far as pasta could be romantic. She’d even spent a few hours tidying the house. Even if Matt wasn’t impressed, her parents certainly would be!

Matt took a bottle of red wine from the cellar before setting out. It was only a ten-minute drive but every second he was thinking of her naked form – picturing every smooth contour of her sleek body. The last time he’d seen it in all its glory it was covered in their mutual sweat. By the time he pulled up outside her house, his cock was bulging and ready to be released. Matt didn’t want her to think that was all he’d come for, so he tried his hardest to suppress the urge before knocking on the door. When he was in an acceptable state, he rang the doorbell and was greeted ten seconds later by her seductive smile. She didn’t even give him the chance to say hello as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, kissing him slowly and sensually. Her left leg curled around his thigh pressing their crotches firmly together. The bulge in his Levis was back in a second, which was met with the renewed vigour of her tongue as she explored his mouth. All the nervousness and uncertainty they’d felt before last week, had evaporated.

She broke their embrace, stepping back which güvenilir bahis allowed him to see her gorgeous form. She was wearing a low cut skirt and blouse with the top three buttons undone giving him an excellent view of her cleavage.

“Come in”, she said as seductively as possible. She took his hand and guided him to the lounge. She’d lit several candles around the room (having turned of the light) and had already prepared the meal. They exchanged small talk about work and their exams as they ate. Neither of them finished the meal…they were hungry for something else. Sarah poured herself another glass of the wine he’d brought. Then she got an idea…

She went as if to top up Matt’s glass but instead sent it flying onto his shirt.

“Oh God, I’m sorry,” she lied unconvincingly. “You’d better take that off before it stains.”

“Errr…yeah, I guess.” He was catching on.

They moved into the kitchen where she ran the tap into the sink. She stepped up close and unbuttoned his shirt slowly, then chucked it under the flowing water. “Best to just let it soak a while.” She murmured, turning off the tap.

Matt moved up close behind her as she poured some detergent into the mix. His hands brushed tentatively across the sides of her thighs. She purred gently as he did so. Taking this as encouragement to proceed, he smoothed his hands down the front of her thighs and pulled her back slightly onto his crotch.

Feeling his bulge grow, she let out a further longer purr, and dropped what she was doing. He slid his hands up under her blouse onto her smooth stomach. Sarah unbuttoned her own shirt, allowing him better access to her body. He slowly cupped her burgeoning tits, and she sighed gently as his manly türkçe bahis hands caressed her orbs.

Matt refocused his attention on her skirt. He unclasped the fastener and slid the garment to the floor. His hands traced slowly back up her legs and onto her abdomen, then while his right hand went back to caressing her breasts, the other went further south.

Sarah smiled as she felt his hand slip gently into her panties. As Matt’s index finger slowly parted her labia, her smile grew even more as she purred deeply once more. She felt so hot between her legs that she thought his fingers would melt, but instead it was her who melted back further into his caress, as his finger worked her clitoris.

Sarah idly slipped her fingers into the sides on her panties and lowered them as far as she could without moving from his touch, before kicking them from her ankles. She spread her legs wider to allow his better access to her pulsing pussy. She cooed with pleasure as his finger slipped away from her clit and deep into her pussy, spreading her inner depths.

Matt instantly noticed how great an effect his teasing had had. Her pussy was literally dripping. He slowly slipped his finger deeper into her pussy, before reworking her clitoris with the lubricated digit. Her felt her relax further into his arms and he had to hold her up with his right to stop her collapsing.

She felt herself go weak at the knees, but could do nothing to prevent it. She was putty in his hands and that’s the way she wanted it tonight…to be treated like a Princess. The thought collapsed in her mind and her whole body sparked in orgasm. His finger continued to work her button and she tensed again as her body rippled with the sensations. She continued güvenilir bahis siteleri to shake as her orgasm subsided. She had newfound strength in her limbs as she turned around and embraced his lips with her own. Matt took the opportunity to unfasten her bra and let it tumble to the floor.

Sarah pushed him up against the cabinet and instantly sank to her knees. She worked his belt away and slid the Levis down the floor to join her own clothes in a crumpled pile. His boxers followed seconds later.

She had never really though about oral sex before, let alone tried it, but she wanted his cock in her mouth and wasn’t going to let inexperience get in her way. She slowly licked the underside of his tool before encasing the head with her eager lips. She gently swirled it around, before moving her head further down the shaft so the head tickled the back oh her throat.

At first Matt was shocked by this sudden move of a previously ‘shy’ girl, but such thoughts were banished from his mind as his primal lust took over. She was giving him sensations he had never dreamed about. He moaned out loud as Sarah’s tongue swirled round the shaft once more. He was seconds away from bursting, but stopped himself long enough to remember his manners.

“Sara..aahh, ahh. You’re gonna make me, ahhh.” It was too late, as he exploded into her eager mouth, his vision clouding over as he strained.

At first the taste was a bit off-putting but she soon accustomed herself to it and gulped down the spurting cream. He continued to pump into her mouth and she took very drop. Sarah got to her feet and embraced him lightly, her arms around his shoulders.

“I hope you’ve got a lot more where that came from.” She whispered gently into his ear.

He was still in shock.

Matt’s sense returned to him about twenty seconds later, and he returned her embrace. “Well, err…wow!” Was all he could bring himself to say. Tonight was going to be very special…

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