Who Untied Me? Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

This is part of a series of otherwise independent stories sharing the same general concept – but placed in different settings to fit different categories on Literotica, and as such part of a personal experiment to see how many categories I can cover. Enjoy!


Finally, June has come. Finally, I have some time for myself, and with it some time for Melody, usually called Mel, my girlfriend of several years now. We used to live together until work drove us apart, she was assigned to an office a few hours travel away making a daily commute impossible. As it happened to be it was the same town where her sister lives with her husband and kids, and as they had a spare room she decided to move in with them. The assignment was for a few months only, making it not worth for her to find her own place or for me to try and follow her. Regular overtime and other events made even weekend commutes few and far between so we did not have too much time for each other.

But the time we do have together we try to spend really with each other. No phones, no computers, at most a movie on TV.

Last week Mel told me her sister would be going with her husband and kids to a nearby theme park, and invited me to come over to her place for a change. So here I am, driving down the freeway on this early Saturday morning, hoping to arrive at her place well before lunchtime. I’m sure she has some fun ideas in mind for me.

Arriving at her place I notice the driveway is empty. The house looks quiet, no kids in sight, apparently I’m not the only one that had an early start of the weekend. I park my car, grab my weekend bag and walk to the front door. The moment I arrive at the perch the door opens and there she is, beautiful as ever. Her long straight hair hangs loose over her shoulders, she wears a long t-shirt that could double as a dress. No shoes, and obviously no bra either as I can clearly see the shape of her breasts and nipples against the thin cloth of the shirt. I grab her with one arm, lifting her up. She throws her arms around my neck as she kisses me. I walk through the door with her in my arm, only breaking the kiss to kick the door so it gently closes behind us, and to drop my bag on the ground.

“Missed me?” I ask, as I put her down on the ground. She’s about a head shorter than me, and much lighter in weight, making it easy for me to lift her.

“As much as you missed me,” she says smiling, as she rubs her hand over the front of my pants. My cock is pretty hard already as yes, I did miss her and am looking forward to having some hot sex with her this weekend. Her nipples are now sticking out like little knobs. Is she wearing anything else under that shirt, I wonder. I’m quite sure it won’t take too long for me to find out about that.

“You in for some fun this weekend?”, she asks.

“As long as it includes you, I’m game,” I reply.

“Of course. And sex,” she replies mischievously. I like her tone. “You want a drink first or shall we go straight for the bedroom?”

I laugh. “Well, a pee first as I just arrive, then a drink would be nice after the long ride, and then some exercise to get those stiff muscles loosened up a bit. I drove here without break.”

“Sure, I’ll get you something.”

After relieving myself I walk into the living room and sit down at the dining table. A moment later Mel walks in with a coke and ice, puts it on the table in front of me, then nestles herself on my lap. I wrap my arm around her and we kiss again. I explore her body with my hands, rubbing her back and her ass. Not surprisingly I don’t feel anything under her long shirt, no panties. Just her smooth body. We cuddle like that for a while, then break the kiss allowing me to have a drink and chat a bit about life, work, and other things. Nothing serious or really important.

As we continue to chat I finish my drink, it seems she’s been waiting for me to finish. As soon as I put down the empty can she slides off my lap and grabs my hand, wiggling her body a bit as she faces me. “Come, let’s go. I wanna play with my man,” she says, as she gently pulls me up.

Holding my hand she leads the way out of the living room and to her room, which is equipped with a queen size bed. Nothing generous but more than enough for the two of us. I lie down on the bed on my back, she sits down on top of me, straddling me. She bends down, kissing bahçelievler escort me again, as she starts undressing me. She pulls up my t-shirt, then pulls it over my head exposing my chest, leaving my arms in my t-shirt. “I said I want to play with you,” she says seductively, “not you playing with me. Is that OK with you?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Fun. Lots of fun. I’m going to have fun with you, and I’m sure you’ll have fun too.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

“But I want to make sure you don’t play with me, OK?”

Feeling a bit confused I respond, “How do you plan to do that?”

She reaches to the drawer next to the bed, and opens it. A moment later she holds a pair of handcuffs in her hands. I smile, somewhat uneasy as I never knew she even has them, let alone that she was interested in this kind of games. Without saying anything she removes the t-shirt from my arms, and I let her put the cuffs on my hand, and then have her attach them to the headboard.

“Hands off, baby. Hands off. You don’t need them,” she says, smiling mischievously.

She then proceeds by undoing the belt of my pants, and pulls my pants and underpants down my legs, completely undressing me. My dick jumps out, hard and expecting.

Then she comes with something even less expected, she takes out a blindfold and puts it on my eyes. I can’t see anything, and that does add to the whole eroticism of the situation. I can feel her, smell her, hear her, but not see or reach out to touch her. She is in full control now. She sits down on my legs, I feel the rim of her t-shirt rubbing my skin. Her hands rub my chest, playing with my nipples. I feel her wet pussy rubbing over my belly, very smooth. She probably shaved just this morning. I love it when she shaves, and she knows it.

