Visiting During the Summer Ch. 01

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It was the end of the semester and I had come home for the summer. My mother was a working woman. I usually had the house to myself. I loved to run around the house naked and use my time jacking off to the sex sites on my computer. It was fun being twenty years old and having fun with my cock. I had lots of fun at college, but my girlfriend there lived across the country from me, so I was fucking horny as they come. Jerking my meat was all I could do to keep from going crazy without sex. Then things changed.

My mother was forty-two years old and quite a beautiful woman. I would have done her in a minute but I had never got a vibe that she was into that. I had never made a move on her. She was the oldest child in her family. Personally, I was an only child, and perhaps a little spoiled because of it. I had always got whatever I wanted. To a certain extant, of course. We were not rich people. But mom did well enough after dad had died. We were happy enough.

Mom’s family was her father and mother, and two sisters, younger than she. Both were in their late thirties. Aunt Jennifer, or Jen as we all called her, had been married and divorced twice. She had a daughter eighteen years old. My other aunt was Pauline, or Polly, and she had never been married. Some in the family talked about her behind her back, contemplating how she had lived on and off with many women in her life. I could not have cared less. I thought it cool having a lesbian in the family. I just hoped she was happy.

Anyway, during the summer Aunt Jen decided to come for a visit. It was mom’s slow period so she could take some time and have some fun with her little sister. I liked Aunt Jen. She was what they called a free spirit. She had always been a hoot to be around. And she was great to look at too. The women in my family all kept in great shape. It must have been genetic. Even my grandmother, at sixty-three, was still not too bad to think about in bed. So Aunt Jen was basically hot. Her tits were shaped like my mom’s. About a 34c which was all I ever wanted. Her hair was the family light brown, long and wavy. I loved her. I loved my whole family.

She appeared on a weekend when mom was home and they spent hours jabbering away like the women in the family always did, both talking at the same time, neither listening to the other, but basically just enjoying each other’s company. I could only sit and listen and smile at the pretty women in my life. At last it was time for me to go up to bed. I always took a shower in the evening before bed. I hated waking up with a shower. Something about it just made me feel tired before I had even started the day.

Mom and Jen were still talking and having a little red wine. I went upstairs to my room, changed to just a towel, and went down the hall to the bathroom for my shower. Mom was on the main floor in the master bedroom. Jen would be staying in the guest room next to mine, and sharing the bathroom with me. Not a problem.

I was singing in the shower in a few minutes. I always did that. It made my good voice sound great. I didn’t hear anything but I felt a slight breeze as the door opened.

“Don’t worry, kid. It’s just me. I have to pee. Don’t peek! Can’t hold it anymore.”

Aunt Jen! Damn, my cock started getting hard thinking of her pulling her panties down and sitting on the pot with bornova escort her piss flowing out of her pussy. I cheated. I peeked. Damn, those great legs were spread as she wiped her cunt with the tissue. She was looking down and didn’t see me. I was going to have to jerk off now. I started stroking even before she left the room.

But she didn’t! She pulled the curtain back, saw me holding my boner, and grinned like hell.

“You little perv! Getting off thinking of your aunt! Should I tell Marge? Your mom would love to hear about this.”

And she laughed with the cackle all the women in the family had. My cock started getting soft.

“Oh, did I scare him? Here, let me help you out Billy.”

Oh, holy hell! She reached out and grabbed my cock and began stroking it hard again. I was lost. What should I do? I knew. Let her do it. Hell, I was not about to stop a beautiful woman from giving me a hand job. It took about a minute and I was shooting against the shower wall, watching my come being washed down the drain and Jen was still cackling with glee. She wiped her hands after washing them off, grinned at me, and left the room, probably to go to bed.

So my aunt had given me a hand job. Did this mean something? Could I imagine something else happening? I went to sleep with another hard on in my hand, thinking of Aunt Jen, but she was naked and had her legs spread for me to see her cunt. I had great dreams that night.

I awoke with something wet and warm on my prick. I groaned and heard a giggle. I looked down and Jen had her red lips wrapped around my cock. I knew mom had gone to work by now. It was Monday and I always slept late. Now that I was awake Jen started using her spit to jerk me as she sucked on the head of my cock. Then she started nibbling on it and running her tongue around it, all the while pulling my balls hard and making me moan with lust. I came very fast last night in the shower. I held out much longer this morning.

Looking closer at Jen I saw she was naked with her titties hanging down and her pussy was rubbing against my knee. It was wet and hairless. I could feel her cream running all over my leg. She was sucking so hard I thought I was going to start to come blood. Oh jesus, what a fucking blow job. She must have had lots of practice.

“You’re making me come like a fucking whore, little Billy. Damn, this is great cock. Marge never told me. I could use a lot of this. Fuck, it’s been too long. I’m going to use you kid. I’m going to use you up. Oh fuck, I keep coming.”

All this time she was stroking me as she had done in the shower, but sucking too. Now she needed to take my spunk down her throat. I shot and it surprised her. She choked and then struggled hard to get every fucking drop of come. This bitch loved come. I kept shooting into my aunt’s sucking mouth and she took it all. She licked it clean. Smiling, she looked at me and then told me what I had to do.

“Okay, kiddo. Now it’s your fucking turn. Time to eat some auntie pussy. Mine is all greasy and ready for your tongue. Get your ass up and let me lie down on the pillows. Get to work cunt lapper!”

No fucking problem. I loved eating pussy. My girlfriend and I would 69 almost every night. Now I was getting some new pussy and it was ready. It was leaking bornova escort bayan so much pussy juices, and the lips of her cunt were swollen with passion. Jen had spread her legs just as I had imagined last night and her thighs made me hard again. I loved legs. I was really a leg man. I had to make love to those legs. Her cunt could wait.

