Whole Lotta Love

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Back in those good ol’ days of Rock ‘n’ Roll I swear that we played our music louder — even louder, than we do now. Perhaps that was just because I in particular couldn’t afford decent earphones but whatever the reason, we’d turn the sound up high enough to rattle the roofs and windows — and then wonder why it was that we all had troubles with our hearing years later!

But in those days of the 1970s and onwards we were happy doing ‘our thing’ whenever we had freedom to do so. I had my collection of tapes that I treasured above much else — hell, I can still remember so many of them. AC/DC, Atomic Rooster, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Steppenwolf, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and so many more. Van Halen, Whitesnake, Girlschool, Spinal Tap, Metallica — even Ozzy Osbourne…

I seemed to live with my little earphones plugged into my tape deck too, but the sound was tinny and feeble and I much preferred to have the sounds of music surrounding me.

But the overriding requirement was that our parents were out otherwise the volume had to be kept way down. Fortunately for me, Dad was away at his work all day and as Mum was a member of various clubs, from bridge to swimming, she too went out quite frequently as well as going out on her regular grocery shopping outings. Dad also took my sister Debbie with him most days so Mum was my only hindrance so as soon as she said she was going out I’d be sorting through my tapes to create my play list for the next hour or two.

Of course Mum didn’t go out every day but at least she seemed to head off pretty regularly on some outing or errand so I was able to enjoy my regular dose of a full hundred and twenty decibels of sound shaking the house and my brain along with the heavy bass thumping that you could feel right through your body.

Oh yes, those days of idleness and music! Idleness, because having left college I still hadn’t selected a career or even found a fill-in job, much to Dad’s annoyance. It was his income that kept me at home, supporting me in the days of my lazy teenage — me and my sister actually because neither of us contributed to the household income. Mind you, I wasn’t actually even a teenager any more now I’d just had my twentieth birthday.

My sister was one of my major irritants — she was no great fan of heavy thumping music disturbing her peace and even threatened to chuck all my tapes away if I played my music too loud while she was at home. However, as she disappeared into town with Dad each morning and returned with him each evening she gave me a fair bit of peace. She also had her friends who she’d visit in the evenings so her absence was almost expected and was certainly preferred.

It wasn’t that we didn’t get along together but when she was home I always had to keep the sound down and my earphones on. It was either that or suffer her wrath, which wasn’t a pleasant sight. To top that off, once she was riled she’d then complain to Mum or Dad about my noise and my laziness after which I’d be lectured to by at least one parent at meal time while she’d smirk smugly at me.

Despite her objection, I wasn’t alone in my love of heavy metal because it seemed that most of my mates were in the same boat.

On the occasions when we’d meet up we’d talk incessantly about our favourite groups and just once in a while I might end up visiting one or other of them for a heavy metal session. Occasionally too, although rarely, one or more of my pals might drop round to see me at home. If the coast was clear then we’d let the music loose but those moments seemed to be few and far between. We were all in the same situation so if it wasn’t a shortage of cash for fares then it would be the presence of someone’s parents that became a hindrance.

More often than not therefore, I’d be on my own to enjoy my music and that was actually what I really preferred because the sounds were more than just music; the pounding beat created an erotic gonad-shaking atmosphere around me.

Sure, the music was good but it was those heavy penetrating vibes that shook the walls that were the best part because they would also stir my sexual being, causing my glands to shiver, my balls to quiver and my cock to rise. On those days when I was alone, when my buddies and my family were noticeable only by their absence, I liked nothing better than to strut around my room in my noisy moments of musical mayhem, knowing I was alone. Every time I knew for certain that Mum had gone out I’d soon be playing my own kind of air guitar on my roused and erect penis!

It had quickly become a habit, immediately I knew I was on my own, to undress and to jerk my cock into submission to the vibrant sounds of heavy metal. I became so good at it that I could time my arousal so as to bring myself off during the course of a song or if it was an extended jam session then I might often manage a second cumming.

In my guise as a heavy metal rock star I’d strip off, strut my stage, show off my moves — and then kırşehir escort shower my audience with the fruit of my balls!