“Like what you’re feeling?” she asks.

“Definitely,” I reply, “love it. You’re very wet.”

“That’s because I missed you. It’s been a while. You like my wet pussy?”

“Wet pussy is the best pussy, you know that. You shaved this morning?”

“Uh-huh. Got nice and smooth for my baby,” she confirms, as she continues to rub her pussy over my body, including my hard rod, coating it all in her juices. I feel the cold of the wetness as she moves away. I try to lift my hips so I can slide into her but no luck there. She obviously doesn’t want that to happen yet.

“Wanna taste me, honey?”

As if! I love the taste of her pussy, and smoothly shaved her pussy is just so nice to lick. “Absolutely. You know that.”

“With or without cream?” she asks.

Her question surprises me, but before I get a chance to answer she continues, “I’ve always wondered how that feels, you sucking the cream out of me.”

“Euhm… sure, why not,” I reply. “I like pussy, I like cream, the combination sounds great. Added fun.”

“OK, let me go get some cream then”, she says as she bends down to kiss me. She gets off of me, and walking to the door she says, “don’t you go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” I hear the door close, then the sound of her bare feet on the tiles of the corridor as she walks towards the kitchen.

As if I can go anywhere! Those cuffs looked pretty strong. So I just relax and wait in anticipation of her cream filled pussy. I can almost feel her taste in my mouth already. I lick my lips, then to my surprise I hear the front door. Why is she leaving? She was just going to the kitchen, she’s not even dressed halfway decent enough to go out. Or well, a normal woman wouldn’t go out like that, with Mel you never know, still why would she go out at all?

“Mel!” It’s a woman’s voice, it sounds like Janet, her sister.

“I’m here, in the kitchen,” Mel answers.

What is that? Sis and family are supposed to be out for the weekend. This is not good. I’m getting nervous. I hear someone walking in the corridor, that must be her sister, and then it’s quiet. I lie back down, trying to relax, and a moment later I hear footsteps down the corridor and the bedroom door opens. Glad to hear Mel is back, I guess her sister is leaving soon. I hear her walking around the bed, and without saying anything she sits down on my legs.

“Got your cream?” I say.

“Shhh”, she says, and I feel a finger on my lips. I smile, just going with the flow. I don’t know what she has in mind for me other than a creamy pussy balgat escort and hopefully a good fuck. Her hands rub my chest, slowly making their way down to my hard cock. She holds me in her hands, slowly rubbing me, pulling down the skin and exposing the head. Then I suddenly feel her tongue licking me, her tongue trails around the head of my cock, but she doesn’t take me in her mouth.

Her hands move up again, leaning on my chest, as I feel her sliding forward over my legs, then rubbing her smooth pussy over my cock, moving up and down. She’s so wet, I can feel the wetness… wait a moment… I stiffen up as I feel her pubic hair rubbing over my cock. OK this can’t be. Mel shaved this morning. This wet pussy, who can this possibly be? It’s not Mel. Shouldn’t be her sister, but that’s the only other person around. What is going on here?

“What, who are …” but I don’t get the chance to continue talking, as immediately I feel a finger on my lips again.

“Shhh”, she says again, nothing more. As she’s not using her voice I have no way of telling who she is.

I open my mouth to protest more, but don’t get a chance. She drops down on me, kissing me passionately, stopping me from saying anything. Her tongue pries into my mouth, I return her kiss. As if I have much of a choice, and the whole situation is a massive turn-on to me. I’m more and more convinced that this is in fact Janet, and that Mel has just set me up. But why would she do this in the first place? Does she like watching? That’d be a very different side of Mel than I know.

I know Janet well, Mel and I often joined Janet and her husband Mike going places, and sometimes we’ve done what we jokingly called a partner swap where I went out with Janet while Mel and Mike took care of the kids, or the other way around. Purely platonic of course, just good friends. As she, Janet?, continues to kiss me, my thoughts go back to a few weeks ago when Janet called me and asked if I had time to go shopping with her, as she wanted my professional opinion on something. It turned out she wanted to go shop for a nice bikini, something nice yet sexy to surprise her husband, and it was my task to judge her looks and give her advice on how she would make her curves come out best. It felt a bit awkward at times but she’s good to look at and we did find her a great bikini. Covering everything it should, showing off what it could, and making her look great.

As she breaks our kiss I feel her moving up towards my head, clothing sliding over my skin. This woman is wearing a skirt or dress, no panties. Nice and soft cloth, I imagine she’s wearing a thin cotton sun dress. Pieces of the puzzle seem to come together, or is it just my imagination? Well, the girl on top of me is real, and it’s not Mel, that’s for sure. Then the mischievous smiles of Mel. The sudden need to leave while I’m all tied up, she could have gotten the cream in advance. The perfect timing of her sister popping back in. But Janet is married, and I didn’t know Mel is into sharing.