Sucking on her toes and licking her feet caused her to giggle and then cackle with glee. My cock was hard and dragging on the coverlet as I licked up along each leg, giving her a nip here and there and sucking choice meat when I found it. I was working on her thighs when she reached down, grabbed my hair with both hands, and crammed my face into her cunt.

“Eat me you little prick! I need some cunt lapping right now. Suck on the clit first, but get to work on that pussy!”

Doing as ordered, with pleasure, I bit her little clit and she squealed, but she still held my head against her and was now humping against my face with her cunt. She was grunting and moaning and coming all over my mouth. I was sucking up all the pussy juices she gave to me.

“Fuck, you little prick, you’re a good cunt eater, oh fuck eat me, suck me, kid eat me out, oh fuck!”

I continued to suck her and crammed my tongue as far up her cunt as I could. I spread the lips wide with my fingers and and tongued deep and hard. Then I crammed three fingers up that pussy and finger fucked her into more coming. I knew what she wanted. She got it. She was squealing with lust and passion and finally became exhausted with the coming. She just wilted.

“Billy boy. Oh damn. Stop now Billy boy. Oh, I can’t take anymore. That was good, kid, very good. I didn’t know how good you would be. You’re a little sex fiend, kid. For a twenty year old you seem to have had a lot of practice. Your girlfriend is a lucky little cunt.”

“Thanks Auntie Jen. With pussy like this I can be very good. You’re a great cunt. Great. I want all you have.”

“All in good time, Billy boy. Be patient. Can’t let Marge know what’s going on. Can we?”

“Oh, I can wait. I can wait a long time for pussy this good, Jen.”

We spent the day going our separate ways. Jen was back in her hometown and she had folks to visit. My grandparents lived across town. She spent the day visiting with them and with old friends. Gramps and Gran would have been over on the weekend but Gramps was getting senile and they didn’t go out much. We would visit them whenever we could, but it was sort of depressing.

I went out to the swimming pool and looked at the precious female flesh on display. It made me horny for some more of Jen’s hot pussy. I was going to have to fuck it if she would let me. In the meantime, I sat by the pool with a prick hard and needing cunt. The girls who had just graduated at eighteen liked to flaunt their titties and firm asses in their tiny bikinis. I didn’t mind. Not at all.

Mom and Jen were home when I got back to the house. They were setting up for dinner. Jen grinned at me and squeezed a tit when mom wasn’t looking. I started to get hard. I ran up stairs saying I was going to change. When I had myself under control I came back down and helped set the table.

We ate and again they chattered back and forth the way they always did. After dinner we cleaned escort bornova up together and Jen kept bumping into me and grinning. She was such a kid at heart. We finished, went into the den, and watched a movie on DVD. Mom sat in her chair. I sat on the couch and Jen sat beside me. In the semi-dark room, while she and mom chatted about the movie, she was rubbing my cock in my pants. I was almost ready to come when the movie ended and the two ladies got up to make cocktails.

After two drinks Mom said she was tired and wanted to go to bed early. I told her to take one of her sleeping pills. It would help her sleep and get a good rest. She thought that was a good idea. So did I. So did Jen. As mom was passing into her bedroom Jen and I were beginning to make out on the den couch.

I was rubbing those tits I loved and she was cramming her tongue down my mouth while she held my head and rubbed my hair with her hands. Then I put my arms about her and we embraced as I kissed her neck and ears, making her moan with lust.

“Fucking hell, you are something else Billy boy, oh god, I love this. Kiss me harder kid!”

We continued making out for another fifteen minutes. Just like high school kids. It was fun. But at last I needed to get my hard cock into some Aunt Jen. I stopped, gave her a peck on the nose and picked her up. The ladies in the family were all small. I could handle her easily.

I carried her up to my room. By now mom should be sound asleep, with two drinks and an Ambien in her. I gently placed Jen down on my bed. I wanted her to watch me strip and admire my body. I did it slow like a stripper. She giggled and began peeling off her blouse and skirt and the bra she was wearing. No panties, of course. Little twat! As I stepped out of my jeans she saw I was going commando, too. She cackled. I laughed out loud at us both.

“Jen, you need some prick rammed into that pussy. Don’t give me a hard time, auntie. I want to fuck you so badly I’m aching. Look at this cock. It’s never been this hard. It’s hard for you Jen. Let’s fuck!”

“What the hell do you think I’m here for kid? I need it more than you do. Let’s fuck now, Billy!”

And we did. I jumped on top of her and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my back. I guided my cock into her leaking pussy. I humped and it slid in and then in and out and the fucking began. Harder and deeper and she was biting my neck and scratching my back and I could care less, I wanted to fuck her cunt so badly.

My Aunt Jen was a fucking wildcat when it came to screwing. She clearly loved it. She couldn’t get enough. I was thrusting so hard that her moaning was a rippling noise in the room and I was groaning myself as I crammed all the cock I could into that pussy. Fucking and fucking and screwing and screwing.

“Fuck me Billy, fuck me fuck me fuck me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, holy fuck I’m coming coming coming!”

Grunting like a fucking hog I rammed her and started coming myself. Strings of spunk were filling her snatch and she could feel it filling up and I kept humping so she would not stop coming and coming, and I was rubbing those beautiful thighs and grabbing her luscious ass cheeks to ram her harder, and I kept coming and she was creaming and we fucking collapsed on top of each other and were just moaning with spent lust as my prick slipped out of her quim and she leaned over and sucked me dry. My Aunt Jen. What a slut. I loved her.

The next day she said goodbye. She had to get back to her own home. Her daughter would be back from her trip abroad. But she smiled at me in secret as she hugged mom. I could tell Aunt Jen would need a return visit.

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