My target was always my full length mirror on my wardrobe in front of which I’d posture, thrusting my hips and my cock forwards, eventually letting loose my cum to watch it splatter on the glass in a cascading finale of orgasmic arousal and release.

Then we moved.

Dad had some kind of promotion and they sold the house and bought another one — somewhat larger than the old house but considerably more isolated. Suddenly we had no neighbours within half a mile and suddenly my spirits rose as I realised that I could now play my music even louder and even more often!

Not only that, as Mum now had a half hour drive into town so her shopping trips took even longer while my sister continued to disappear into town with Dad. At least that’s how it was for several months and my love of heavy metal, of loud music and of posturing cum-shows grew even further.

And then my sister stopped going into town with Dad and now seemed to lurk in every corner. As if to annoy me further Mum too began to stay at home more often now.

“It’s awkward now, living out here,” she told me, “That drive into town is a bit of a pain so I’ve given up some of my clubs. I’ll still go in on Tuesdays though — oh and shopping day of course and I might pop into town if I need something.”

I seethed quietly as I saw my fun dying away but my annoyance must have shown through because Mum stroked my arm sociably.

“Never mind darling,” she said, “I don’t mind your music just so long as it isn’t too loud.”

Not above fifty decibels in other words but at least she would still go into town occasionally.

The routine presence of Mum and now the almost constant presence of my sister quickly stopped me from playing music loudly and disabled my musical orgasms too. It was more than a little irritating and frustrating and I confronted my sister about her being at home so much.

“I’ve finished my course,” she said as she explained why she was still home after Mum had gone out, “In case you didn’t notice I’ve been doing a secretarial course; that’s why I was going in with Dad every day.”

She mimicked her fingers bouncing up and down.

“You know, typing and all that and it’s finished now,” she said.

“Are you getting a job then?” I asked hopefully but my sister now looked downcast.

“I wish. I’ve been looking everywhere,” she said sadly, “But there’s not much around and now we live out here I can’t get into town on my own either, can I.”

She looked as annoyed as I felt.

“And if anyone thinks I’m cycling all that way to work they’re joking,” she added, “So I’m here for now, with you.”

No way could either she or I afford a car or motorbike and buses were rare enough to be extinct and I now realised that I was in the same predicament. The difference between us however was that while my sister was trying to find work I was doing my best to avoid it.

“Oh what!” I answered, feeling the irritation between us and especially in me, “So you’ll be stuck here and you won’t be seeing your friends either?”

“When I can, of course, but yeah, I’ll be stuck here a lot,” she said testily, “I’ll just be seeing them less often, that’s all.”

She turned away from me then twisted her head around and stuck out her tongue at me.

“So you’ll just have to put up with me, won’t you!” she added, “I do live here you know.”

“Suppose you do,” I said moodily, “It’s just that….”

“Don’t worry, dear brother,” she added, interrupting me with a smirk, “I’ll still go out with Mum when I can. At least then I’ll be able to get away from you and you’ll be on your own so you can enjoy your music and wank all you like!”

I looked at her with my mouth gaping like a fish as her audacity and the revelation of her knowledge spilled out. How the hell did she know?

She stuck her tongue out again and then retreated to her room quickly before I could even think of a suitable retort.

Speaking of my sister, I really should introduce her to you since she’s pivotal to this story. She’s called Debbie. She’s 19 and she’s a fairly willowy blonde — willowy as in having slim hips and legs but far from willowy once you reach her tits. She’s so generously stacked that anyone would think she was wearing some kind of padding but I can assure you that her tits are real. I know because I’ve seen them!

I mean, living together means that we’ve both — well everyone in the family — has seen every other family member nude occasionally. My sister and I often seem to bump into each other as we move between bedrooms and the bathroom and because she’s a good looking female I’ve done my best to see as much of her body as possible. So I’ve most definitely seen her completely naked on more than one occasion so I know all about her tits, and the rest of her body for that matter.

Her bra says she’s a size 34C but kırşehir escort bayan as I’ve obviously never touched her tits I can only say that each of her breasts would make a lovely double handful. That’s considerably more than Mum carries, not that I’m complaining about Mum’s body either because she’s pretty good looking too, to be honest. I know too that Deb’s pussy has a healthy covering of curly golden pubes and that her arse is damn near perfect — to my way of thinking anyway.

