Wife’s and Daughter’s Ex-lover

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The knock on the door was loud and insistent. Since it was the end of October, I assumed that it was kids trick or treating. I opened the door and looked down at a short, portly, bald man, who was wobbling back and forth from right foot to left like a four-year-old having to pee and trying to hold it in. In fact, that was what his problem was. He said his name was Claude and that he was a friend of my wife from college. He begged me to let him use the bathroom, before he peed himself, I pointed the way, and he ran in the direction of the downstairs bathroom. He looked so comical it was all I could do to keep from peeing myself as I called to Geri, my wife of twenty-two years. When she came downstairs, I told her that a fat, bald guy, named Claude, who said he was her friend from college could be found in our downstairs bathroom.

My wife, Geraldine (Geri to her friends) is about 5’3″ and I guess about 110 pounds. My name is Jake, I’m 5’9″ tall and very thin with just a little gut starting to show. We are both in our early forties, with a daughter Judy who is now twenty-one and very attractive. I’ve learned that Geri had a very active sex life during her college years. Janet, one of her friends from school, once described her, to me, “as ready and willing to do anything if it ended in a long hard fuck. She also had a reputation for having no problem taking the biggest fattest cocks in school.”

“But something happened to Geri.” Janet said. “In her senior year. Geri moved in with a transfer student, from France, named Claude. He was nothing to look at, not Geri’s type at all, but she really doted upon him. One day I went to their apartment to get some help, from Geri, with my senior essay. I was shocked to see that her roommate was walking around nude, with one of the smallest dicks I ever saw. Geri walked in and saw me staring at his crotch”.

“Isn’t that the biggest cock you ever saw?”

“I couldn’t believe that she said that. At first, I thought she was being sarcastic, but she continued praising it and proudly said that last night was the first time she was able to take it in her butt. It was very weird, but I really needed help with my essay, so I ignored Claude and stayed while Geri helped me. As we finished, Claude said something in French to Geri. She hesitated for a moment and looked hopefully at Claude. When he didn’t say a thing she looked at me and then stripped off her clothes, dropped to the floor and started to crawl to him. He shouted at her “tits” and she lowered her body until her tits rubbed on the floor as she continued to crawl. When she reached him she kissed both of his feet, kissed the tip of his little cock, and easily put the whole thing in her mouth. She started to suck him, but he whispered something to her, and she invited me to join her saying that there was more than enough for the two of us. When I denied her request she started to weep and climbed on to Claude’s lap. He began to antalya escort spank her and I could take no more and literally ran out of their apartment and never spoke to Geri again.”

With Janet’s words ringing in my ears I wondered if the fat little man who just walked in could possibly be Geri’s Claude.

When I closed the front door, I saw that an old decrepit Peugeot had made some deep ruts parked partially on our front lawn. Geri came downstairs and I asked her to tell me about the guy she lived with during her senior year at college.

“His name was Claude. He was taller than you, buff, suave, extremely handsome and his accent could make most girls pee their pants, not to mention that he had a cock that was at least 7 inches long and very fat”.

Just then we heard the downstairs toilet flush and out walked our guest with a piss stain running all the way down his left pants leg. Geri took one look and gasped,

“Claude, I can’t believe you’re here”

“Geraldine, mon cher, how about a kiss for your old amie?”

Geri, ran to him, threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss. “Oh Claude, did that mean man at the front door make you wait until you peed yourself? Give me your car keys. I’ll get your luggage and meet you out back with some soap. We have a shower on our patio. We can soap each other up just like old times and we’ll get you nice and clean. Then we’ll get you a fresh change of clothes.”

After what Janet told me and what I just witnessed I knew I had to get some pictures of that shower activity to show Geri that her friend was not the well-hung stud she thought he was. Geri ran out back with Claude, dropping her clothes as she ran. I could hear Geri giggling as they soaped each other under the shower, so it was now or never. I got my iPhone and went to the patio and as casually as I could I snapped as many pictures as possible of the two of them without being too obvious. Claude’s dick was still very small even though it had gotten hard. I wanted to print my pictures out to ensure that Geri could see clearly that this guy was not the stud she imagined.

My iPhone and computer are synced automatically so I just had to click a few buttons to get a couple of pictures printed. To be sure it was working I went inside to check on the printer. I was inside for just a minute but in that time Claude and my wife had adjourned to our double chaise and were madly groping each other. I stood at the patio door transfixed as my wife went down on her French lover and sucked up all his cum, while he serenaded her with what sounded like a French love song. Then they reversed positions and he started to lick her cunt. At the same time, he put two fingers in her puckered hole stretching her out so he could fuck her in the ass. He positioned her on all fours and proceeded to do just that as he fucked her ass hole with his little dick. I couldn’t believe that Geri would antalya escort bayan let him do this, and do it with me only a few feet away.

