Watching Auntie Jo

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Alli Rae

Crouching over, his whole weight was against the doorframe as he secretly peered through the gap.

The glare of the afternoon sun disappeared as Jo pulled the curtains in her nephews room. After the early morning start for the drive to her sisters, she had needed that long shower. Sitting down at his desk, she pulled the towel from her wet hair and began to rub it dry. Reaching for her hairdryer, she jumped at the loud ring from her mobile phone beside it.

“Oh it’s you honey, yes I made it here okay. Sarah is still out at work but her son, Billy let me in. he’s grown so much since I last saw him, he’s a young man now.”

Shifting the phone to the other side, she continued.

“What do you mean I haven’t left anything in the cupboards for you. There’s plenty to eat. I’m only visiting for a couple of days anyway, you won’t starve!” she joked.

“Yeah, I’ve got the overnight bag right beside me…the side pocket? Why do you want me to look in there, have you hidden something gross?” reaching into the bag, she found a beautifully wrapped present.

“What’s this for? Hold on while I see what it is.”

The shiny paper fell to the floor as she grinned at the box in her hand.

“Ohmygoodn… What the hell did you get me one of these for? Do you think I can’t last for more than a day away from you, without something like this to keep me company?” Prizing the end of the box open with her finger, she emptied the contents onto the bed beside her.

“When do you suppose I’m gonna use this? There are other people in this house Jim. What will young Billy think, in the wee small hours of the night, when he hears a loud buzzing hum, coming from Auntie Jo’s room?”

She ran the smooth plastic tip against the side of her thigh.

“…Well I suppose I could try it out now if you want…I think Billy’s outside kicking his football around so he won’t hear anything. Just a minute while I find the ON switch…”

Twisting the dial at the base, it purred into life.

“…can you hear it honey, it’s on now. Don’t see how I’m gonna get it all in though, it must be about nine inches long! “

She gazed at the monster in her hand. Shiny, chrome finished plastic. It looked aggressive. It sounded eager. The tip fell downward, like a homing missile; it found its waiting target. Guiding inward, the fleshy thighs parted, reflecting in its contours.

His cock twitched into life as his Aunts towel fell around her feet. Trying to stifle the noise of his breathing, he stood mesmerised at the sight before him.

Beads of water trickled gebze escort from her slim round shoulders and tracked their way around the swollen curves of her full breasts. Tracing and weaving over the light arch of her belly, it disappeared amongst the dark hair between her thighs.

Reaching past the elasticated waistband, he pulled back on his fleshy hose and twitched slightly at the sudden roughness of his boxer shorts against its engorgement.

Jo forced the entrance of the toy. Too easy and pleasurable to be right.

“Jim, why haven’t you got me one of these before now? You’re out of a job…I’ve found your replacement!…Ring me back tomorrow!”

There was a dull thud as the phone hit the floor.

The mattress springs creaked as she threw herself back. Her hips bucked hard as she rode her bullying drone.

“That’s it baby, do me now!”

Her anguished gasps sent tremors through him. Hot, slick precum smeared its tip.

Not too much more. His churning fluids begged release. Auntie Jo, on his bed, doing this!

The dial flicked up a notch, she welcomed the racing pleasures. Her straining hips tried to keep up. It felt so good.

His face contorted, he couldn’t bear to miss a beat. Furiously humping at his trapped fist, he couldn’t miss a second.

Ripping through her, it finally came, impossible to hold off. Crying and whimpering, as its relentless energy, worked, buried deep. The soaking sheets clung.

A final stroke and he was there. Spattering cum at its powerful release. His teeth clenched, he checked for spillage. He’d be found out, if she stood on some on leaving.

The muffled buzz was loud again with its job finished and its mistress satisfied. Her limp frame relaxed as she drew in a breath.

“Did you like what you saw Billy?”

He froze at the mention of his name. He had been caught.

“Come in here, Billy…I know you’re there,” her words rang in his ears

He shuffled forward; his gaze fell just short off the carpet before him.

He scratched at the back of his neck, nervously. He could feel her stare.

“Are you…will mum…I didn’t mean to keep looking!” he pleaded.

“Look at me, Billy,” she said softly.

Turning to the side, he started to fidget.

“Billy, look at me; I’m not cross with you.”

He cast a worried, sideward glance.

“Look, I’m not going to say anything to anyone, we can keep this between us if you want.”

His expression changed to disbelief.

“You’re not gonna shout or anything?” gebze escort bayan he probed her, unbelieving.

“I’m kind of flattered actually….”