Yeah I know I said that my music is my main stimulant but when I jerk off at night when I can’t have my music loud it’s her tits that I think of and it’s her tits that figure largely in my dreams too. She’s a damn good looker really and if she wasn’t my sister and if she actually liked me she’d be perfect for me.

Ooops, I’m meandering…

My sister also has a cute face, kind of heart shaped, well, you know what I mean. Even without all her makeup on she looks pretty tasty with her pretty cupid lips and sex-oozing eyes and by the time she’s loaded up with her mascara and blusher and lipstick and all that, she’s really hot stuff. She keeps her blonde hair fairly long so that it waves nicely — waves that she seems to spend a lot of her time trying to straighten, of course.

She loves her clothes which is one of the reasons why she used to go shopping with Mum — so that she could bring back mountains of clothes. I think she must buy them at the local ‘seconds’ shop because she couldn’t afford them all if they were designer labelled or perfect but whatever, she tries and more often than not succeeds in looking quite wonderful, especially to me, her sex-starved brother.

Me — I’m around six feet tall and blond too but I tend to keep my hair short. Obviously, being related I’ve many of the same looks as Deb — we have matching eyes and noses for example but she definitely looks a lot more feminine than me! She’s all soft and curvy whereas I’m much more rugged and rough looking. Anyway, I prefer making my body look good by exercising instead of clothing and make-up. Dad bought me a selection of body building bits and pieces a few years back and I do my own little workout every day. Mind you, the muscle I really prefer to exercise needs nothing more than my hand! It prefers to be inside a nice warm pussy but they’re in short supply around here, especially now that we’ve moved.

I did have a steady girlfriend a year or so back, so I know my way around a girl’s body but now we’re out here in the sticks I’m on my own again, more’s the pity.

Back to my little tale…

A couple of days after I’d found out about Deb’s reason for stopping at home I heard car doors banging and from my bedroom window I saw Mum’s car driving off. Home alone at last!

Suddenly animated I quickly checked that Deb had gone out as well and then, with a “Yeahhhh!” of freedom I began working myself into a metallic musical masturbating mode. Quickly I extracted an AC/DC tape from my player, put it back into it’s correct box and replaced it with my favourite — a Led Zeppelin tape, actions that only took one hand to do. The other hand was busy too, rubbing at my cock, stirring it up in readiness for my musical jerk-off session. I made sure the volume was turned right up; checked that I was still on my own, laid a towel (my cum-rag, that is) reverently on the bed and breathed deeply.

Silence reigned around the house as I prepared myself for my musical jerk-off session.

I stripped off as usual and standing in front of my mirror I flexed every muscle I could find, taking careful note of my side-on profile; of my firm arse, my broad chest and of course, my already jutting and eager penis.

I tightened my arse muscles, causing my cock to jerk upwards and outwards and wrapped one hand around my shaft to caress my rigid flesh. The tingles of arousal made me shudder deliciously and I gave my cock a few steady strokes with my closed fist, feeling the tension inside me rising.

Still holding my erection I stepped across the room to the tape deck and pressed the button and a few seconds later the sounds began to fill the air; the sounds of thumping drums, of riffing guitars, of wailing vocalists and heavy metal music.

“You need coolin’!” Led Zep began howling, “Gonna give you my love!”

My hand was around my cock now as I strutted across the room as if on stage, thrusting my hips forward as I jerked furiously on my stem.

“Gotta whole lotta love!” I yelled, “I’m gonna give you every inch of my love.”

Somehow the music seemed to keep thumping at the same pace as my fist as I jerked my cock firmly and felt my urgent arousal rising and rising. My rigid cock looked huge in my fist as it thrust obscenely from my groin and when the tune began to near it’s finale I turned to step up to the wardrobe as my youthfully quick orgasm approached. I glanced up and saw myself in the long mirror, sweat glistening all over, my hair in disarray, one hand escort kırşehir playing imaginary chords, the other quickly strumming my cock, my face contorted with emotion and lust and musical excitement — and then I saw it.

My sister standing in the doorway!

“Ahhhh!” I screamed, as I spun around to face her, “Get out, fuck off! Go away!”