Her pussy reaches my mouth, I can feel her skirt completely covering me. I stick out my tongue, and for sure she’s not shaved. There’s pubic hair around her wet lips. Not that I mind, I love pussy. Any pussy. This pussy tastes good, I lick around it, trying to find her most sensitive bits. Her shivers tell me I hit the jackpot. I continue licking, focussing on that part, but not forgetting to lap up her juices that freely run now. She tastes quite similar to Mel, no wonder if it’s family. But then all pussies are similar, if earlier girlfriends of mine are anything to go by.

I can tell she’s really horny, her reaction to my licking is very strong. That makes sense for Janet who probably has been looking forward to this moment for days, probably longer. But why? Why would Janet want to have sex with me, she’s married, and even so why this secrecy around it? I shouldn’t worry about that. I’m having pussy, hot pussy, so who am I to complain. My dick totally agrees with that, I’m as hard as a rock, it’s almost painful. She moves her pussy so her clit is right where it gets the best stimulation. I feel her shiver a bit as I try to suck her little knob, her pussy is very wet and tastes wonderful.

She doesn’t let me lick long. I’ve been licking for a minute or two maybe, way too short, I love this pussy. I want to grab ankara escort her and hold her back on my face but can’t, my restraints mean she’s in full control. Moving away from my face, I feel her scooting down my body. A hand grabs my cock, holding me up, and I feel a very wet pussy pushing down on me. I hear a soft moan, too soft to recognise a voice. I have no choice but to let this mystery girl fuck me. How could I? How can a man refuse pussy, no matter whose it is? Mel can’t blame me, it must be her own doing anyway to send this girl in here. Though I thought she’d want to keep my dick for her own pleasure. Oh well, the weekend has only just begun.

Damn, this girl feels good as she bounces up and down my dick, supporting herself with her hands on my chest. She’s riding me, using me as her fuck toy, and I love it. I try to meet her movements and push myself deeper in her, what else can I do? She wants it, I’m horny as hell, she can get it. Her breathing intensifies, I think she tries hard not to scream out loud as it would give her away. As I feel her pussy clamping around my dick as she pounds down hard I can’t hold back any more and cum in her pussy. A big orgasm, I feel lots of sperm leaving my dick, filling her hot pussy. My dick continues pumping for a while as her movement slows down.

She drops down on me, lying flat on my chest, her head on my shoulder. I feel her breath, she’s breathing fast. I also try to catch my breath, my dick still buried deep inside her pussy. She remains like this for some time as I relish the feeling. Her breathing slows down and goes back to normal. I can feel her weight on my chest, she feels a bit heavier than Mel, just as I would expect from Janet. I feel really relaxed after this big orgasm, this was a good fuck, whoever it was.

Her weight shifts a bit, I feel her pulling up her hips. My now soft dick slides out of her pussy and falls on my belly. I feel cum dripping on me, I must have filled her pussy really well. Several big drops fall out. She moves again, lifting her chest off of me. I feel her hair rubbing over my face, then her lips again on mine. She kisses me gently, then moves her head down to the side, her hair covering my face.

“Thanks,” she whispers softly in my ear, too soft to recognise a voice.

After another quick kiss on my lips she gets off from the bed. I hear the rustling of clothing next to me. I feel her touching my hands, grabbing the handcuffs. She is doing something with it, I don’t know what, they stay shut. As I feel my wrists I realise she put the key in the cuff, allowing me to free myself. As I fiddle with the key I hear the bedroom door open, and as it opens I can clearly hear the voices of Mel and her sister in the distance as they’re chatting a bit. Shocked, it takes me a while to open the handcuffs. I hear the soft click of the bedroom door as it closes and the voices are muted again as I quickly remove the blindfold, now totally dazed. Who was this girl? It just had to be Janet, I was convinced of that, everything I know about her body matches Janet. The weight, the hair, the highly similar yet slightly different smell of her body and her pussy, but then how can she be talking to Mel at the same time? Why did Mel arrange this? Did Mel arrange it? If not, why did this all happen in the first place?

Again I don’t get much time. Mere seconds later I hear the front door, the girl that just left me must have left the home immediately, and doesn’t care about us knowing she did. This is immediately followed by the sound of bare feet on the tiles approaching the bedroom. The door opens, Mel comes in with a can of whipped cream in her hand. Just too quick to be coincidence.

“So sorry I kept you waiting,” Mel says as she enters the door. “Sis suddenly came by, and… what happened here? How did you get free? Why did you cum?” Her face looks seriously puzzled, genuinely puzzled even. “You really couldn’t wait any more and had to help yourself?” She almost started to sound angry or upset.

I have no idea what to say. I’m just sitting there rather dumbfounded. Did she pull a prank on me just now? What the fuck is going on?

“I don’t know…” I stammer, “I don’t know who untied me. I was hoping you can tell me.”

She either doesn’t hear my reply, or purposely ignores it, as she says, “well, then you just have to eat me out, and after that we can go shopping. Make me happy. Compensation for this let down. And as you may have noticed I am short of underwear.” She drops down on the bed next to me, pulls up her shirt, spreads her legs and says, “now what’re you waiting for? I know you love eating pussy, any pussy, cream or no cream.”

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