“I didn’t mean any harm, I don’t even know why I did it” he still couldn’t believe her understanding attitude.

“You are a teenage boy. You are naturally curious. Don’t worry…did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, hmm, I mean, well like I say, I didn’t see much.”

“You liar…you were there the whole time. I bet you even…” she grinned, pointing at the swelling in the front of his trousers. “You did, you even played with yourself…” stifling a laugh, she took him by the arm. “You played with it, while you were watching!”

He turned away and took her jibe in silence.

“Oh, Billy. That’s so sweet. Was it nice, did you…you know…well…did you finish?”

Cradling his hand, she ran a finger round the crook of his thumb. A thin string of pearlescence drew from her finger as she drew it away.

“Was this for me? Did I make you…Oh, Billy.”

Running her sticky finger across her lower lip, she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” her finger traced a path downward.

He shook his head almost imperceptibly.

“I do, don’t I Billy. I make you nervous. Would you feel any better if I did this…”

Her hand slipped past the elastic of his waistband. He flinched.

“I bet it was harder than this before…when you were spying at the door…tugging at it, hoping I wouldn’t find out. But I did, didn’t I?” she was in his space now, she could feel the heat of his body, the soft downy stubble on his pubescent face, his pace of breath.

“I shouldn’t be here…not with you…you’re my Aunt!”

She easily foiled his pathetic attempt at escape.

“You don’t need to be ashamed, you’re not depraved or anything…you just need to be shown” she reassured, holding him.

“Shown? What do I need to be shown?”

Resuming her position on the bed, she beckoned him closer.

“I’ve heard enough of your apologies. Let me see what that mouth feels like around these”.

She pulled him toward her.

“You mean, your…” she interrupted, a finger on his lips.

“Hush…” her finger fell to the top of her tightly wrapped towel. A painted nail rasping the rough cotton. A taught fold forcing a deep cleavage beneath. A sharp tug and they bounced free. Her soft fingertips, tracing the full contour, she gathered a handful and presented him with the squashy flesh.

He latched, greedy to escort gebze consume far more than he could manage.

“Easy tiger…” she stroked at his cheek, “she’s sensitive y’know. A step at a time please…now stop trying to get the whole lot in your mouth and start with the nipple. Roll your tongue round it, as if…yes like that. You’ve got it. Ooh that’s a good boy. Hmm, lovely” his tongue circling her swollen saucer, she moaned in approval.

Hooking a finger behind the elastic, she had him bare in a second.

“Time for me to see what you’ve got” she smirked.

Her hand tousled his hair, seductively.

“Would you mind if I played with this, baby?” she enquired, feigning innocence.

“He’s a good size. Nice and thick too. I like that. You carry on with that and I’ll see what I can do with this” its’ swollen cap twitched to attention.

Her chin on his head, she continued her teasing, “lets see now…I’m kind of working blind here but this bit feels all hot and a bit sticky. There is a ridge all round the bottom. There’s a sort of dip at the back and when I touch that…hey, keep it still will you…that must have been a sensitive bit ‘cos he jumped all over. Feels kind of like it could be the tip of your cock in my hand” her merciless teasing reflected in his frantic nuzzling.

He apologised as he made to remove the rest of the towel but was cut short.

She grinned.

“Now, you gonna be a good boy and let me show you!”

“But I just want to see more. I need to see it” his gaze fell to where the wet towel fell into the valley between her thighs.

She tugged at his young cock, motioning him upward. She ran the pointed tip of her tongue around the ridge at the base of his helmet. His head swam with the pleasures of his Aunts’ mouth on his penis. She gobbled at the hot tip, taking it in, massaging with her soft lips.

Grabbing his shoulder, she shoved him back. He landed, bouncing on the mattress and trying to compose himself enough to look unflustered.

Jo ran his tip along the wet crack. It shoved and slid, trying to find its way in. She held him off, trying to get the most out of it. She stopped him short, watching the tormented expression on his face as he lunged and bucked, vainly attempting entry.

Jo sank onto his thick meat. Purging him of his childish naivety.

A frantic look on his face, like an athlete at the start of a race, he coiled his hips for that all-important first shot at her. She anticipated it and rode the attempt. She was amused that he could not get what he wanted straight away.

Her excitement proved short lived, as his eyes shot open and she felt a warm flood inside.

“Was that nice baby…you look as though you enjoyed it…I am so glad to be your first.”

He looked up at his Aunt and smiled. Maybe they could find a bit more time to share their new secret before she left.

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