Instantly aware of my nakedness and arousal I twisted back towards the mirror but I was entirely unable to let go of my cock, so shocking was the moment and yet so powerfully potent.

I doubt that she even heard me over the music but she could certainly see me and at that moment I lost it. The extra emotional pressure caused my orgasm to arrive in a second and before I could stop it or do anything to hide it, my spunk began erupting. What felt like a huge jet leapt at the mirror and splattered to about head level — a second gush of cum hit where my chest appeared to be and a third followed it. A fourth squirted more weakly near the base of the mirror then the last few little dribbles slid over my hand to land on my bare foot, leaving me panting, deflated and furiously blushing.

I took a deep shuddering breath as my climax died away, then another breath to fill my lungs again.

“Get away!” I yelled at the face I could still see in the mirror, “Get out! Leave me alone!”

In a moment of panic I cast my eyes around for some protection but of course my towel was on the bed across the bedroom from where I was and my clothes were on my chair, even further out of reach.

Shaken, shocked and shivering with panic and with both hands now around and covering my still oozing cock I shuffled across the room until I could reach the towel and immediately found myself in a dilemma; to remove my hands to grab the towel or to expose myself.

I spun away from my sister’s gaze and quickly snatched the towel up to cover my penis, then quickly I realised that no way would the towel do much more than cover my genitals. It certainly wouldn’t wrap around me; It was just a small and cum-stiffened hand towel, one that Mum didn’t seem to miss.

Equally suddenly I realised that my bare arse was now on view to my sister and I turned around again, my mind in full panic mode, giving my sister at least a fleeting unclad frontal view but now with my penis covered and my mind lost in a whirl of uncertainty I just stood there and glared at her, feeling my hips still shuddering occasionally as my orgasm died away.

My sister, despite my yelling, hadn’t retreated one inch. She was wearing some tiny shorts and a cut-off t-shirt but as I glared at her and even in my panic I immediately noticed several other things. She had one hand cupping her groin while further up her body her little nipples stood as sharp-pointed tents in her body-hugging t-shirt. She also had her mouth and eyes wide open.

I remembered now to turn the music off and in the sudden silence there was only the sound of heavy breathing. I held my breath to build up my inner tension but the breathing continued and I suddenly realised that it was Deb who was panting heavily.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I started, knowing instinctively that attack was the best form of defence, “Fuckin’ get out of here!”

Debbie didn’t move from the doorway.

“That was hot!” she said, her eyes shining with excitement, “I’ve never seen you like that before — that was incredible!”

For a moment or two I felt very aroused again before I realised that she’d seen me in the private moments of the throes of an orgasm and I felt powerfully upset again.

“I don’t give a fuck!” I cried, “You’re not supposed to watch — you’re not supposed to be here at all!”

I wanted to wave my hands around but they were holding the towel in place over my cock — and at that moment I remembered that the mirror was still liberally covered in streaks and blobs of cum.

“Oh shit!” I gasped as I stepped across the room to wipe it off — until I realised that I usually used the towel that I was now using to hide my manhood from her.

“Deb, fuck off! Just go away!” I yelled impotently, “Get out of my room!”

I hardly knew what to do. If I advanced on her to close the door I’d be exposed; if I wiped the mirror I’d display my cock and if I just stood there then Debbie would probably just do the same. No way could I shove her out of the room either — I wasn’t into violence against my sister and Deb was showing no signs of leaving.

“I’m not ‘in’ your room, I’m in the doorway and it was open, so there,” she said calmly, “And that was fantastic!”

“Do what?” I asked, bemused suddenly as her words sank it past my embarrassment and anger, “What was fantastic?”

“Seeing you shoot off like that!” she said, “Didn’t you just cum a lot!”

“Cum? What? Me?” I spluttered not having expected her to show interest in such matters while my panicking mind pretended to overlook my orgasm, “What are you on about?”

Deb now stepped through the doorway and stood there, one hand still pouched over her groin and she was smiling broadly.

“What you just did. Like I said, that was terrific!” she said, wiping her lips with her tongue, “The way you thrust your hips like that; the way you shot your cum all the way up the mirror and the amount of cum there was too!”

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