I took more pictures of them concentrating on the size of his dick. I coughed as loudly as I could trying to get their attention but to no avail, so I went inside to print more pictures. They followed me inside about 15 minutes later. I noticed that Claude had the palm of his left hand covering Geri’s shaved pussy while two of his fingers were pressing in and out of her sopping wet cunt. He was literally pulling Geri behind him with those two fingers. He pulled Geri to the sofa across from my desk and sat down, while Geri knelt on the sofa next to him.

“Oh Claude keep fucking me with your fingers. Make me cum. You’re so good with your fingers. Please don’t stop. Yes, baby, she moaned, I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t stop, I’m there, just a little more. She begged him to keep going, just a little more she whimpered.”

But Claude did stop and looked straight at me.

“Why did you stop? Geri pleaded and begged him to finish her.”

“I want your husband to watch you come on my cock. I want him to see what a really big cock can do to a woman.”

He rolled over on to his back and ordered her to climb on his cock and fuck herself cowgirl style till she came. At first Geri protested but he was adamant, so she slowly climbed on top of him and positioned his little dick at her hole and lowered herself slowly, squealing as if he was filling her up and started to bounce on his dick as she began to fuck herself.

“Oh god, Claude your cock is banging against my cervix, you’ve never been so deep.” She screamed as her climax hit her while riding him. She slid back next to Claude. he pointed to the space on the floor between his legs and whispered to Geri. At first she seemed to be hesitating but he gave her a stern look and she immediately dropped to the floor and crawled between his legs. Then she took his little dick in her hand and kissed the tip and began to lick all around it. She used her finger nails to tickle his balls and kissed and licked them and took them in her mouth and sucked them. She sucked his cock until he came again, and she swallowed all of it. I don’t know what kind of hypnotic power Claude has employed to fool Geri into seeing him as a stud and not as he is. I asked Geri to come to my side of the desk as I took the pictures from the printer.

“Geri, I took some pictures that I think you should see. They just finished printing.” I got them from the printer output tray and handed them to Geri. She looked confused turning them over and over as if she must have missed something.

“Why didn’t you get any of the pictures of Claude with me”.

I looked at the printouts and was shocked. All of them showed Geri but none showed Claude. I grabbed my iPhone and opened “Photos” and once again I only saw Geri. I was so shaken escort antalya up. I couldn’t speak. I almost lost my balance and quickly sat down. What is going on here. Geri sees Claude as a handsome well-hung stud. I see Claude as a fat little bald guy. But the camera doesn’t see him at all.

I turned to look at Claude and found him looking back at me with an almost beatific smile. I started to turn away but found I couldn’t. He looked so peaceful and calm. I tried to stop looking at him again, but instead I began to relax and just smiled. He started walking towards me. Holding his cock out saying I should take it in my mouth. I screamed at him to stay away but he kept coming and coming. The next thing I knew Geri was shaking me.

“Honey, wake up. You were napping and must have had a bad dream, you were screaming “stay away, stay away. Now you have to hurry and get ready for Judy’s friend Claude’s visit.”

“You mean he hasn’t been here already?” I asked somewhat bewildered at being waked up in the middle of my dream.

“Of course not, he’s been home in France since graduation. He called from the airport about 15 minutes ago saying he just got into a cab and would be here soon. I let you sleep as long as I dared but you’ve got to get ready. Judy came home from work to be here when her lover arrives. She said he really wants to make a good impression on us. When Claude heard how furious you were with Julie after she told us she lived with him her entire senior year he was afraid you’d come after him with guns blazing. You finally calmed down and agreed to meet with him. But now they’re nervous and hope you’ll keep an open mind while you talk to him. Don’t forget, Julie was 21 during most of her senior year, and could live with him without our approval.”

The doorbell rang and Geri said “that’s probably him. Now just be nice and let’s hear what he has to say.” Julie came downstairs to join us as we opened the door to greet Claude. It turned out he was a tall, good looking young man with a pleasant smile and a gentle demeanor. He greeted me and my wife with a friendly handshake and said he was happy to meet us. He went to Judy and nervously gave her a peck on the cheek. I suggested that he put his travel bags inside our house and that we could adjourn to the porch to chat. Geri brought out a pitcher of sweet tea and glasses and we sat down in our Adirondack chairs. Judy sat on the arm of his chair as they held hands.

We got along really well and I began to actually like him even though the French prick slept with my daughter for a year without our knowledge or blessing. Not that it was needed since Julie was old enough to do as she pleased. I noticed that Claude was looking out over our front lawn, and he said, “I see you fixed the ruts that my car made on your lawn, I was really sorry about that, but I needed a bathroom in such a hurry.” I didn’t hear the rest of what he said I just looked at Geri as I sat in stunned disbelief. I couldn’t understand what was happening. But I pulled myself together and took out my iPhone. I insisted that I get a photo of Judy with Claude. As they got up from the chair, I suggested that Gail join them with Claude in the middle. “All right everybody, smile!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32